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LINK Jahi McMath, Who Doctors Declared Brain Dead 5 Years Ago Sparking Court Battle with Her Mom, Dies

This was child abuse by the MOTHER.
And who footed the bill for these 5 long years?

Ridiculous and a complete abuse of parental rights.
It's abuse of power to do this to a body...whether it's a parent, a child, a spouse, a sibling...or any other relationship.

SkotlandSkye 8 June 29

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Keeping a body alive without conciousness really isn't abuse.


Nobody wants to be left on life support for five years. We trust parents to make better decisions than this.

Exactly. It's abuse of power to do this to a body...whether it's a parent, a child, a spouse, a sibling...etc.


Reminds me of the BS hypocrisy of Republicans who pissed and moaned that Obamacare would allow "bureaucrats who know nothing about medicine to interfere with decisions made by you and your doctor." Just a few years before that, when Terri Schiavo's family used a cherry-picked segment of home video to argue that she was still a fully conscious and functional human being, idiots like Tom Delay who know as much about medicine as Mick Jagger were interfering with her husband's decision to take her off life support.

I'm getting really sick and goddamn tired of these asinine "slippery slope" arguments. Every time I get behind the wheel of my car there's the potential that I could plow into a school bus and kill and maim dozens of children... yet in 26 years of driving, that has never happened ONCE.

This really isn’t fair to Mick Jagger. As long as The Stones have been together and as many times as Keith Richards has almost died, I’ll bet that Mick - and the rest of the band - have learned quite a bit about medicine. At the very least how to revive a person...

Good point.


Where do you get child abuse? She suffered brain death from a botched tonsilectomy. We get it. You don't like kids and think that poor people shouldn't be allowed to breed. Making this sound as though the child was on life support because of abuse is even farther beyond the pale, however.
Perhaps you meant keeping her on life support was abuse but if you accept the premise that the child was entirely brain dead, keeping her body alive wouldn't have affected her at all because there would be no conciousness to experience pain or suffering. Somehow I feel like this is just another rant about how expensive and useless poor people are.

No, the abuse was forcing her body to be on life support after the doctors declared her brain dead. What did those five years prove? They proved the doctors were right. This has NOTHING to do with kids or money. I would feel the same if a husband kept his wife alive this way -- it would be abuse too. It's even still abuse if they pay the bill out of their own pocket. It's abuse to a body that should be buried. And, for the record, I don't think anyone should breed more humans. FFS, we can't even feed/clothe/house/ and school the children that are already HERE. If you want kids...go adopt.

Please don't put words/ideas into my mouth again.
I never ever ever ever discriminated against people based on skin color or socio-economic status.

That was a really fucked up thing to say. Would you want to be left on life support for five years?

@KJThomas from where I am now. I wouldn't want to impose that kind of a financial burden on my kids and have them hold on to a false hope for anywhere close to that amount of time. However, if I were brain dead and on life support, I wouldn't really care. It couldn't possibly cause me pain, trauma, anguish, or humiliation because I would not be capable of feeling anything.

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