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How humid is it outside your house? Ugh!

Its been raining for a couple of days now. Its so muggy outside. You walk outside into a steam room. Hows the weather where you live?

BucketlistBob 8 June 19

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Wenatchee has an arid environment on the east side of the Cascade Mountains.

After moving to Wenatchee, I was thrilled the first time it snowed! I got out my snow brush in the car. When I slammed the car door shut, all the snow fell off my car. It was powder.

Powder snow is great for skiing!

Here's Wenatchee in March 2018, basking in evening light, nestled up to foothills of the Cascades.


You live in a sauna. This would kill me. I would just disappear into the ground, melted. It would take a lot to get me past Portland, Oregon going East. Now I do have a brother who lives further north, and as long as there are mountains and it does not get to hot I would be ok. Used to live in Northern Montana near the Canadian Border, to damn hot there. Here in Astoria it is not supposed to get over 80. (it does)


hot, humid, shitty


We've had over 2 inches of rain today, I think that means the humidity was 100% for a while 🙂

Ugh! Tomorrow it's going to bake us...

@BucketlistBob We get more rain! It looks like Spring has decided to return now that Summer is supposed to be here. I'm not complaining, this weekend should be nice and I've got some outdoor plans. Woot.

@HippieChick58. Cool... have fun.


About the same as in Houston.

xyz123 Level 7 June 19, 2018

Central Illinois... 87f--62% humidity.
Feels like 95f.

@Anniemae When I go outside from the A/C, it feels like another person just climbed on my back. lol

@Anniemae We just got a light sprinkle here in Champaign. Enough to make it even more lovely tomorrow. Haha

@Anniemae T-storms here now. Power is still on, but we get pretty lucky about that.
One of the dogs is terrified by thunder. 😟

@Anniemae Great! Get that A/C up and running! 🙂


Right now... 72°, 96% humidity, and pouring rain.

72.....nice... rain , oh well.


11%. Feels like 15%. (Tucson)

All that crisp fresh air....lucky you...?

@BucketlistBob the mornings are beautiful!

@weelittleone. Lol...


It is finally raining! Things will green up for awhile, maybe for a few hours anyway.


I live in North Florida, rain everyday, alligators are being spotted in housing areas just causually walking down the street. It is awful, can't mow the yard because the ground is so dang soft. Ha, just another Florida summer.

Wow... we're getting there... no gators.


Weather seems to be the topic of the day here. (Not just your posts). When I was driving to pick up my twins yesterday it had rained for a very short time. Steam was coming off the roads and any paved parking lots etc. Must be at least 110% humidity. Lovely, isn't it?

Ugh!... that happens here too.


92' feels like 101', but only 53% humidity.

Thats our weather on a sunny day... yep!


Ok - but a moment of silence for Phoenix everyone... 101 i'm told and no relief in the shade, ever.

Gyanez Level 5 June 19, 2018



My air conditioner was on at 7 this morning. North Carolina is experiencing dangerously hot weather . Today the heat index is expected to be well over a hundred degrees. Humidity is around 45%

Ugh! Hang in there...


89 degrees.
61% humidity.
Feels like 100 degrees.

Yeah ..... its ugly like a dirty


Humid humid humid... northwest of Houston...

Damn... Dallas area.... im so sorry...whew!

@BucketlistBob. I'm out in Magnolia, in what I guess is the distant suburbs of Houston. Where all the 'Daddy I want a pony!' types live!!!

@Quattrostagione. Lol. The Woodlands? That's the way it is when your rich and famous... lol.

Yep, just past The Woodlands... the 4 laning of fm1488 out to where I live just got finished...

And its already evident it should have been 6 lanes!!!


OMG!!! ?

I hate humidity. It's humid in the UK now, but it's nothing compared to what you've got.

Yeah... i moved here for the money... thats the only reason. I don't know.... its still a beautiful state to live.


18% In Albuquerque, NM - 81 degrees

Gyanez Level 5 June 19, 2018

Im so jealous. You can actually cool off in the!


Hate humidity.. I can deal with heat..but anything that makes sleeping or breathing difficult is a pain in the ass...

We hate it too. As long as i can pay the electric bill. This where this stays...

@BucketlistBob nice!

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