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Do you feel optimistic about the future??

Don71 5 July 19

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I try to be an optimist I do see a lot of negativity, but I also see some progress being made.
I think that one of the things that would make tomorrow a better place would be to improve our educational system.



A few weeks ago I read Steven Pinker's new book "Enlightenment now" were he paints he rather rosy picture about the past, the present and the future too. I agree that most statistics about the past, say, 300 years of human history show improvements of all sorts.

But there is one thing that makes me pessimistic about the future: all those improvements on the side of humankind were payed for with a general change for the worse on the side of Nature. And we are now living on the point were Nature starts to strike back: climate change is only the most prominent example, lesser known are soil degradation, pollution, waste, a massive loss of biodiversity...
No, I do not envy all those kids who will have to live through the rest of the century

Matias Level 8 July 20, 2018

More optimistic than most. I feel like the world moves in a generally positive direction. There are fewer wars and less violence than any other time in history.

Sounds like you might be familiar with Stephen Pinker ... peace!


I'm very optimistic, I would say my future is extremely bright.?☺️??


Other than that I think we are on the edge of a second Dark Age....sure I’m optimistic ?


I'm no Pangloss. I remain optimistic on the macro level, while fully aware that we are experiencing a 'disturbance in the force.' The pendulum will swing back ... sooner or later. I tend to believe that many years from now students of history will look at the late 10's much as an adult looks at his/her teenage years and wonders, 'what the hell was I thinking?'


Less and less every day.

Hermit Level 7 July 20, 2018

I tend to swing back and fouth on this question like the tide.

On one hand, the future and all things technological presents facinating possibly outcomes in all sorts of ways. Not just in their deployment, but in fighting for their SMART deployment. We can no longer afford to be dumping millions of products with unfixable vulnerabilities hardwired into their firmware into an increasingly connected (and hostile, in terms of security) society. That sort of thing.

But on the other hand, I often think that man may well not get past many of the nemesis's that one would have thought we would have passed by now. Toxic ideologies.

Mb_Man Level 7 July 20, 2018


If you see negatives everywhere and feel pessimistic often but then look for positives in yourself and others and/or work to be a positive influence on yourself and are a realist and an optimist.

If you don’t even try then you are a nihilist.


Small scale, yes. (My kids, myself, projects I want to do, etc)

Large scale, not a fucking chance. ( humanity, the environment, my NY Mets, etc)

Josh87 Level 4 July 20, 2018

Yes, very optimistic 😉


It depends on what's happening, sometime yes sometimes no.


I take comfort from the fact that whatever we do, however badly we poison the planet and cut into its animal population, Mother Nature is very probably going to find a way to bounce back. Planet Earth has been through huge asteroid strikes, periods of malodorous atmospheres, ice ages and hothouse periods, and it’s always kept going. So yeah, in the planetary long term, I feel pretty optimistic. For the human race, not so much.

The reasons for that are many, firstly I think we are well on the way towards screwing up what could have been a beautiful garden environment for humans into an urban dystopia. Secondly I feel that we are doing a lot of damage to the planet, with climate change, topsoil erosion, decreasing biodiversity, pollution and plastic waste, insecticide poisons, the list goes on. The price for that will come due, in water wars, refugee crises, and so on. Thirdly I’m concerned we are creating monocultures of humans and animals that will ultimately not prove robust against disease. Fourthly a response to oil crises hasn’t really been forthcoming. I could’ve made the list longer.

We’ve yet to see that mankind can react effectively to the crises facing it. We have a long way to go in renewable energy and tackling CO2 emissions. There are many other challenges coming in the next century, mostly a consequence of continuing modernisation and development.

Denker Level 7 July 20, 2018

That sums it up for me. Well said!

Exactly. Our anthropocentric position is irrelevant with regard to both planet and cosmos. Unless we blow it up I am sure the planet will eventually shrug us off like a dog shaking off fleas.


What or who's future? My future? Your future? My brother's future? The future of Mankind, Life on Earth...? Not specific enough for me to answer.
I suppose ultimately everything that is now or will be alive, will also one day be dead, so in that frame of reference, not looking too good.
But the Universe will continue to exist without me, or you, or humanity, or any living thing, or even the Earth, Sun & Stars... so there's that.

I get to sleep in tomorrow; I'm pretty stoked about that.

scurry Level 9 July 20, 2018

@Donotbelieve 😀😀😀
Thanks - back at'cha.

Connecting is good. 🙂 This community lends itself to that nicely.

Sleep is my most happy of happy places (and times). 🙂 Even the moments just before are perfect. If I get to sleep in, even the moments after are delightful.
My nemesis is my Alarm Clock(s).

@Donotbelieve agreed!


I try to but the vicissitudes of existence can really leave you with blinders after awhile that tend to grey out some of the brighter aspects of life. It's a battle to keep hope for the future for but a worthy one.


There is beauty and harmony everywhere. Whatever changes occur happen because they have to happen, and they are all good. Time is an illusion anyway.


Not really. With Trump in charge of the U.S. it isn't really a question of whether or not the U.S. will crash and burn,but just how bad it will be and whether or not recovery will be possible in the foreseeable future.


My insane mother passed away yesterday. Free at last Free at last. Thank god almighty . I am free at last. Very optimistic for my personal future. I survived her. My brother did not. The world? America? Not so much

I am so sorry for your with insanity and being free...I can say that I know that ‘life’ deeply and personal! One day, I hope that you can find the ‘gifts’...that came with that experience! I did! Sister did not! I know your grief...

Wow, must be rough. Sorry to hear that 😟

@Don71 Thanks. I mourned my brother who took his life. Not her. 35 years & I did not hear anything from her. Now the granddaughter wants money.

@Don71, @Freedompath Thank you. There is sisterhood here as well as some sweet brothers.


no! there is not even present

IAS1 Level 5 July 20, 2018

It's all in how you look at the world. If you focus on the good then that's the outlook you will possess, optimistic. If you focus on the bad then you'll have that outlook, fearful and pessimistic. To the believers I say, "the road to Revelation is paved with people." Meaning that everything we do will still lead to the eventuality of death. Live your life, smile and sieze the day!


Not particularly.


Not always.


Personally about my personal goals and relationships, sure.

Politically, socially, as a citizen of the United States, planet Earth, and the human species, not even a little bit in the short-term, and only mildly in the long-term. as I see a lot of disheartening cycles repeated by our species repeatedly, and if my perception of our current point in the cycle are correct, it's going to get really really bad, get a little better, massive war, stabilize, get worse, civil and cultural (domestic and only somewhat violent) revolution, get better, energy crisis, get worse, get better, and then it'll be somewhere between 2088 and 2095, so massive commercial tech boom, bust, growth, recession, and then we'll be back where we are now, around 2120.

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