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Any one found love here?

So I wonder, who is going to be the first couple to get engaged from! Anyone dating that met here, yet or anyone getting hitched that met here? Curious. Has love been found on this site? I mean, it is supposedly a dating site. Do you think you Could meet your soulmate at a site like this one?

Sadoi 7 Jan 11

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I don't know if anyone has found love... but so far I have found a crush πŸ˜‰

Sacha Level 7 Jan 11, 2018

As have I. It is tiny, could be fleeting, could be something I ate for dinner last night! hah! Either way, I am becoming... more and more interested in one person in particular, well, two actually, but one more than the other. At this point, im just observing like a scientist to see if this is Legit or is it... all smoke and mirrors! πŸ˜‰ Good luck with your crush! I doubt my crush(es) even feel like wise for me and i Sure The HELL am not going to ask. I am Far Too Shy for those things!! So, until I hear further word from either individual, me lips are sealed! πŸ˜‰

@Sadoi Wow wow the plot thickens! πŸ˜‰ Im too shy as well, though anything could happen, don't keep your lips sealed for too long, I hope they will be liplocked soon enough. Anyone would be mad no to crush back on you.

@Sacha aww Sacha! You are too kind! πŸ™‚blush You are shy, too? Ooh so you understand the nature of the silent crush?! I think ladies like you and I could easily be misconstrued for those "chick friends" that others assume aren't interested. Do you just... keep it to yourself until you see further signs that, perhaps, the feelings are mutual or do you eventually get the gumption to bring it up yourself? see, ive never admitted a crush development to Anyone, Ever! I shutter to think! Just the idea gives me shivers of awkwardness. Oh i just couldn't do it! I just couldnt! lol I fear I would black out before the words could even escape my lips!

@Sacha im THAT Kind of "shy!" extreeeme! But Only in the area of romance. Otherwise, i am outgoing and a social butterfly. πŸ˜‰

@Sadoi You must let your crush know that you like them because you are way too beautiful inside and out . You know what, that crush probably has the exact same thing going on in their head as you do, so you got to step up and tell them. Tell them you think they are beautiful/handsome and you would love to meet them one day for a drinkies/meal, see what they say πŸ™‚

@Sacha oh god! just reading your message, i began to squirm and blush! see, think of a 12 year old school girl. Thats ME when i have a crush! I could Never! plus, its too soon. he will think im Nuuuts! haha i would black out at the keyboard! i am... teeerribly shy when it comes to things of this nature. I mean, im an Extreme case. I mean blackout, literally. haha! not metaphorically speaking! haha

@Sacha aww but what you said was soo sweet, too. You are too kind. blush

@Sadoi Write him a secret admirer love note and get one of your friends to pass it to him after class πŸ˜‰ hehehe

@Sacha Omg you are hilarious! I cracked up laughing like a hyena when I read that! Better yet, I can pass him a note that reads as such: "Would you like to be my boyfriend? Circle Yes or No" Better not drop that note, else the teacher finds it and reads it publically to the ENTIRE CLASS! ooh talk about humiliation as a deterrent! hahaha! Instead, I'd just be that idiot stalking him around campus like i think Im in some episode of "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego!" haha

@Sadoi If you are very very lucky he may even invite you to the prom πŸ˜‰ haha

@Sacha ooh them I can wear my fanciest dress and maybe Mom will let me wear my Red Lipstick too!! Bwaahaha! If I ever find myself in New Zealand, I Must look you up Sacha! I think you would be a fun person to meet!! But, the question is, will you take me to prom??! Lol

@Sadoi Damn straight I will, I will get us a limo and everything lol

@Sacha ooh don't tempt me! I have HONESTLY Always wanted to go to New Zealand! Im a huge cyclist, hiking, camping enthusiast and I have DREAMED of cycling around NZ! I've always wanted to go to Tasmania too. One of my best friends resides on Bondi Beach in Australia and he always tells me if I visit him, he will take me to NZ so I have Almost gone to Aussie just to see NZ! haha!! I have another good friend in Tasmania too. In the 90s I Almost married an Aussie. He wanted to send to the Univ of Sydney, but i ended up chickening out and decided I didn't want to marry him and leave to Australia. I was too young and I knew it. πŸ˜‰ BUT, back to the actual topic at hand... I thought about going down under around Christmas of this coming year, 2018. I could hit NZ up first... πŸ™‚πŸ™‚


I have met some cool people thus far... having just joined it is too soon to tell but the possibility is here I think.

