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Thoughts on kids? Have them? Want them? No!

I'm wondering if non-believers are less inclined to want children. So, where do you fall on the child wanting spectrum?

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silvereyes 8 Jan 9

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Girl 45 teacher, girl 43 restaurant manager , boy 40 mechanic. It's hard to believe they are this old and on their own.


I have 2 kids, 1 official foster kid, about 5 unofficial ones and about another 17-18 kids I have at least partly raised. No more please.


I was not ever going to have any, but husband changed his mind ten years later. THEN he died from cancer, leaving me to raise them. They are the very best part of my entire life. They have been fascinating people in a thousand different ways and hold a huge part of my heart.

Zster Level 8 Jan 10, 2018

I have a son. He makes me admit that while I like to think my brain has evolved enough to recognize my genes make me do things in service to them when I want to do things in service to all humanity and the world, I can't override them on this. I would do anything for this new vehicle in which half of them now ride. It pisses me off a little. He's one of over seven billion but I'd favor him over anyone, even someone who could cure cancer or end hunger or bring about world peace.


I think in this day and age your just creating pain for your child having one. the human race needs cutting down.

An anti-natalist, I see. There are certainly valid points to be made there.

Yes thank you! I totally agree

@IntellectualRN i too am a anti natalist. My feeling is this, look at the state of the world and where the world is and this is what you're contributing too.

exactly and we cull animals when we spread into there lands.


One son..and unless I won the lotto or became wealthy I would never have another...maybe adopt foster kids though

I'm up for adoption.... just sayin'...


I would consider adopting or fostering, but I don't really feel the need. I'm certain I don't want to reproduce, however.


I had to go through tons of red tape to get mine. The kids mom is schizophrenic and refused to put me on the birth certificates because I would not accept her religion or believe in the modern demigod or the supreme deity. She would not tell the hospital or authorities .that I was the father. Resulted to my kids going to foster care for 3 months until I could rescue them. Got social services on my side when I told them that I wanted the kids. The attorney on both sides were on my side the all thought it was honorable that a man would take responsibility for the children. So here I am almost 7 years later with 2 great kids. Best thing I have ever done.


I have one. She's a young adult now. I loved being a mama, but I'm glad I only had one, and that I no longer have that time-energy-money consuming responsibility.

I agree, it's a big time-energy-money-consuming responsibility, Victoria, and it's a shame so many people don't think that far. They think having a baby is a (quiet) bundle they could keep in a basket if need be, and they have no concept of what's involved.

A friend once commented that when she wanted a dog from a shelter she had to spend time with the dog, submit financial paperwork, and have her home inspected. Hmmm.


Hate them. I find the entire process of having a complete stranger slopping around in my guts for nine months then tearing out of one of the most sensitive areas of my body completely repulsive. I know that's not normal ,but it's just how I feel. I've watched Friends raise kids, that's all I needed to see. Kids just keep becoming bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger pains in the asses as they grow up. There are other ways of contributing to the world Beyond flesh and blood.

Lol this is harsh, but I’ve always seen pregnancy as somewhat a parasite living inside you.

@EmeraldJewel like an Alien waiting to burst out !

@evergreen Lol! Not too far from the truth when you think about it. Can't remember what female comedian said this ,but she said that it was like pushing a Thanksgiving turkey out your nostril. Lol!

@Kojaksmom that statement leaves quite a nasty visual ! ha


I have a 3 year old daughter 🙂


I can't have kids (I'm gay ) so adoption it is


I always wanted kids and always imagined I'd have two daughters. My wife, however, never wanted any; and the time has probably passed.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 10, 2018

2 girls, 1 boy, all adults and in good health and stability. Great Job Mom!!!!


I am the father of a pehnomenal daughter who shares my love of all creatures. She is a Veterinarian and a member here.


One 29 year old daughter who is a preschool teacher and still lives at home .Very good daughter ,never had an ounce of trouble with her ,and am very fortunate.Wife and myself never wished to have more than one child and never regretted it .Most people have more children than they can afford


Did not plan on them, glad I do have mine...but is not for everyone...


I mean I was never one of those women who was in awe when seeing a baby, but I could handle them, I guess, even though I never really saw myself as a mother while I have friends, whose biggest dreams was to be a mother and can’t have them. Life is so weird and backwards. I guess I can say sometime the Universe has other plans for people.


None currently, and no desire to ever have any.


Always wanted kids but never had any.

skado Level 9 Jan 10, 2018

Royal pain at times. Disasters occasionally. High maintenance costs. Psychological stress. Pride. Shame. Tears. Laughter. Warmth. Occasional loss. Occasional gain. No regrets. Love them all. All four.


I like the idea of having kids but I am in no way in a position to support them at this moment in my life. Also I look at how frightening the world is these days and wonder if bringing a child into this world would be fair on the child.

That being said, if I had a kid and it was a boy I would call him Seth. Still working on a name for a girl.


Kids are a mixed bag. they raise your standards but they can be frustrating. they are definitely expensive but I guess so was I .


Was thinking about this earlier today. In a way having kids is really one of the few ways that you can have a lasting impact on the world. I know I am not exactly ready for kids but someday want at least 2.


I don't have any, but want at least one. @Admin, is there a way we can see the poll results by gender?

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