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What should one do when asked to tell the truth so help you god?

I recently had to go to traffic court and had to start a payment plan for my ticket which requires a hearing.Mind you this is small town."god"fearing.

Nogodnohate 5 Jan 5

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Ask for the USA Constitution.

Should I be in that position again I shall opt for the constitution


I will do that if you want, your honor. However, in full disclosure, this procedure really has no significance to me since I'm an atheist

Rudy!!!! You understood me!!! Lol


I thought that courts would let a person 'affirm' rather than 'swear in'....?


Don't you have a choice in America? I used to be a magistrate and we very rarely had people swear on a bible (much more often on a koran!), but most people just read out that they'd tell the truth.


I would respond, "I tell the truth without any outside help."


though we have the right to opt out of putting our hands on the buybull. living here in the buybull buckle, i do it and walk away. there is no reason for me to risk myself for their stupidity, picking ones battles is key as an atheist. i have a led foot, so i wind up in court for speeding . i can choose to be right, or to get out of the ticket. my insurance does not reward me for being correct.


Tell the truth.

Always! Lying complicates lives

The truth about one's beliefs?


"SURE!!! Can we get this over with now?"


I had to appear in court a few years ago when I was charged with embezzlement.

The jury have to be sworn in too and, like the defendant, are given the choice to swear on the Bible or another holy book, or make a non-religious affirmation. One of them took the Bible offered to him, stared at it for a moment in absolute disgust, then threw it down looking for all the world as though he was going to spit on it.

Good chap!

(I was completely cleared of any involvement, incidentally!)

Jnei Level 8 Jan 5, 2018



In that old movie "god" with John Denver and George burns, when George burns was being sworn in he said. " so help me, me !""


When dealing with courts and police I stay as low key as possible. Them people got guns.


Well, yes. But in my mind I know I don't need god in order to tell the truth. It also won't be god who punishes me if i get caught purjuring in a court of law.

Cheri Level 5 Jan 5, 2018

I generally ask them which 'god' do they mean... if I really want to piss them off 🙂


Say that you want to make a sacrificial burnt offering (..a goat, lets say...) to Zeus (they can't argue WHICH god you vow to). If they don't go for that, demand that god appear in person to hear your vow. No, maybe they won't have a sense of humor...When they ask if you swear to tell the truth, just say, "yeah, whatever..."


Very few places do this anymore...a good thing. Most just ask you if you will tell the truth.

I'm not so sure about that.


Wasn't ever thinking of lying? Lol!That's stupid and makes things more complicated than they need to be. Just was curious about what y'alls take on it was,thanks for the feedback


Tell the truth. Let them know you'll swear on the constitution. OR inform ahead of time that you don't believe in god.


Tell the truth. They put the godliness and placing the hand on the bible thing all over the world. Just be a good human and tell the truth and ignore the religious mumbojumbo.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 5, 2018


Tell the truth about one's belief?

@bingst The truth about if she was speeding or went through a redlight, or whatever you go to traffic court for.


What choice do you have? To lie? If you're secure enough in your non-belief then none of it should really bother you.

We can't force other people to see things the way we do. In fact, we shouldn't want to. That would be rather selfish of us.


I pretty much always try to tell the truth. So, I'd tell them I don't believe in god and never needed the threat of the wrath of a divine being in order to be honest.


I do not know if there is any other occasion when situational ethics is the greater part of valor.


I don't think in those cases that they'd accept anything less, even if you flat out tell them you believe in their fairytales. I'd say you'd just have to go with it. It's a hollow expression to me, like 'oh my god' or something, so just live up to your own standards of honestly and play their game when there's no way around it.

By far the best response. Thank you.


I don't know what affirm means.. I googled it and it said it's basically just making it public that you swear to tell the truth. SO, I'd say, can I swear on something else? Or just not be involved with a book? I promise to tell the truth. Lol!


I'd say "So you want me to lie?"


It doesn't matter to me. I had to do it at a deposition one time. It doesn't offend me. If others want to believe it has meaning then so be it. As long as they don't try to hurt me, I won't shove the book up their ass lol

It's a ridiculous custom. You must swear on this book of words written by men so we know you're telling the truth. Like the book will zap you if you lie.

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