You are pretty cool

@Babyseal, I think you are pretty cool too πŸ™‚

I agree! I just said, essentially, the same thing in the above response. I Am already slightly... interested in a couple of individuals here, one more than the other, but only time will tell! Either way, I am willing to open up the possibilities and worst case scenario, I make some Really awesome friends. Either way, I win! πŸ™‚


If I lived closer...


I jest, but if I were single, this would be my first place to look. I see beautiful minds here.

Agreed! Same for me! This is like a Sapiosexuals coolest fantasy!! haha


What are you doing Saturday night? πŸ˜€
I am in Sydney, and very single lol, ready to mingle.

I try to do activities to get out and about, like indoor climbing is great. I meet people that way.
I think is a great social site and has potential in the future as a great dating site, being able to see before you buy, if you know what I mean. If you read peoples posts and comments, you will see who they are and it's a door to their soul (for want of a better word)

Staying in to shampoo my hair... then my cats hair... then my hamsters hair... then my neighbors dogs hair... hahaha! Absolutely true! And in that, I have snooped the sites of those I find I am slightly interested in. So far, it has been an interesting journey through internetland. πŸ˜‰

@Sadoi I'll be polishing fridge magnets πŸ™‚. Unless I can scrounge up a tinder date or something 😐. The other option is go see a film somewhere nice. I often see other single people sitting there by themselves too.

@ripcurldane Next time you go to the movies, just sit down next to th ehottest singles in there! hahaha! Polishing fridge magnets?! Hmmm... me thinks you need another hobby, perh chance? lol

@Sadoi I have considered the sitting next to a single trick. I could sidle up and gently enquire or get a sense, and then see where the intuition takes me..

@ripcurldane DO IT!! Then report back to me with the findings!!! hahaha!


Imagine your early teens, your first dance and for many is the first dance, music start playing and everybody is waiting on somebody else to ask someone to dance. It is like this ladies and gentlemen and suddenly the first crush happens as somebody already mentioned. The potential is there, there will be a lot of valid excuses like distance, availability and age difference. But little by little while the music plays more of us will join the dance. And certain walls will come crumbling. I am a virgin in this but after everything else I had done I got nothing to fear. Many of us are losing friends faster than can make new ones. Friendships will keep me coming back. And by the end of the year we may not want the dance to stop. There is a novel and movie.. "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter". Many of us may be used to hunt in packs. All I know is that we are going to dance before the dance is over. I hear music playing. Good Luck Everybody.

excellent scenario my friend! I think, at this moment, I Am a Wall Flower. πŸ˜‰ And i Like it like that! Besides, the wall NEEDS me! I am the only thing keeping it up so please don't drag me to the floor, else the whole room is going to collapse! That would be my excuse to Not Join in on the dance! haha


Here's a post from a while ago:


Enzo and Ember

@Sacha hip, hip, hurrah for Enzo and Ember. They dancing.



Distance seems to be a common theme when it comes to "matches" on here. The community might be too niche at this point to have the saturation needed to service the globe. It's an interesting experiment regardless.

I rather like it small, the community. I prefer it like this so maybe there are trade-offs in this process. I don't really consider distance any type of issue, to me, though. I like to travel anyway and do it often throughout the year. So i find it more like an Adventure, if anything. πŸ˜‰


I would be the least likely to answer that. Love found me. Somehow the universe made it happen. A woman pursued me. She plied me when I bummed cigarettes from her on breaks. She made me Swiss steak for dinner. We took a walk. I held her hand. And I am still here.

Niiice! Now THESE are the stories i LIKE to hear! Good for you!!! And congratulations!!


I had never been part of an online dating site. This I joined just to meet like minded people. FB has become a crowd. I am not a crowd loving person πŸ™‚

I am with you on that! This site is already fast becoming my preferred method of chat! haha


There's someone I'm interested in, but it's new. I need real time communication to get a feel for voice, mannerisms, presence so that we can decide if we want to continue. When it's long distance, every little bit helps.

It makes sense. There are many interesting people at this site. So many choices! haha


I've made some good friends here since November. May be talking about getting together with someone. I'm willing to relocate. When you have no geographic boundaries I think it makes it easier.

I would consider those things myself, too, but it would depend upon many a variable.


