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Do you consider yourself an intellectual elite or just an intellectual?

I don't think I fit into either category. From the comments and posts I see here, a lot of you fit into both catagories. Trump is amongst the uneducated. As well as his followers. Most of the people that didn't go to college voted for him, as he had planned.

Sarahroo29 8 Jan 6

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Neither. I'm just a person. I consider myself to be reasonably educated, but I also know there's a lot I don't know, and probably nearly as much that I've forgotten.
However, I always knew 45 was nothing but a con man. I've been watching him for the last 40 years and he's always been a real piece of shit in a nice suit. How he fooled so many people is simply beyond me.

The guy in the comments above seems to like Trump.

Greed motivates people to go along with TrumpOLINI scams....poverty stricken Rethuglicans voters still cling to the hope of magically getting rich believing TrumpOLINI MUSSolini fascist worship of the state

@Sarahroo29 lol


I'm not an elite anything. Intellectual? I'm a liberal woman who enjoys intelligent conversation.

Me too.


Is "Super Major Elite Genius" an option? I think I'm that one.

No, wait. "Unassuming Super Major Elite Genius."

@Aggie Sounds like a Dr. Suess phrase. "There's a wocket in my pocket and a Duper in my Super." Hm... I hope nobody with a kinky mind decides to respond to that one.


Just curious. I want to understand the world around me, and so I read a lot about it.


Neither - a smartass


Neither, though I am always cast into one of those two because I have a B.S. in Physics; for some reason people think that being good at math, science, technology or programming makes you a genius. People either assume that I think I am the smartest person in the room or they'll assert that I am, perhaps it has influenced me more than I realized given the alias I chose...

My knowledge of history, geography, home maintenance, lawn care, music and more are all average at best. I'll be talking with a thespian and be awed by their knowledge of music and the arts, or I'll be listening to the plumber I hired and my brain turns to jelly trying to grasp what they know and I never considered... and it really is an intellectual or mental thing because I could do the labor, if I knew/understood how.


I'm a libertarian. I say live and let live. Intellectual elite is a subjective adjective. Someone I may say is an intellectual elite is someone who another person would say is not an intellectual elite.

We create our own version of reality. We describe different people in different ways.

Thanks. The main philosophy of libertarians is "live and let live". As long as someone else does you no harm, they can continue to do whatever they like with their own life. It's the only system with complete freedom. But it would never work because it requires a high level of intelligence and tolerance to work.


Let's first look at the definition:
"intellectual": "An intellectual is a person who engages in critical thinking, research, and reflection about society and proposes solutions for its normative problems."; "a person possessing a highly developed intellect."
"elite": "A group or class of persons considered to be superior to others because of their intelligence, social standing, or wealth"; "a small group of powerful people that control a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege or political power in a society"

So I'd say intellectual yes, elite, because of lack of significant power and wealth, no.

Why are you asking?

I was just curious. Sorry for bothering you.

@Sarahroo29 no bother at all, I was just curious about why you were asking! Curiosity is a good reason! 🙂


I don't think of Trump as unintelligent. He acts crass sometimes and politically he's great at dividing people, but he's a business man who has been successful. I don't support him but find the policies he implements to be a bias, not unintelligible as is my bias against him. I agree with some policies he has implemented just not most of them.


I'm not very intellectual and have to have things spelled out for me sometimes... so I don't think I'm intellectual ????


I'm not sure I'm either, but I'm also not sure what those terms really mean and the differences.


I'm no intellectual, but I do consider myself a reasonably intelligent and educated person, and I do admire and appreciate real intellectuals. (I think intelligence in a woman is really sexy too!. I like women with big WITS!) It's really a shame that so many people in the United States don't have a high opinion of thinkers and intellectuals, and I agree that too many people in our country need to improve their critical thinking skills.

I consider myself to be just smart.


Well, no all his followers are uneducated; my Master's degree proves you wrong..and while I always saw his shortcomings, I voted for him for very specific reasons.

@Switchmaster Not in my case.


I don't consider myself an intellectual, however I do consider myself smarter than the average "very stable genius"


I just consider myself "that dude over there"


I'm just a stupid, I run a cash register at Walmart.

I'm a crew member at a fast food place. I don't judge by anyone's job.

Hi zeliasgrand, at work we never say that woman has a lot of NPD we just say she is playing for her own team, we describe the behavior rather than speculating over the personality disorder because you can only take action on behavior. I'm not high enough up to have to do any of that.


The more I learn, the less I feel I know.

I am decidedly intellectual, but I would never call myself "an intellectual.". That appellation is a slur, sadly, in my experience.

I will never be an elite at anything--but that's not going to stop some from branding me "elitist" for how I talk and where my interests do or do not lie. Anymore I usually try to speak as little as possible with anyone I don't know well.


Im actually not very smart. People often assume I am. Not sure why. I read more than most, and I am interested in subjects that smart people are typically interested in. But definitely not intellectual elite. I didn't even make it through college.

Me neither. I did 1 year in college.

@Sarahroo29 anxiety :/ I think without it, my life would have been vastly different. It's difficult to reason and learn when you're in flight or right mode.

I live with depression. I over-analyze and read too much into everything. At night I worry until I go to bed. I wake up happy and less depressed. Only in the day time I think rationally. I'm an emotional person.


I consider myself intelligent. I do not think I am an intellectual


I am blue collar. I build stuff. Dumb as a rock, and that is an insult to most rocks.

people who build stuff have intelligence that is not recognized


I think you just explained why I'm so confused about who does and doesn't support our POTUS. It never occurred to me that some folk I consider educated - aren't. Sigh.


In the top 1 to 2% of the Nation on every standardized test I ever took. That being said - I wonder what "average intelligence is"? (It worries me that I can be so dumb at times - what are other folk like.). However I am well aware that I can often be wrong and that education is a lifelong thing! Don't stop learning.


I am neither .logical thinking ,common sense,open mind, being practical and having an inquisitive mind is what I am ,whatever that may be


I don't care for labels myself as they are very dependent on the beholder's definition. If the amount of schooling helps set the bar, then I might get categorized as intellectual due to my dvm and grad degrees. From within my shoes, I feel pretty mainstream and average. At work, I feel less intelligent sometimes. It depends on where the measuring stick is.

Zster Level 8 Jan 6, 2018

Neither : we Atheists are common and practical. ...McCarthyism is waning and the Internet has paved the way out of closets 25% now of USA is on the science road to Atheism

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