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Are you the type of person who seeks revenge when you’ve been wronged by someone?

Depending on what a person has done, I usually will seek revenge. I guess I’m just a petty person lmfao!

EmeraldJewel 7 July 15

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No, but I often think about it.


I fantasize about revenge, but I never pursue it.
I generally live my life by two words, JAIL SUCKS.
Those two words keep me from doing things that I would likely regret.

@5082gregory That's true, and all the more reason not to seek revenge, but I wasn't even thinking about the cameras.
I was simply figuring I'd be caught because that's how my luck runs.


Never. I learned long ago that if i want to revenge myself on a person, the person who wronged me continues to control me. And that i can never accept.


It seems to me that I don't have to seek revenge because bad things seem to happen to those that cross me on their own lol

Example: every place that has fired me unfairly has closed down within weeks of my firing. First the gas station was permanently shut down for tax dodging and health violations. Then, JCPENNYS lost so much of their customer base they had to close that branch. Then, the movie store fired me because the dm didnt like my personal beliefs and a week later the entire roof collapsed.

Mwahaha such sweet vengeance and I didn't have to lift a finger


No. I seek justice. But somebody has to have really fucked me good to get me to waste my valuable time on such a pursuit.

Im of a similar mind LOL


Nope. I walk away and never look back.


Nah I'm cool on revenge. But I don't believe in forgiveness either. I don't hold grudges but I do treat people according to the way they act. You only get one chance to burn me. The only thing in life I can truly control is myself and I have no problem "adjusting" as circumstances require


Nope. No one deserves that much of my energy if they've done me wrong. Move on and focus on the positives in life.

Indeed. Expending energy on someone not even worth the effort. No way.


No, it's not worth it you only take yourself down to their level!

Pete66 Level 6 July 15, 2018

I don't acknowledge their existence anymore, even if they are five feet away.

Same here. I leave them with my opinion of their worth, then walk away. They exist no more.


No, i just walk away. I don’t care enough about people to plot against them.


Sometimes .. it depends on the situation/person and to be honest, it made me feel better ? .. I'm not much for revenge served cold, I generally don't hold grudges .. If someone does something really bad, I tend cut them out of my life and no longer waste any emotional energy on them


No, because it would mean getting down on the level of the person that hurt me and I can't do that. If there's some legal recourse or some way I can out them of what they did or warn others, then that's as far as I will go, and that's usually enough.


Why, what did you do? lol but no not usually, if its something small I’ll forget it before wasting the effort, something medium, I might help karma along if I see a super convenient and legal way to do so, and if its big enough that I become obsessed with revenge then Im probably about to murder someone and refer to KK’s mantra: jail sucks. Only one time have I ever been that betrayed and angry, when I found out someone I love had been abused and I spent months angrily trying to figure out a way to get away with murder before giving up. My mild stalking of the fellow caused him to move states and I figure thats about the only semblance of a win I can expect without going to prison.

edit: I take that back I also outed him as a child molester to as many work contacts, friends and family as I could find on FB so hopefully that made his life a little harder upon movin home. Now that #metoo has happened Ive been meaning to get the word circulating about him again in his hometown. Brb looking up womens groups in atlanta lol.


Actively seeking revenge means you are planning to pull something, and shit can go wrong and leave you looking guiltier than the original perp. I prefer shunning. It's a little passive-aggressive, but you can cut the toxic individual out of your life and be a better person for the decision. Now I have fantasized about various plots to exact retribution, but I don't ever carry them out. I don't avoid people who screwed me over, but I make sure they know that I know what they did, and pointedly ignore them every chance I get. It ain't much, but that's how I work it.

zeuser Level 8 July 15, 2018

Never. Wait long enough & then revel in the revenge life will bestow on them. But never initiate a manner of revenge. It taints ones character & then will come back to bite one in the butt as they say.


No, I usually just walk away. However, I do sometimes fantasize about that revenge. But what is interesting (I just realized this) is that my fantasy always revolves around payback through Karma, which is really weird because I don't believe in Karma! 😀

The synchronicity

@Countrywoman Is that what that is?

@patchoullijulie Current vernacular or en vogue theory/term ie string,membrane etc.


Really depends on what happened


I plan revenge. I rarely follow through but I like to plan revenge that matches the offense.

It has been over 20 years since I avenged something so I guess I'm more mature these days.


No. The best revenge is to live a happy life in spite of beign wronged. That doesn't mean you can't let others know what kind of person he/she is though, or if they wronged you by breaking the law, you can't bring them up on charges.

Act as if their wronging you doesn't really affect you, but don't be a push over either.


NOPE! Hate only hurts the person feeling it, not the person it is directed towards. I would rather cut ties and move on. I do tend to give a lot of chances though.

craige Level 4 July 15, 2018

O don't give such a person a second chance. I don't necessarily seek revenge, but if an opportunity arises which allows me to show that person that I am a better person than they have been, I take advantage of it, and relish having the opportunity. That is sweeter than raw revenge.


I usually look at the cost of whatever I lost as worth the knowledge of what that person is and that I don’t have to have them in my life anymore.

That being said, it doesn’t make the betrayal or hurt any less painful. Not saying it’s easy. It still bubbles up at times, but over time the waves come less often and less intensely. I just don’t think I could ever waste my time and energy on someone that is no longer worth my time and energy.


Highly subjective.
Will my inaction lead to further such events, say in case it was a colleague I was wronged by (can't let that slide).
How much efforts would I need to put in to make it happen. If it requires any form of physical labor, I'm out.
Does the person carry the capacity to make or break my life, if yes then it's an elaborate plot and not just mere revenge.


Got me a criminal record for my revenge. But I don't regret it at all. After what she did the public embarrassment I doled out was a mild revenge. Family courts didn't care for it even though it should have been considered protected speech. It opened my eyes to the fraud that is our system of justice.


Being capricious is not in my nature, but grudges are good for holding, Lol. Seriously though, despite my stature, I prefer to be the bigger person when needed and if the wrong is large enough I just cut them out of my life as much as I can.

Now a Comical situation would be different.

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