Hard when you live 80 miles out in the country 5000 feet up to just make a date for coffee is an hour and a half depending where I would travel. Have been alone for at least 4 years so to get back in the saddle is tough. Not to mention I am a full time dad and that seems to be a hindrance as well. Would never sacrifice my kids either, I put way too much time thought and energy into them as it is. As they say in gambling I keep rolling the dice eventually mt odds will change in my favor.

5000 feet up? Are you hanging with Luke Skywalker at the Jedi temple?

@Sadoi In my fortress instructing young jedi.

@azzow2 hahaha! i love it! hey, can you send me one of those, cute, fat little birds aaand... one of those lizard looking ladies so I can hire her on as my housekeeper??!

@Sadoi Not sure of the reptile they all seem to be hiding.

@azzow2 dang! snaps fingers And to think, i need a housekeeper too! lol


No, but I’d like to think so. However, there’s no one even remotely close by. Sigh

I don't even notice where people are located, but when I do, I think, "ooh... i wonder what that city/town/country looks like..." I am more curious about things, hence, IF i did find anyone of interest, I would be willing to travel in order to test things out and see if there truly is a point to going further.

I’d feel inclined to do the same.

@Gatovicolo glad to read you are on the upswing to try!


Here as this site? This country? This planet?

Si Senor Tom. Here. This site. This place. The here and the now of the internet. hahah

I haven’t been found here on this site yet. I’m new.

@Tom08030 oh it only takes a couple of weeks then: BOOM! Hundreds of alerts every 3 hours! Ive been working on trying to get that number down ALL day and more keep appearing. Currently im still at 74 and that is AFTER i responded to nearly 50 alerts. Be careful what you wish for! haha


If I had a private jet and was wealthy for all the long distance relationships. I might try a few. A few of the Religious dates only end up in hell.

I wouldnt say no to love be it local or on the other side of the globe. For me, the ability to fall in love with someone is already so RARE an occurance that IF i did find a person I Thought i Could love, I would go anywhere, do anything to nurture it. But, there are a lot of "if's" in this scenario. First task is the most difficult: Finding someone I am actually attracted to. lol!

It is getting to the attracted part that is most time consuming.
In Toronto, I blind coffee dated as much as 4 times in a week. Online many of these women seem real fine. Then when you do the 5 senses check, then all the lying test, age, weight and 35percent are still married. After getting through the lying game, once almost had a transvestite turn into the crying game. It's costly investing even in a dinner for a blind date. Imagine investing in a trip 1000s of miles away to find out the 5 senses are telling you, this blind date does not make good sense.

Some odd faith dreams do come true. Good thing I am not a hopeless romantic.

@Castlepaloma I laughed out loud when I read the "Crying Game" portion! Oh man... see, it is stories like these that bring sheer and utter terror to me and Why i prefer to Not Date. haha!

The he/she, we had alot of artistic things in common. After long conversations on line, we almost set up a date. I figured it out before the dinner date, it was a guy. When I cancelled the date and said I am into natural born women. He/she bitched and nagged at me like she was on steroids.


Yeah, she just doesn't know it yet... πŸ˜‰

Ooh ALREADY, sir?! You Already have your eye on someone? Hmm, well, I must admit, I also have my eye on two someones. haha! Soo I'm certainly not above the game! lol Perhaps we will get lucky and our romantic interest end up feeling likewise! But, like I said in my above posts, I won't hold my breath! haha! If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't, but at least I will have some extra cool friends to chat with! Its a win-win situation either way! I don't really need romance. I am perfectly happy alone, too. It is nice to share your life with another person, but if I never have another relationship again, in this lifetime, I would be just as fine. I can marry my career instead! haha I have No expectations and I believe that is the best approach to have. πŸ˜‰

@Sadoi Lol, no, not really! I'm messing. Glad to here you've got a couple on the go! Good going!

@Zoidburg well it's mainly one person, but the other is a close second. ????


Not yet, but sure. Why not? I WFH and pretty much all of the women I date (IRL), I meet online. Even when I didn't WFH, this was true.

I haven't done the on line thing myself. How has it been for you?

@Sadoi I'm single...

I had a 5 year relationship, a few 1 or 2 year relationships, and I found my best friend. All people I met on or

The dating process sucks. Many first dates, very few second dates, even fewer month or two then this isn't working for us, and 5 relationships. I met a few people IRL too, but nothing stuck.

