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Well it happened. I just said "From your mouth to god's ears!" in conversation. Do I lose my 30 year standing as an atheist as a result?!

AmiSue 8 Jan 13

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I was going to think of some witty reply, but after reading the comments, I can't compete. You all are on a comedic roll.


No more than any of us who still yell out “oh my god” during sex! ????

Ok, first of all, when is the next time you are visiting Miami Beach and second of all, a threesome with god? Kinky!

Lucky you.
It's been so long for me, I can't even remember who's supposed to get tied up anymore...


You used lower case (god). You're good. 😉😀


Einstein was agnostic and he used the word god to explain the unexplained in a inane way.


When I was a kid, reared in a strict Catholic home, I recall my mother saying that atheists don't really exist because even someone who claims to be an atheist still says, "Oh, my God!" when something bad happens. Such a dumb argument. Even then I didn't think that was convincing.


Was it about Trump getting removed from office? Because if so, you automatically get a pass.



Some of us have huddled and decided to picket your home. One wanted to run you out of town on a rail after tarring and feathering. Be warned!


LOL I caught myself just before saying that yesterday!
I don't think anyone is going to make you turn in your un-god card.
It's just a figure of speech. But hey! Don't let it happen again. 😉


Just say twenty, "Hail Darwins" and drop a quarter in the box. I think you'll be ok


And no decoder ring for you!


Go directly to jail.
Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.
Roll doubles to get out.


We all say OMG, Holy Shit and jesus Christ almighty. Just to name a few.

Jesus 'Fucking' Christ comes to mind.


We're here for you. Lots of people relapse. Just don't let it control you. Remember what sobriety feels like and the accomplishment you felt when you threw out that first bible. Don't lose hope fellow recovering theist!


Don't lose any sleep over it ! 🙂


I exclaim “Oh for Christ’s sake!” every once in a while, but I’m still an agnostic, for Christ’s sake!


Yup.... you better show up at church Sunday or I'm telling Jesus


Context is everything do I'm going to say no 🙂


It's funny. Lol


Freudian slip... but freud was also a liar. We didn't heard you so... never happened. It is something you dreamed.


LOL habit. Don't beat yourself up.


Not to worry, he's deaf.


So the other day I said " good lord" in frustration at something, and a total stranger gave me the stink eye and said "yes, he is". What a load of BS. JEEZ !


say a few hail marys and you will be forgiven

Wrong! Say Hail Science three times and be forgiven for your sin.

@noworry28 and someone below recommended hailatheists


You shall be condemned to Atheist hell. You will listen to hymns, be forced to recite bible passages and pray fervently until you sweat blood. On the other hand, you can send me five dollars and I will intervene on your behalf and see if I can get you upgraded to Atheist purgatory.


Nah, I've used that phrase more than once. I think of it as irony.


I hope not! That would mean I would have lost my atheist stance by now. I slip up every now and then out of habit.

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