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How comfortable are you with the idea of same gender sex?

This poll is just for my curiosity. One of the choices below should work for you. If not, feel free to comment.
This poll is not asking if you, yourself, would be comfortable having sex with the same gender. It asks if the very idea of it make you comfortable or uncomfortable.
Please read the options carefully. I tried to account for all possible comfort options.

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MrLizard 8 Jan 13

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What other people do in their private lives is none of my concern. As long as everyone is of legal age, capable of giving informed consent, and no one is being harmed (unless that's what they've requested), knock yourselves out.


One of my gay friends, in a moment of exasperation, yelled at his parents, "How often do you think about your other kids having sex?!?!"... and that pretty much sums up everything


I don't care as long as it's not in public ( im referring to sex for any couple, not PDA). My camera doesn't have zoom, and the lighting is usually bad.

Yessss!!!! Lol


Geesh. I was getting a bit worried that you hadn't included the last option. Lol


Having started an LGBTQ Introduction service 20 years ago I am comfortable with same sex couples.


I have no issue with sexual relationships between consenting adults and I am comfortable with whatever choice suits the individuals concerned.

I also find it a sad indictment of society that this is actually an issue and I hope that as marriage becomes accessible to all in more places around the world that it will continue to become less of an issue.

My dream is that one day, people will feel comfortable in their own skin and be judged on who they are not how they look and who they choose as their partner.


I don't care at all who is attracted to who, not my business or concern. People who make a stink over such matters are insecure and naive.


When I was young, the first time I saw two men who were clearly in love kiss each other, it made me smile. We should all be so lucky in life.

My parents never talked about homosexuality, so I didn't know their stance but like everything else I assumed they were pretty middle-of-the-road, they lean conservative but not because of religion... anyway, last year I was waiting in a movie theater for a film to start with my 75-year old father, and he was talking about how a group of veterans wanted to fly a gay pride flag in the Boston St. Patrick's Day parade but they were being turned down. I was getting a little hot under the collar, because he's VERY loud and I really wasn't sure where he was going with the story... finally he said, "They fought for our damn country! Let them do whatever the hell they want!" Man, was I relieved. 😉


I don't care what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms, it is none of my business.


Normally I'd say I'm VERY comfortable with it, but as it's been so long since I've "practiced," I'd be really stressed out.



It's none of my business unless a crime is committed where abuse, force, or a child is involved.

Betty Level 7 Jan 13, 2018

I love the idea of love. If two people wish to express their honest and loving (or lusting, as the case may be) feelings for each other, then DO IT! It is a simple concept--we all seek to be happy, and if we are truly taking the time to pursue our own happiness, then what other people pursue to be happy becomes a complete non-issue.


I'm so pleased with all these comments - another reason it's nice to get a break from the religious!

I agree with @IntellectualRN. I’ve always been surrounded by gay friends, and two of my sibs (out of five of us) are gay. Raising my daughter gave me the chance to try out nature/nurture. My goal was to raise her with acceptance as long as I could so that, when confronted with prejudice, it would be abrasive to her. When she was in preschool (4-ish?), I put a newspaper article about my brother’s partner, Terry (an actor), on the fridge. In the clip was a photo of Terry and his male costar. They’re lying down and all you see is their heads close together, one up and one down. My daughter gazed at it for a minute, and then said to me, “Uncle Chris ISN'T going to like THAT!”

Needless to say, we were so proud! So I never had to explain couples or gender to my daughter … but I did explain acting. 😉

It’s my fervent hope, @MrLizard, that the time will soon come when polls such as this aren't interesting.

@MrLizard, yeah, I know it's a long wait. But even now we're moving forward. I was tickled to stand up for my brother at his wedding last February on what was their 25th anniversary together. Their son stood up for Terry.

I'm working on the political campaign of an amazing woman who's also a lesbian. She and her wife are raising two daughter's in our district. And this is all happening in Texas, of all places, so you know there must be hope out there! 😀


The thing is that I am uncomfortable with same gender sex, but I will respect it, if that makes sense. I have several gay/bisexual friends and it is cool.


Encouraging to see the vast majority in the 'comfortable' category. We should do more to educate the masses that marriage is not a religious ceremony but a civil status agreement. Their is no reason not to allow two people to create a marriage contract, regardless of gender .


What consenting adults do in private that isn't hurting anyone, is precisely no ones business but theirs.


There was no "I consider myself NONBINARY and am comfortable with the idea of same gender sex" so this is my write-in. Actually, though, I'm ACE, so it doesn't apply to me at all. I just thought there should be that contribution!



I find these poll results to be both refreshing, and not so surprising.

A progressive bunch we are !


The moment I give the slightest fuck about what someone else is doing is the moment I authorize them to give a fuck what I’m doing.


Everyone has the right to choose who they want to love.


I don't care who does what with whom as long as it's consensual.


I cannot tell anyone who to love 🙂 It is not my place.

@MrLizard That is my comfort level. I'm indifferent. It bothers me on no level who anyone chooses to love.


I find myself highly ticked off over questions like this! Who cares? Okay, the poster...but why? And why are you answering them?

AnneWimsey - why would it tick you off if you don't care? And why bother to make the comment? I for one am curious to see the poll results, it tells me more about a group of people with a particular commonality.

@RobCampbell labels, categoriztions, can and have been used for very wrong purposes. I have felt unconflictedly straight my entire 69 years...just met one hell of a person who happens to be female......

@AnneWimsey And now you're sharing personal information that you just basically said that nobody should care about -- and that polls like this "highly" ticked you off -- and that you didn't understand why people would answer them. Shall we assume you have calmed down and are only now sort of ticked off, but not so much that you can't join in? 😉

@BlueWave I splatter "personal info" around like others breathe....everything I ever did made me what I am & put me here. Use my experiences to show why I believe something, or make my meaning more plain (???!) Has Nothing to do with anything else, do not misunderstand because my notion of"personal info" is on the bazaar end of the Bell Curve.

@AnneWimsey Gotcha! I was more asking about why you were answering when you were so "highly ticked off" at the poll/question.

@BlueWave I also am trying to say that labeling myself, even after 69 years, could be a big mistake! Viva la change!

@RobCampbell maybe we should all become more sensitive about labeling nowadays?! I hte labels with passionate hatred!


Live your life the way that makes you happy


Love is love, can't have enough in this old world. As long as everyone is legal age and of fairly sound mind, has consented, and it is private I don't think it is anyone else's business.

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