However, I remain hopeful and will keep trying. πŸ™‚

@shockwaverider I typically date men I have met in person. I am new to this... internet thing. Its kind of daunting. ooh


Early days and you live so far away. I`m not quite ready to go to hell yet Sadoi lol

hahahaha! Most Excellent of answers my good, gent friend!! What ya got against hell, sir??

@Sadoi Nothing too much, some great people there I`m told and they do fuck-in-hell. Just miles to go before I sleep.

@Sadoi Sorry just googled it. Did not realize it was a place. A gay friend of mine just got a new GF from Dykehead lol

@273kelvin ooh dykehead?! ...hmm is he sure she's a lady? haha! where is gayass? I want to get a boyfriend from Gayass!!

@273kelvin miles to go before you sleep? ... hey! Are you watching Deathproof, sir?! lol Miles to go before you sleep, right Butterfly? If you haven't seen Deathproof, you will undoubtedly have noo idea what i speak of! hah

@Sadoi I don`t know but there is a Cockermouth

@Sadoi miles to go before you sleep? .Us poet Robert Frost

@273kelvin LMAOOO!! Cockermouth?!! oh im dying over here! I knew since you were in the UK that there HAD to be some claaassic names!! bwaahahaha!

@273kelvin it is also quoted in Deathproof! When you quoted Frost, first thing that came to my mind was Deathproof because of the diabolical reasoning for the quote in the movie. Great flick, by the way, if you don't mind some blood and gore a bit.


I'm pretty new here, so I haven't really dug into the romance piece of the pie as of yet. It didn't occur to me people were actually using it for that purpose until just's just say I'm looking around. It's pretty hard to know what's real online.

I couldnt agree with you more! Hence, by all means, look around, but shop carefully and make sure each package contains what is Claimed on the box front! πŸ˜‰ Best advice i can share with you.


I think if two freethinkers met on here and fell in love, it would be a beautiful thing. I’m sure they would be happy together.

balou Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

I agree! I came here simply to find some like minded friends as Romance is never a thing I think about... Ever... haha! I am a singleton and almost always pleased to be single. But, IF i did meet someone around here, then met them in person... and it worked out... Sure, why not? I am not looking, but if I happen to stumble upon someone of interest, I would say it is Kismet. I am not interested in anyone in my region, hence, I am now on line looking for people I can merely speak with and have decent convo and discourse over the state of the human condition. Oddly, I have met some people here, already, that have just... left me dumbfounded at how much we share in common, how similarly we are as people. I never thought much about internet romance. As a matter of fact, often I scoffed at it, but... I cannot deny some of the strange occurances going on around here between myself and a couple of others. Its making me... semi... dizzy because it isn't something I am used to, personally. I shun romance. My friends refer to me as the Vulcan/Librarian/Nun because of how much I avoid anything romantic. I run from love. LOL! I toss on my track shoes and i BOLT for the road if I start to develop feelings for anyone. Life can be easier alone, you see, but... I must admit, sometimes I yearn for companionship. I also know I am far too picky and its like a job trying to find anyone compatible so I refuse to do anything instead. But, around here... some strange things are happening and i cannot fight what I am seeing and it has been an organic process thus far. For now, I am just sitting back and watching the wheels (like john lennon). Only time will tell, but there are so many options here... its like a smorgasborg! haha! It sure can cloud a girls mind like myself... unemotional, all cerebral, but what the hell is going on here when I start to feel budding interest? It scares me! haha Mabye I will run again, instead. πŸ˜‰


I clicked on the ad from Facebook because it said it was a dating site. What enticed me about the ad was wondering why Facebook gave me the ad. Facebook normally pushes me to date Mormons, even though there is one and only one Mormon on the planet I would seriously consider. It took me a few minutes to realize it was so much more. I enjoy the intellectual conversations that erupt as it reminds me of this club I fell into at college called The Science Fiction Forum. We had a lounge and a library and attracted some of the smartest people I’ve ever met and we’d read and watch old school sci-fi and talk about science and math and everything else. So although I’d love to find love here, I really don’t know how I feel about this hybrid of amazing community and dating. It brings me back to my school days, where one bad relationship could contaminate your other social pools. It’ll probably be a while before I seriously consider crossing that bridge… unless someone really, really stood out…

And I personally think we have many soul mates and not all of them are meant for romance. From my perspective, a soulmate is just someone with whom you have an inherent connection that feels natural and familiar to the point that it seems unnatural if you think about it.

