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Having recently been shoved back into the dating pool, I have found very few woman in my age range for dating, (appx. 7 years up or down), which brings me to my question: How large of an age difference are you willing to drop or go up before it becomes awkward?

10 years younger/ older? 15, 20? Age doesn't matter?

At what age does it become weird?

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RayRay 4 Jan 7

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Really 3 years different is the biggest gap with someone I've dated.

7 years would be a lot to me. But it could happen. I've just never clicked with someone that much older or younger at this point.


I wouldn't want to be involved with a woman more than about 10-15 years younger than me...too much of a gap in interest, too much of a generational/cultural gap


Ive pretty much always dated women older than me, some 10+yrs older. its really just a number, its not a measure of maturity, reason, or life experience. ive met and known 40& 50somethings that are large children and 20somethings who got it going on. whats the old saying about judging a book by its cover, should add age to that too..........or better yet how about just not judge! whom am I to judge or strike you down....................


I picked 15 years mostly because I had to pick something to be able to comment, but the fact is that I would date someone older or younger than that if we enjoyed each others company. I would probably not want to get into a long term relationship with someone much older than that mostly because in all probability I would end up losing them with many years left in my own life, nor would I get into a sexual relationship with someone young enough to be my daughter.


I think people who immediately think "creepy" and pedophile whenever a larger age gap (but obviously between consenting adults) comes up are creepy, because apparently "creepy" and "pedophile" is all they can think or imagine in that context. But I think that people are just very diverse, relationships are complex and having a knee-jerk reaction like this is essentially prejudice.
Let me ask you back: which age difference do you think is "acceptable" for being friends with a person? Really good friends? Do you have the same limits there? Should all social contacts be reduced to your age group?
I do not think so - sure, friendships and relationships will get increasingly more unlikely the bigger the age gap is, but that is on average. There may still be people for whom it works with a bigger age gap. Take Macron for example. They seem to be happy! Good for them and definitely better than I observe with a whole large number of almost same-age couples.
So lets look at each case before we make a judgement. And maybe, try not to make judgements at all when it is about the happiness of other people who are free adults and in my view should be able to make decisions for themselves as they wish and agree on.


I had a similar post. I'm too old for most dating sites, but I'm not ready for the 65 plus year olds. I'm finding dating really sucks.


As long as the individuals involved are consenting adults, age is just a number. How others perceive should have no bearing on how two people feel for each other.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

I chose 7 year up or down, but mine really is only about 3-4 down and 6-7 up. That picture is really gross.


Not more than two to three years younger and 10 years older.


One of my daughters gave me rules for dating. Must be closer to my age than to the age of my oldest. Currently I'm 60 and oldest is 33, So to be safe must not be younger than 47. And really, I'm not much interested in younger guys. As for how high to go, it depends on the health of the gentleman. Some guys have one foot in the grave at 60, and some 80 years olds are still going strong.


I've dated down as much as 25 years-a college profesor -and my last husband was 4 years older.


Hell if my luck stays the same, I'll be like George burns. he said I love younger women, hell At my age there isn't anything else.

George was wrong. Everyone knows women tend to outlive men. The exception doesn't make the rule. George also smoked a cigar, maybe he associated that with longevity.

The story I hear is that "Women mourn and men remarry" (I wonder whom do they remarry - maybe younger women).

@JackPedigo perhaps you're right but George was the exception so what he said was completely correct


In the end it is just a number but when that number gets closer to my daughters age then it becomes alarming.

Most women are more mature than most men. I think a woman ten years younger is probable as mature (if not more) than I. One that is older really puts me to shame.

It is not a set formula, though. I have seen women a decade or more younger who have not taken care of themselves and look a lot older. I have seen women my age and look much younger. It is said attractiveness is indicative of one's health. One's health is the most important aspect of one's appeal to me.


The age difference varies between ages. Divide by 2 and add 6. That's how much of an age difference is "alright". Though, at the age of 40, dating a 26 year old does seem a bit strange.


MVSS-O claims that it's half your age plus ten years. She may be biased as that perfectly explains our age gap.


That is a gross picture by the way. My problem is not age, my problem is dating in general. I can find men in my age range but they seem to be confused about what they want and then there is the religion thing. I'm a non-believer, which is fine until it isn't. I give up! At least today I do. Lol


I said 20 years up/down, because I like men same age or older than me. Women I don't mind being a bit younger or older.
I have never liked younger men, even when I was younger. I like a man who has learned from life so who is now honest and, straight up,

Sacha Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

@Duke So Is what you are saying?, you will only date women born in the late 90s? lol Of course I have seen a cassette tape, as have you, I have also seen records, as have you.

@Duke I would like your comment, but the like button is broke. lol And I may or may not still own cassette tapes hehe 😉

@Duke If I ever meet you I will make you a mixed tape haha 😉

@Sacha My take was that he wanted to date somebody who HAS seen a cassette tape and that would likely mean they were born before long before late 90s. I read his post 3 times and I THINK I have it right, but I could be wrong. 😉

@BlueWave You're right 🙂

@Duke Yes we are good, Im currently putting together a mixed tape for you, of 80s rock bands and ballards. I'm doing it off the radio, so I have to push play and rec at the same time. Its a hard job. Also we do have drinks including water, coffee, tea, juice and Alcohol in New Zealand (surprised? 😉 ) You are welcome to come anytime, I will pick you up and we will have a drink. You better hurry though, Its nice and summery at the moment.


My limit is actually 5 years, though in reality I have almost always been with older women, up to 3 years older, only 2 younger and that was less than 2 years. I can't explain.


I find the photo you uploaded somewhat disturbing. It looks as though an older man is forcing his attentions on a young girl. Why did you choose this one to post?


Maybe it's just me, but that pic is disturbing.

It looks (to me anyway) like a forced rape porn tape. I hate it.

Nope, not just you. I just said the same thing before reading any comments. I would not have chosen it. Where does one even find a gross picture like that?

@BlueWave Fuck if I know.

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