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Favorite Desserts

What is your favorite dessert when you were young and what is it now as an adult? Mine as a child was vanilla ice cream. As an adult it is Blueberry cheese cake.

onlyif 8 July 6

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My grandmother my dad's mom Would bake a blueberry pie for me on the rare occasion I had gotten to visit with my grandparents there is no comparison I have ever found to that treat. I have taught my self to bake as well as cook. On occasion, I will make a cheesecake. I use Fanny Farmers cheesecake recipe I alter it a tad when making the graham cracker crust I add 1/4 cup of sugar. In the cake itself, I add about 3 tablespoons of triple sec.


As a child, my favorite dessert was lemon meringue pie.

It's still my favorite, but it's getting harder to find a good one.


Homemade strawberry shortcake and peach cobbler with ice cream.


The Sahara and the Gobi. Also kind of partial to the Great Basin.

Wait. What?

Oh, sorry. Chocolate cake.


Ozman Level 7 July 6, 2018

My mom used to make homemade butterscotch pie. It was to die for.


Scratch that. This is the best one:


The Sahara, maybe the Gobi.

Must admit, was my first thought too: we both chose the sahara, but you're ahead of me with a second choice 😉

@girlwithsmiles See my other comment. Pretty sure I won the thread =)

Mmmm queen of puddings to you! But mint chocolate chip ice cream as a child 😉


Like you, as a child, vanilla soft serve from an adult, creme brulee from Vincent's in Camelback, AZ....omg.


Pudding? Pudding? I like puddings/desserts/afters in all forms 🙂


My mother would take freshly baked bread, while still warm, cut into cubes covered in freshly separated heavy cream with cinnamon and . . To live for! No creo en Dios!

Sounds out of this world!!!


Dark chocolate, in almost any form.


Hedgehog Slice and Pavlova with lots of fresh cream and strawberries.


I like fresh fruit.


Never been there, but the Sahara.

Ha! The OP edited the error.


Dark chocklat block chunks


chocolate ice cream/mint chip ice


ice cream ---> tiramisu


Mine was a parfait at a NY restaurant called Montes. My current favorite is blueberry pie.


A Nutty Elise pie from my trip to Intercourse is probably my favorite dessert of the summer!!! It is so nutty and chocolatey, tastes amazing when it's warm and gooey and with a glass of milk!!

I wish I took a better picture of it.

Holy shit that sounds amazing.


As an adult: Chocolate soufflé with Grand Marnier sauce

As a child: I wasn’t picky


Pecan pie (especially smothered in whipped cream) and cannolis. Then, now, forever! ?

Ever try a chocolate pecan pie from the Amish? Neither have I, but it looked and sounded amazing when I saw it on a menu when I was out by Intercourse, PA

Yes, I actually have! A friend of mine made one for me years ago for my birthday. It was super delish.


Carrot cake to be sure, but the white chocolate bread pudding at the Palace Cafe is to die for.


Banoffee pie. Creme brulee.


Pineapple cream pie. It still is.


Strawberry ice cream & Baklava.


brownies, chess cake, apple pie/empanada or hot fudgecake with vanilla ice cream always were and still are high up there... later on I developed a taste for cheesecake, red velvet, carrot cake, and anything with a cream cheese or buttercream icing. This list is only ever going to get longer. ?

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