Yes!! I agree with Everything your said, especially the soul mate portion! Do you think it is possible to meet a soul mate on the internet, though?

@Sadoi Meet? Certainly. Know for sure? No. I put alot of myself into my posts and comments, but it's still a curated image of myself. I have fallen for someone through the internet before though. We talked online through AOL for a couple of years in middle school and high school. I mean 6 hour text based conversations over dialup modems after our parents had gone to bed, but I never even met her as she lived 2 states away. You can get to know someone pretty well if you share enough, but I still think you need to meet to confirm it.


I reckon there's a better chance of it happening here than on any other site. There's one member I've taken a bit of a shine to, but early days yet. πŸ™‚

Jnei Level 8 Jan 11, 2018

Bingo! Same for me. Early. But uncanny. I just... i hate romantic feelings or feelings of romance. I prefer to Not have interest in Anyone and usually im GREAT at accomplishing that! haha! I just hate distractions because I am so driven in my day to day life and I feel like romance clouds my thoughts. So instead, I choose to be alone. However, starting to feel the twitches of something... mild interst, its screwing my head up! haha! I dislike the way these feeling distract me and screw around my cerebral nature. But what can I do? Avoid it? lol ...hmm maybe... thinking


I don't know, but hopefully I will. ???? And as far as meeting your soul mate, you never know when or where that's going to happen, so it's entirely possible. That's also why I try to get to know almost every woman I talk to when I'm single. You just never know when that special someone is going to cross your path, or if they might be right in front of you.

You are toooo correctamundo on that one!! I agree! I believe we have more than one soul mate, but I'm always keeping my eye open, im just... slow on the uptake is all. πŸ˜‰ And i never know what is going on half the time when anything romantic begins to sprout. Im just oblivious, it would seem! haha

@Sadoi I'm pretty oblivious to that as well πŸ˜› And I agree on having more than one soul mate. At least I hope so because I've already found one and we both screwed that up a long time ago lol.

@Gunnsmith57 hahaha! yeah me too! let us cross our fingers that my theory is correct!!


The site is only a few months old and the membership is still pretty small, if you hope to find someone who is already living locally to you. Let the site grow some more,they will add new features and for now just enjoy what the site is so far.

Location isn't really an issue for me. I already Know the pond I currently swim in locally has Nothing for me because All the Fish Here Looove god. Hence, why I have finally taken it to the internet. Its either date someone my age who intends to drag me straight to jesus and to god OR date men much younger than myself because they seem to be the only ones open minded enough around here to date a woman like myself. Dating men that much younger can cause major issues! haha

@Sadoi Well, if location isn't an issue, you may consider moving to Portland Oregon, which has the lowest church attendance of any major city int he U.S., or at least has the most people who are willing to afmit they don't attend church. If you work in the Tech field there are also growign job opportunities in the general area. Of course with that job growth has come a sharp rise in housing costs.

@snytiger6 I would return to Calif if I were to head West. I'm not in tech at all. Lol. I consider myself a technotard. I am in the medical field.

@Sadoi Portland, is also on the leading edge of Medical research. OHSU (Oregon health and Science University) is a World leader in medical research. They cured my leukemia using drug only therapies (no rediation or marrow transplant). They also do gene therapies and stem cell research., besides beign on the leading edge of drug therapies.

@snytiger6 all astute points you have made.

Former Portlander, here. Born and raised, but now living in sunny Las Vegas. There is indeed religion in Portland, and lots of it - it just doesn't go by a name theologians would recognize. I'm an escapee of said religion. πŸ™‚ I still love my Portland roots but the culture has transformed into a grotesque caricature of itself.

@Shawno1972 I think virtually every place with a local colorful culture eventually turned into a caricature of what it once was.

I have yet to encounter persons who are rabidly religious, who want to convert (infect) others aggressively, in the Portland area. In Los Angeles that kind of thing would not be uncommon. So, by contrast, at lest for me, Portland is not very religious at all.


I think so. how do you like your eggs lol?

I like them over medium or scrambled (with the irksome ketchup on them when scrambled, unless the eggs have cheese or other ingredients mixed in)

maybe an omelette then? lol x

@LeighShelton omlettes work. albeit, im deathly allergic to onions! and avocados.

bummer ham, cheese and mushrooms it is.I've never tried an avocado and don't want to. does that mean your allergic to garlic? if so I know your problem. you're a vampire and you're from hell. I won't be saying bight me to you anytime soon lol.

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