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There have been 700 proposals in Congress in the last 200 years to amend the Electoral College, more proposed constitutional amendments to change the EC than any other topic. Should the EC be abolished?

QuelRouquin 4 Jan 9

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All large governments end up settling on a system like the EC. The EU (committees and rotating presidency), PRC (unequal province sizes), and the Vatican (cardinals) for example use variations on it.

The arguments usually take the form:

  • we need to give added weight to rural areas because without it they will be under the tyranny of the majority and eventually breakoff.

  • wtf!? Why does corn get to vote?

I think the existing system needs reform but one citizen one vote doesnt work for large diverse areas.

See your point, assume tyranny of the majority and a tyrannical majority. With a moral majority (possible?), more socialistic, liberal, equal majority. (Utopia).
Eliminating or at least reforming EC... as well as eliminating citizens united.


Yes, make every vote count. The winner of the popular vote should be the winner of the election.

It seems so simple, right?

@Bam85 The US is a representative democracy, a constitutional democracy, and a constitutional republic

@Bam85 every vote counts is called a democracy, lets try it. Its not new and radical btw.

@Bam85 Agreed. "Seems" being the operative word.

@Bam85 []


I am only against the electoral college, because some person can render my legal vote utterly worthless. How about we address the number of dead people who voted for Hillary? That would be a topic.

How bout we address why the votes of 3 million people do not count?

The nation began this discussion again after the "hanging chad" GWB election in 2000, then 9-11-01.

Heh. Hanging Chad. Forgot about that one. Three tools, sitting at a table, and staring at holes in a CarD. They would have burned down that precinct if Al Gore won.


Yes. All other political offices are determined by the majority vote. We take the majority vote and then discard it. No. That is not fair or right. Majority rules in all cases.

PEGUS Level 5 Jan 9, 2018

Yes, it should be. Its inclusion in the Constitution came at a time when the states were more important than the citizens. At least for me, that time has passed. Within recent memory, we have had two presidents elected by the Electoral College who lost the popular vote. The ballot of an individual voter in California or New York should have as much weight as the ballot of a voter in Wyoming.


Yes, it's time.

Nena Level 6 Jan 9, 2018

Question: Are we talking about just popular election of the president, or scrapping the whole skewed congressional representation thing? Folks in the High Plains get about three to five times as much democracy as I get, while my state does most of the paying for stuff.

As the process by which a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of citizens. Given that the EC was instituted to provide representation to slave states, and the possibility that another Constitutional Convention could occur, the GOP currently controlling 32 states and need 34 states to agree to a constitutional convention. What would be an equitable amendment?

@QuelRouquin Sorry, I'm missing something in your reply. Are you asking what would be a good amendment for a GOP-called ConCon?

@andygee Affirmative.


Absolutely. It was meant to give more weight to voters in low population areas so that every election isn't dictated by New York and California. But it has been shown over the past decade that the EC is antiquated and doesn't reflect the will of the people. But I also believe that the Dems need to lose the Super Delegate. It's a tool that makes sure the nominee is the person the Democratic Party wants. Neither of these reflect the choice of the people.


Yes, it needs to go, but I doubt it will be done with an amendment. There is a way to fix things. States can require that their electoral collage votes go to the candidate that wins the overall popular vote. I think there are 10states that already do this. To win the electoral college you need 270 votes, the states that already do this represent 165 votes, which is a good start.

CS60 Level 7 Jan 9, 2018

Geese the choir is writing its own music now, that will go over like a rainbow over an eclipse.

Rainbow over an


I think so. The intent seems to have been good, protecting the people against a populist maniac, but it doesn't appear the EC is doing its job. So, be gone and good riddance.



Hell yes!!!

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 9, 2018

Yes-Yes and Yes

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