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This is what scares me

Did anyone happen to see John Oliver last night? My favorite part, and I’m paraphrasing: Sean Hannity says And you can tell me I’m wrong and show me the facts and I still won’t believe it. This is frightening. This is what millions and millions of people are solely listening to to get their information. And they listen to nothing else. Scary.

Norie 5 June 11

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We have the entire knowledge of mankind in our pockets yet use it to look at cats .....

Simon1 Level 7 June 11, 2018

Cats are our acknowledged overlords 😀


Some idiots only watch fox news and think he is an authority. it is scary, i can always tell when i am talking to someone like that, by what they say. today it was one of those, coupled with some alex jones conspiracy nonsense with a pal of my sons on fb. as soon as i started spiting out facts and debunking his claims he went silent.

Most of them listen to Rush Limbaugh too. Both have very limited intelligence but are followed religiously by the tRump supporters. These people are willfully ignorant and will bring the idiocracy down on US.

yeah i forgot about their boy rush, bangs head on desk<

I am sincerely baffled, in extremis, as to how anyone with a functioning brain can believe Alex Jones about snything. How many times does that jackass have to be proven wrong before people wake up to the sheer nonsense he spews?

its probable that its the same 20% that still think the sun goes around the earth


I keep seeing parallels to politics and religion. Politics is becoming more and more like a cult. They both ignore any facts and reality that doesn't suit their chosen fantasy.
They both claim that people who think a different way are evil and must be eradicated. And the more they combine these two things, the closer we get to living a version of the Handmaid's Tale.

I agree, but in the media coverage we have one station that either spews one lie after another or reports what lying politicians say word for word as if it were true, that would be Fox. Then there's another media outlet that spends every second on air basically fact checking Fox point by point without ever covering any actual News at all, and although their reporting is far more accurate it's delivered with a left bias that would keep any conservative thinking it's all lies, and that would be MSNBC. I never have watched CNN since Desert Storm so completely clueless about them.
But if I have to find out what's going on politically I watch MSNBC because they back up their claims with VIDEO while Fox will call the reporting of words their candidates have spoken on video left wing lies all the while lying about about what was actually said.
I can only take a few minutes or so of this before I have to turn it off.
The moral equivalence that people claim between the parties and the media is just one more Right Wing lie. Oddly enough the politicians that support everyone being under the thrall of the Church, how is that a surprise?


I remember reading books about the brainwashing that took place in Germany before the war. I never understood how it could be so strong as to effect millions of people. Now we are witnessing it first hand.

I’m currently 6 hours into 57 of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich … and the parallels are terrifying.. Trump’s no Hitler, trump's capitalistic indulgences and lazy brain will keep that from happening. But - he’s using the same tactics (as does the Republican Party), and handing power to the likes of Hitlers...

@Varn , I've noticed the similarities too. Trump supporters will not accept those facts no matter what evidence you present.

@chucklesIII I’ve been thinking the same.. How many trump supporters would devote 57 hours of their precious FOX-time even listening to ..their party’s game plan? And if any did, would they simply consider it ‘pointers’ for their virulent nationalism? Sick puppies ~

@Varn same techniques


The core seed of everything that is wrong today is the level of ignorance and the desire to be ignorant of the facts. Ignorance leads to fear which leads to hatred which results in violence eventually. Education, and I sure as hell don't mean homeschooling, is the cure for what ails us as a society.

You said a mouthful, brother.


It scares the Beejeesus out of me too! One of the problems is that the media is owned by just a handful of rich people and they can, to a great degree, control our perception of events and all that we actually hear to such an extent that they drive the belief systems of a lot of people. But it's also about how people grab on to a belief system and make it a part of themselves and hold on to it for dear life. These folks are easily manipulated by a lie or misstatement that may be later disproved or retracted which, if they even see the retraction or the evidence disproving the statement, makes them even more entrenched. A lot of it has to do with the anti intellectual attitude of so many people.


Two days ago I joined a few Filipino friends for lunch here in Songkhla, and during the conversation I began talking about what Trump was doing to strip legal rights from the LGBTQ people, detaining brown-skinned people, persecuting minorities, approved by the Christians.

The person I was sitting next to is a Filipino transmale, and his girlfriend, sitting across the table from us began yelling, commanding me to be quiet and to stop attacking Christianity. She said that they were Christians and she wouldn't "allow" me to say anything wrong about their religion.

I was taken aback, wondering if her brain was functioning at all. I began to talk about how my US Christian friends had been posting hate memes on on Facebook, attacking minorities and the LGBTQ community, but she then began yelling at me, commanding me to stay off social media, and then I wouldn't see such things.

