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Do you taunt the religious?

Not in a mean and vicious way, but in a snarky, humorous way. I'm curious.

Redcupcoffee 7 Dec 31

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I taunted some fundies back in mid 80's ... hundreds of anti-abortion - anti-birth control people were in front of Planned Parenthood. Me and my companions were across the street. We had signs that read "Welcome Clinic Bombers" and "Barefoot and Pregnant is Fun". We chanted "Blow your whistle and toot your horn - we love kids UNTIL they're born!" and "Who me? I'm no queer - I have a baby EVERY year!" Some of the protestors came to us and told us that we were "sluts" and Daughters of the Devil" and "Tools of Satan". Then we sang "Every Sperm Is Sacred".

SKH78 Level 8 Dec 31, 2017


I've long wished to troll events like this with a bullhorn. With all the nutters out there who are armed though it takes a very brave individual to do such things!
If I were alone in the world I totally would tho.

Guerilla stickering/postering sounds more my speed these days.

They deserved every taunt.

This is a case of the oposition throwing the first punch. Once the oposition throws the first punch, all bets are off.

It really depends. I am usually a smartass anyways. I love having fun with religious people. I guess everyone needs an imaginary friend to turn to . lol


Never, like taunting an infant for not being able to walk.


Not unless they refuse to stop prosletyzing. After that, I’m less than understanding.


Only if they're trolling.


No-different strokes for different folks.


Good question. Taunt, no. But I won't take any crap from them either. I don't look for arguments with religionists, but they'd best not give me attitude, 'cause if they do they're going down. You know, "bring your guns Jim, you've got a fight comin', comin' today" kind of thing. To say I'm direct with religionists with attitude would be an understatement. On the other hand if they are reasonable, show that they have thought about their religion and what they believe, then I'm happy to engage in a like manner. Door knocking evangees get no latitude. I regard them as fraudsters.

Yes. If they start trying to convert me, I show no mercy!


It depends. If we're having a serious and respectful talk, then no. But if they're coming after me to convert me, or express disdain for who I am, then let the taunting begin. I've been around Christianity for so long that I've built up quiet a repertoire.


Not the average christian on the street. They rarely place themselves in the position to justify playing with them. Doorknockers are fair game any time. They get the full treatment, and no, it's not mean. They get taken for quite a ride. The street preachers are a special case and they, along with street missionaries, get raked over the coals....

Love it 😉


hell yes


I like to taunt them with kindness. I like to innocently ask them questions they can't answer.


Only in my head... I guess I judge not taunt. I see no point in hitting that bees nest. All they do is freak out and try to sting you.


Never! I truly feel sorry for them because they seem incapable to live their lives fully, as every question ends in god instead of more curiosity and questions. But I do taunt religion every chance I get when they are particularly outrageous and in infringe on the human rights of others.


I only taunt them when they proselytize at my front door. They are asking for it, as I see it. And they are SOOOOO easy to spot. I tell them I'll give them 5 minutes to tell me about their god if they give me equal time to push my atheism. They always agree, because they are desperate to take ANY opening. But I then tell them we'd both be wasting our time and politely close the door on them. I'm not proud of the joy I take in this little game.

Gary Level 4 Jan 4, 2018

Reminds me of when Harry Truman was told to “Give ‘em Hell!” He responded, “I just tell the truth - and they think it’s Hell!” ...that’s how I ‘taunt the religious’ 😉

Varn Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

I had my day after finding "my people" in my mostly fundamentalist southern baptist community. Greenville, SC, home of Bob Jones, good ol' BJ(4)U...too easy!

These days the only theists I taunt are those who bring it up publicly. I'll go back and forth a bit but ask them after each rebuttal, "and you really believe this?".




No, I do not taunt them or tease them but I do make them think and they never bother me again.. What pleasure can be derived from shooting fish in a barrel?


And the street preachers with their hate speech signs and megaphones, yes, absolutely! They come out gunning for it and are deserving targets.


There was a Catholic Church that kept an office in my building. Over the holiday season I happily returned their "merry Christmas" greeting with Happy Yule Seasons and Happy Winter Solstice wishes. They also got a regular Blessed Be in return for their God bless you!


Not as long as they don't taunt me.


Yes. By ignoring them.


At the appropriate time and place, ABSOLUTELY!

You know, a taunt can actually be helpful to the person being taunted, it may be what it takes to get a stubborn person thinking.. I know this from experience - who hasn't been taunted in their life, and not made a change as a result of thinking about the basis for the taunting. I could have worded that better but you get the drift.


Yes. But only because they secretly want it.


Not unless I'm already in a strong, mutually trusting friendship with the person, such that I'm confident that they'd take it as something offered strictly as a jest.


Every chance I get.

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