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What song would you want played for your funeral?

What song would you want played for your funeral?

Here's the one for me:

Always loved The Mamas and The Papas!

Haley Reinhardt has a really good cover of this song too!

HeyHiHullo 7 Jan 11

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Mild und Leise sung by Jessye Norman.


Another one bites the dust- Queen ( got to keep my funeral happy and lighthearted ) I need my people to laugh

Sacha Level 7 Jan 11, 2018

Freddie Mercury's voice is phenomenal! He was epic

@EllenDale This is very true, people would think though as I love Michael Jackson I would have a Michael Jackson song at my funeral. So maybe I will have 2 songs 🙂


"Hit the Road, Jack"

Nice find


I had this played at my father's, I want it at mine aswell.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 11, 2018

We didn't have a funeral for my dad, but this:

is my personal funeral song for him.

Take it to the Limit One More Time-Eagles


From the sound track of Highlander. Queen: "Do you want to live forever?"


I will write my own song. Something danceable and very ungodly. But I will like only the "real salsa dancers" to dance it the first time played. After that... what do i care? I am dead.


This is controversial at least among my friends (both theists and atheists) but it's my honest answer: Anarchy In The UK by The Sex Pistols.

The first line starts with 'I am an anti-Christ'. My Catholic family would have a problem with that in a Catholic church (They would have it there and there's not a lot I can do about it).

The real reason for this choice is I've always been a lover of punk rock and I just love the song. I have told people: I won't know if you have this played but YOU WILL!

Good choice. I might have "Reality Asylum" by Crass. In which case, my funeral would have to be in a church, just because it'd be so much fun to have that song played in one.

Or the folk song version....

@RPardoe It lacks the punch of the orIginal but I LOVE IT! What a find!


Oh, and this one, I actually had the pleasure of meeting Tom McGuinnessa few years ago (a gentleman), and told him I was having it played at my funeral.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 11, 2018

The angel and heaven references notwithstanding, I'd definitely go with John Prine's "Please Don't Bury Me." And it would be at a memorial celebration or wake--if any of my drinking buddies manage to outlast me.

Love John Prine.


I don't care about the song, I just want Morgan Freeman to read the eulogy.

No funeral, my plan is to be's working so far.

I want Samuel L Jackson


This would be mine ?

PeteB Level 3 Sep 3, 2018

Debussy - Clair de Lune

Very nice choice.

I love Clair de Lune.


Having never been particularly conventional, this....


Listen to this: (it's short)


Never in any way thought of myself as a princess - but I've always loved this piece ;

"Pavane for a Dead Princess" , by Ravel. for the teary part.

For the cheery part - "The Time Warp" from Rocky Horror Picture Show - with everyone dancing !

@HeyHiHullo Thanks for this !!

@evergreen you are very welcome!


As people go in "the ying tong song" by the goons" as the box goes in the flames "smoke gets in your eyes"

A cardboard coffin because "you can't get the wood you know"

@Dav87 Ha ha love it. A goons fan at such a young age 🙂

I was raised on them, I'm always quoting them, good to meet another fan! "they're firing their guns at us, they must have run out of bullets!" I've got their recordings on vinyl, I inherited them from my father.

@Dav87 This is my plan of attack, It looks like a nail. No it`s a tack


I don't really want a song played at my funeral, but if I had to pick:

  1. Summer, Highland Falls by Billy Joel

  2. Hard Times by Ray Charles

  3. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd


Viviendo...Marc Anthony...

@CMilena have you heard the song?

@CMilena soy de Brasil...and splangish is more common than the gringos know..and yes great seeing Latins here, since catholicism is huge in our country...

@HeyHiHullo ....solo habia que vivir..sin medos


Highway to hell

Ells Level 3 Nov 15, 2018

Its a toss up between wish you were here by pink Floyd or can I play with madness by iron maiden

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