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Do you celebrate 4th of July or is it just another ordinary day to you?

EmeraldJewel 7 July 4

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I am from a small central Illinois town and remember parades, ice cream socials, street dances and fireworks, and I have always loved it. I read the Declaration of Independence every 4th of July. This year, I feel very sad about what has happened in our country since Trump is president, and destroying everything good about our country. I just stayed home, and my daughter and son in law came for dinner. We didn't talk about it. A very dark time in America.

I'm with you on the you know who thing. We can't let him win. I like to hang out with lots of Democratic volunteers. It feels so good. I do what I can to help my favorite candidate win. She defeated all 5 men who ran against her. And she's brand new with running for office. Many new ladies running for office in America. That makes me feel good and hopeful. You can help them win. : )


Right now, it's a giant pain in my ass.
Stupid fucking neighbors are blowing off fireworks and the dogs are losing
their minds.
I hate this fucking "holiday".

The vet had told me to give some benadryl to calm the pets. We do not have a lot of booms going on. I am not overly concerned about my dogs being scared. I would not mind if they ate the one neighbor though.

Ikr! I’m over at family’s house right now and here was this dog next door crying cause it literally sound like world war 3 out here!

@EmeraldJewel Poor puppy.


I thought it was funny that the majority of songs they played at our town's fireworks celebration were actually protest songs or critical of the US in some way ("Pink Houses", "Born in the USA" , etc.). I mean, just because it has "America" in the lyrics doesn't make it a patriotic song, you dumb asses. Just shows once more the lack of intellectual awareness amongst the " 'Mur-ika" contingency...

I agree. Whoever chose "Born in the USA" for a fireworks display apparently is not listening to the lyrics other than the chorus.


Another day. A little noisier, but just another day.

@Sheannutt It sounds like small arms fire here.

@Sheannutt I am in Texas. It could very well be small arms fire.

@Sheannutt It's a myth, except for the bullshit. ?

@Sheannutt It seems to be getting deeper all the time, but l have gotten used to the smell.

@Sheannutt But here they are proud of it.

...and the prouder they get, the louder they get. I'm from Texas, too. So I know how that goes.

@Sheannutt It finally stopped here. It is peaceful again.

@farmboy2017 When l lived in Taos we could tell the people from Dallas as soon as they walked in the door.

@Sheannutt Maybe the revolution has srarted.

@Sheannutt l don't blame you.

@Sheannutt When l was younger l loved the city. I have lived in the country since the early 90's and l like it.

@Sheannutt Same here.


Celebrate losing one of our colonies temporarily? Nope! 😉


For me it was a nice break. I had it as a paid day off and I did work a bit just to be ahead of the game today, but in general I was lazy....


I got a new kitten 🙂

Good on you! Be sure to post pictures in Feline Fanatics group, or other pet lovers groups.

@HippieChick58 I joined feline fanatics! 😛 Thank you!


I do not and actually hate this holiday. Friggin rednecks shooting off shit since Saturday including M80's! Makes me jump Every time!


These days, it's just another day off for me. I don't even put out the flag on this day anymore--ever since you know who is in the White House. In my opinion there's nothing to celebrate.



It's an ordinary day, because I'm not an American who thinks that the whole world revolves around them.


It's nice time to spend time with some family.


No, I don’t. There is a thin line between patriotism and jingoism. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go to a 4th of July party.


I'm in the UK, so no.

It seems a spurious reason to have a national holiday. Celebrating the severing of ties to the British Empire whilst imposing colonialism on a previous culture (Native Americans). Double standards.

Gee... British colonies in Africa, colonization of India, the British Empire once had a shoot to conquer the whole world. Seriously??... Is India allowed to celebrate severing ties with UK or is that a double standard too?


Yes. I realise all of that.

I say the same about the UK too.

@Ellatynemouth fair enough... Let's call it a day


I'll go watch fireworks, but I wouldn't say it holds any special significance to me.


Its what ever happens that day. I've spent 800 dollars once on food, drinks, and fireworks. It was fun. I watch tv now and be thankful and grateful.


I just rolled up the flag. It was waving in the breeze all day. In my little hamlet, I am the only one putting out a flag on Independence Day. I felt like drawing a skull and crossbone on it, but could not find the black marker. No taxation without repreentation, dudes!


It is a paid day off, nice that it comes in the middle of the week this year. And I've just hung out at home, so just another day, albeit productive. I don't care for the fireworks and the kids were busy with other stuff.


Just like any day should be a reason to spend time with people that do not define you.


It tends to be a day of introspection for me. I wonder at the people looking at 'the pretty lights' and listening to the explosions, and I wonder just how many realise that each one going off represents people dieing. Sorry. I get a bit moody during any holiday where people eat too much, drink too much, and make a lot of noise. (I guess that's all of them.)


In our area it's a time to huddle with our dogs who are always traumatized by fireworks...

R1LEY Level 2 July 5, 2018

I was into it as a kid, because it was fun to blow up shit with M80s and shoot off Roman candles. As an adult, no not really.


What? Did I miss something?


What does the 4th of July have to do with religion, or having no religion? Why would you even ask such a question? I went and watched (actually video) the fireworks.


Just another day. But if I have nothing going on and there’s food, why not? No need to be patriotic/ nationalist to enjoy.


I pray for all those lighting fireworks be immediately rapchurred. And thereby live, like, forever. Doing mostly nothing. I know all who get there, deserve that.

And of course, the planet would be much better with those few hundred millions being gone within seconds.


Yes and no, I think. I'm originally from Massachusetts, so the 4th of July has a certain amount of home state feeling to it, seeing as that's where the whole thing started.

I also sort of like the 4th of July because I'm the reigning King of the Introverts, and most retail operations are still open. So if I need to run a few shopping errands like I did today, the stores are all open, and I don't have to rub elbows with many of my fellow humans.

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