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What was the most unusual album you ever owned?

Back in the day, we bought albums. Vinyl records that played music when you spinned them and put a needle on their surface. Barbaric, I know. These albums came with album covers and some of these covers we're really cool. So tell us what are the most unusual alubums you have owned.

For me it was: Grand Funk Railroad's E Pluribus Funk. The album cover looked like a coin with the 3 members of the band in the face if the coin.

jwd45244 7 July 17

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Brain Salad Surgery Had one of the coolest artwork from H.R. Giger.

@sweetcharlotte You won't be dissapointed, His work is odd, but very cool. He also designed the creatures in the movie Alien

@TristanNuvo Giger was amazing. His gravestone is epic.

@sweetcharlotte He designed the Alien.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I already said that.

@TristanNuvo Stay in your Lane Cabron.... there is a reason why I ignore you.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Why, Because you act like a child?

Was going to use this one but you beat me to it πŸ™‚

@ipdg77 It's one of my favorites. πŸ™‚


court of the crimson king king crimson

Just saw them in 2017 . Awesome

@Bigwavedave lucky

Saw King Crimson at a small bar here in Denver on their first reunion tour back when nobody remembered who they were. They absolutely killed it.


Jeff Wayne’s β€˜The War of the Worlds’ concept album. Marrying classic Sci-Fi and progressive rock...doesn’t get any better.

But it can get worse. Check out the concept album Edgar Winter did for L. Ron Hubbard's, Mission Earth. If it wasn't so bad that it's actually good, it would be a shoe in for prog rock's lowest moment of all time.


Buckingham Nicks. The only album that Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks made together before they joined Fleetwood Mac. The album was never produced as a CD except as a few poor bootlegs. I have the original album, and it's one of my favorites.


My most unusual album was/is Doctor Demento's: The Greatest Christmas Novelty CD of All Time. I love this thing. The songs are so much fun, the was a point when my kids would sing, very loudly, Christmas At Ground Zero. It's safe to say, I think it's the best album investment I've ever made.


It wasn't an album but I had a record off the back of a cereal box. I don't remember what the song was but it did play.


God Bless Tiny Tim.

Hermit Level 7 July 18, 2018

The fugs greatests hits.


Ween- Pure Guava


Bitches Brew - Miles Davis. As a child it was the first album I came across (a neighbor had it) and I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard it......what a noise!!!. Of course now I have a better appreciation of the man and his music. πŸ˜€


The best when it was released and now :Exile on Main Street


There's been a few but as far as covers go how about this.

Tyranny & Mutation by Blue Oyster Cult

ipdg77 Level 8 July 22, 2018

Word Jazz, by Ken Nordine. 1956?


Weirdest album probably Roy Harper Come Out Fighting, Genghis Khan.

Weirdest album cover, maybe Cheap Thrills cover by R. Crumb


frank zappa joes garage not that weird an album but i bought it tripping out my face on shrooms because of the cover it spoke to me literally in the record shop

weeman Level 7 July 18, 2018

Frip & Eno, No pussyfooting


So many during 60's and 70's but for taking LSD... Moody Blues "Procession". Vinyl and Cover Art. Never a better Era, never.


Album......Tom Waits. Was a sound emersion album of no organization. My perception only.
Album cover ...... Brain Salad Surgery (concur with TristanNuvo)


For album art: Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell 2, the interior art is a piece that ended up being used for some small Lovecraft paperback collections, but I can't find the name of the piece at present. It's also one of my favorite albums ever.

For music...anything by Infected Mushroom really. And their album art comes in close behind Bat Out of Hell 2


Maybe the comedy albums. Had a 45 of whale songs.

Also a few of the very curious early records which were very thick. I am talking like a quarter inch thick.

Those would only play on my parents big old wood stereo cabinet because the speed was weird. 18 or something.

Somebody here will probably know.


Either Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart or Yahweh or the Highway by Arab on Radar. If you check those out, kind of mentally prepare yourself.


Lenny and the Squigtones (from Leverne & Shirley fame)


Do you mean unusual artwork or music?


The strangest in musical terms I own (or have owned) has to be the Boredoms CD I bought. Its songs are seemingly random, everyday noises, from belches, farts, and clanks from the kitchen or bathroom. I don't know if I ever finished listening to it or confused noise from a neighbor's apartment with the CD, and I'm pretty sure I haven't listened to it a second time to say for certain that there's no guitar, bass, piano/keyboard, or drum playing on it, but i think that's the case. For some reason, I think I have it, which is weird because I traded in a bunch of old CDs 10-12 years ago. As far as weirdest cover art, I'll have to get back to you on that.

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