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What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

I have to admit I was inspired to ask you this, because I read that this is an actual interview question for a sandwich shop. Thought, it was interesting.

I'd start by ransacking the Mormon's who have food stores for the apocalypse they think is coming. Or, maybe like the movie Zombie Land, I'd be on a quest for Twinkies. (Probably wouldn't answer this way in an interview LOL).

What would you do?

silvereyes 8 Jan 1

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I'd probably consult The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.....


Get scratched early on, so I'd be zombiefied - and I could go around tearing people up ! Yum

@silvereyes that is a good start

@silvereyes hm-m, think I'll pass on that ...


Get drunk eat some tacos and become a zombie. Im too lazy to fight zombies. I feel like it would be more fun being one. lol

Sacha Level 7 Jan 1, 2018

All of Christianity is just one zombie's apocalypse, so probably just this.



Become a samurai, lol. If they walk slow like on the walking dead swords would be more fun then guns. I might use guns too, but I'd be a beast with swords.


i would change the channel

turf Level 4 Jan 1, 2018

If it works anything like the walking dead. I'd place large loudspeaker around the white house.


Well hell.... there's not much you can do. You can't grow vegetables. You can't raise animals. You can't refine oil for gas...
Then on the other hand. I would live for a little while. Those that hate guns will be the first to go..
I can see them trying to find one and wishing they had one. While me and my buddies live 2 more days then

I admit you need guns for such an event lol.

First off I will not live a life that revolves around shoot outs. Second, I don't believe that for one second. And, thirdly, when life gets to that point it is better to be gone and not be a part of it. Some of my principles are worth dying for!

@JackPedigo. So long brother... we'll be right behind you... I asked my wife a question on life. I said a plane crashed in the ocean. 5 people survived hanging on to a wing being thankful that they made it. Slowly they got picked off by the sharks. The last one let go and drowned after a week of hanging on dying a little each day. Who do you want to be is the question? Your ethics are no more substantial then mine. So you may be you and you can be happy with that. Love you man!

@FortyTwo. Yeah!

@FortyTwo looks like a fun family project

@btroje. Lol! If there selling? I want 3 for me and 2 for my wife!


It would be indistinguishable from a usual Friday night out in my home town so I'd just carry on enjoying myself and not think about it.


probably become a meal. it would be hard to survive when its more of them than yourself

@silvereyes are they stupid or instinctual? most movies show zombies as killers or cannibals and in the majority of a small group of human survivers.


I believe a recent study shown, while attempting to get to the core of US gun violence, that ‘fear of zombies’ was the major reason given by modern gun hoarders… Having lived deep in the woods for many years, I gave up ‘horror movies’ so I could navigate without undue fear. Consequently, I’ve missed the 'zombie craze,’ I’m armed for the living…

Varn Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

@silvereyes And terrifying!


Roast some veggies


I'd wait until the drugs wore off...


I'd do my best to get to the strongest tribe and hope Rick, Daryl and Michonne were in it.

@evestrat at be right beside her too! When we couldn't snipe, I'd melee with two shorter long blades as I do with my favorite (and most survivable) CRPG characters.

I already have quite a collection...bring it, zombehs!!!

I was looking for this comment. Where my people at!?

@spiderwolfmoon We gotcha...we'll cover for you as you get inside...but you gotta take out any between you and the door!

Here we are...agnostics.comers inda zombeh apocolytical!

And yes, I do need my banjo for the talent show!

@DangerDave thanks Dave! I'll take those mofos out.


I could say I'd keep a cool head, find a refuge and hole up there with enough food and weapons to sustain and protect any other survivors that come along for as long as necessary. That would be a lie. In reality, I'd shit myself, cry, panic, lose the plot and probably get eaten within five minutes.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 3, 2018

Grab the treadmills from the nearby gym and put those zombies to work generating electricity and party like it's 1999 until someone with a tank comes and takes it from me.

Then die
Then die again

In the excellent, funny, and almost literary (disclaimer: I worked on it; also, no zombies) "Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse," prisoners pedal stationary bikes for electricity for a chain of strip clubs that comprises the only remaining economy.



No idea...maybe dance to Michael Jackson Thriller...and dance my way out,


I posted something similar to this and no one responded..😟 Thought there would be more Walking Dead fans on here but maybe not.



Go with the flow? Hunker in and defend the old homestead. Matt and Dane-my daughter's bf and hs bro have guns and know how to use them. I hate guns-but zombie apocalypse you need weapons.


It has already started dear! They voted for Trump!


No. Just no.


Stand in front of my house laughing my ass off and yelling ,"now what hell did we do wrong."


I think fighting zombies would be kick ass fun. 20 gage pump, 38 S&W -- Boom Boom Boom Boom.


I’d fight my way to my kids/grandkids. If they were dead, I’d probably go deep in the woods, after raiding the local Ace Hardware warehouse.


My reaction would be with my finger pointing they do exist then break out with laughter because the chance of something so absurd occuring would be humorous watching the twitching because even if they could stand up, they would like a bowl of jello and to move they would need major assistance.

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