I remarked that I didn't really want to hang with them anymore and stood to leave, so she said that was fine with her.

Up to this point, I'd assumed that Asian Christians were more sensible than American Christians, but now I see they are just as willfully ignorant, preferring total denial.

Why would you expect one Xtian to be ''better'' than another? They're all delusional. Sorry that happened to you. How do you feel about it today?

@LucyLoohoo I began to think the girl who screamed at me was possibly jealous, since her transmale boyfriend and I were friends at work several years ago, and he visited me at least once. He may have been talking about me, giving her the idea that he was interested.

I doubt the two others at the table cared. But I still plan to ignore all of them if I happen to see any of them again, just in case they were silently agreeing with her.

Luckily, I can't tell Filipinos apart unless I know them well, and the only one of the group I recognized was my transmale friend-and thus was able to work out which one was his girldfriend. I've had a crush on him for several years, although I seldom see him.


Hannity has 45's ear, as do others like him; that's what scares me.


When John Oliver devotes an entire episode of his show to deliver ridicule towards another country and their president, in a means to support our governments lies, who then is the worst of the 2? I will argue they are one in the same serving the same establishment agenda.

Oliver may go off track on some issues, but he has no love for the current administration and it's ridiculous agenda, that is quite apparent if you watch him regularly.

@Condor5 the evidence before you is still not enough! Remarkable!

Noooo! Fake news! Fake news! I thought I could believe John Oliver!! But it does sound like the guy has done his homework. And Madura did let that guy out of jail....I wonder if Oliver would see this and research some more and readdress it?? Now I m always going to wonder....

@Norie the guy doing the debunking works for Abby Martin. Some of the video above is from their time spent in Venezuela covering the most recent riots, false reports of all news in Venezuela being government owned, markets being empty with hoards of people starving, currency on the black market effecting the economy. There are many reasons why Venezuela is in the way it is today, and none of it is as our main stream media tells us. They didn't mention Kimberly-Clark. Also a corporation involved in the known toilet paper issue. The government actually had to go into the company and take it over. The company was claiming they didn't have material to produce. When the government went in the warehouse was well stocked for production. It's a nationwide problem with private corporations adding fuel to the economy woes wanting to go back to their hoarding before the Chavez revolution. You might also find that video of interest.

If you're finding Abby's work interesting you can find it here at her Empire Files site.


You can also join me in my quest to get actual real independent news out to us here in my group. Out of the Illusion

"Out Of The Illusion "


Yes they always go quiet when confronted because they don’t want to hear it or they don’t believe you. God forbid they should actually research it. Because they don’t believe anything that goes against what they’ve been told. And they mention all these obscure names and incidents that I’ve never heard of and when I look into them they’re on some weird site I’ve never heard of. But it’s written down so they believe. Because our president has told them not to believe any regular news sources. Very frightening.

Norie Level 5 June 12, 2018

I'm not really surprised. It's amazing that he admitted though. I wish more people would admit things like that, just so we know true scale of how batshit they really are.


I agree, Norrie. It is very scary.


Read; True Believer by Eric Hoffer

Uncas Level 4 June 11, 2018

Another book I need to reread; it's been decades. Somehow books like this seem to have more meaning the older we get, don't they?


Hell, they've been say that for ages, just not in so many words.
No surprises there.


I refuse to fear idiocy. I will shun it though.


I will have to watch it. I like John Oliver

btroje Level 9 June 11, 2018

Very scary.


I suppose there’ve been propaganda newspapers, and a reason the ‘airwaves’ had once been regulated.. Now it’s 24/7 Propaganda! And the ignorant, incited more than inclined to vote, are eating it up. ...while I’m still listening to Public Broadcasting, promoting worry over the plight of illegal immigrants & transgender rights..

Just like the middle class, we’re losing the middle news, the relevant, researched, neutral news. The BBC plays during the (my) night ..if it’s not dwelling on Africa.. it’s become my last source of non-agenda news ..if I can understand them.

Ugly times, when they shouldn’t be.

Varn Level 8 June 11, 2018

They're called morons.

JimG Level 8 June 11, 2018

Was going to check out what it was about. Looked it up on youtube they want 1.99 an episode.

azzow2 Level 9 June 11, 2018

Well that stinks


Certainly IS scary

what certainty is that?

@kauva I only speak for myself. Hannity encourages people to reject fact. There are too many people rejecting facts in the current political atmosphere.

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