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Do you think Korea is that crazy?

Article: Diana Ross Scared to Death During Hawaiian Missile Warning
Diana Ross Scared to Death During Hawaiian Missile Warning


BucketlistBob 8 Jan 14

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Kim Jong Un is as mad as a March hare. Everybody else there is scared shitless.

There's a lot of propoganda in play especially in the western media but does he have a full blown nuclear weapon, I doubt it, he/they may have developed a dirty bomb but that's about it, although that would be messy enough. The other issue is whether they can target accurately, they may have a missle that can go umpteen thousand miles but I'm not convinced they know or can control where it would land.

I think he's more maniac than misunderstood but I don't lose any sleep over him.


Hmmmm I hate to think of the pain that will be felt from a stupid move.


I think they are acting very rationally in pursuit of their perceived interests. They have succeeded in getting this far despite being isolated and sanctioned. Where do they go from here?


No, I don't but I think there is an instigator.


I do think that Kim Jong Hairfail is a nut job. I only believe part of what I read in the press and from any government around the world. Yes, I think your current president is a few roos short in the top paddock as well, but don't worry, whatever he decides our guys will follow 110%. On international affairs, Australian politicians are incapable of having a thought of their own, they follow Mummy Brittain or Uncle Sam.


Not by comparison, anymore.....



I don't believe a word coming from the mouths of these lunatics from the us government. It's bullshit that there's actually discussion about how to "defend" against nukes. In the 50's in grade school we would have duck and cover drills, like that was going to accomplish something. I think resistance to everything coming out of DC is the only way out of this mess. Of course the democrats are trying to take advantage of it all and lead people down their dead end road of, "vOTE fOR ME AND I'LL SET YOU FREE". A good book to check out might be: The Untold History Of The Korean War, by I.F.Stone.


A hypothesis I do not want to test


I think they're crazy like foxes.

It's our orange creature that is batshit nutso !


Diana Ross died?



I think the UNITED STATES, with DJT at the helm, is that crazy....


No, Korea 1 person in power holding on to his father's ideas. If he is not careful he is going to end up hiding in a cesspool like (So Dam Insane) was. Also those people have to give up food to support the army would imagine most of the North Korean people are ready to pounce at the chance to have a normal life.


I trust Korea before trump and his evil empire.


No, but I'm not the average person in the street. North Korea has been rattling sabers and pounding chests since the establishment of the DMZ at the 38th Parallel. Nothing new on that front. What is new is the rhetoric out of Washington and our Twitter wielding, toilet seat in the wee hours diplomacy destroying Idiot in Chief. The Trump fear mongering campaign began in earnest two years ago and has been ratcheting upward since.

The people in the street only know what they hear and if what they are hearing is coming from 'authoritative' sources, they tend to place credence on it automatically. There has been an upturn of WTSHTF types and an increase in the number of survivalists in this country beginning not long after this insult to the human endeavor took to the stage in his bid for the presidency. The bunker business is booming.

Could something genuinely nasty happen? You bet it could, but it would be a direct result of the antagonistic and caustic crap emanating from our own government. I am not surprised at the level of fear shown by our people. There is a sound reason for it. To varying degrees, other countries around the world are sharing our concern and they too have sound reason for it. I hope we can survive his first term. If we do, I'm confident there won't be a second and that the Republicans will either have to revise their approach to politics substantially, or they will find themselves out of work as well.

I believe if he makes it through his first term and is willing to run for a second, he stands a fair chance of winning.

@JeffMurray -- Possible, but not particularly likely when looking at the current status. If a few things change it may increases his statistical chances.

@evidentialist Obviously things could change to increase or decrease the likelihood, but his base is still, after all the insane shit, his base. Low 30s that will never leave him. That's not far off a good run at it. Add in the people that will vote for Hitler (or a child molester- one only lost by a point and a half) before a Democrat and you're getting pretty close. The only thing I could see that would really blow things up is if he had a Republican challenger who somehow got the nod from the GOP, but I really don't see that happening. Basically, if he makes it 4 years without being removed, the wait-and-see crowd will easily rejoin the ranks, and it'll be a classic incumbent vs challenger situation.

@JeffMurray -- We shall see.

@evidentialist Hopefully not. Hopefully he'll be gone before midterms.

@JeffMurray -- That would be nice on one hand and definitely suck on the other. We would then have president Pence.

@evidentialist I'll take 2 years of Pence over 2-6 years of Trump.


I've learned to pay attention because tornadoes and hurricanes and gas releases. I know the scare was a hoax but Ild still be nervous when I hear the sirens go off. Just me folks...


Not Korea as such, we mean North, when a guy as mad as Tim Tong Ting, a.k.a MAD AS A HATTER claims to have invented the burger and has nukes at his disposal, one day he's gonna confuse his ketchup with his red button


North Korea leadership... yeah...
The people... brainwashed (cept a few)

South Korea, nah, they're ok


meant to keep you paying ALL your taxes to the pentagon and the arms manufacturers


I think Korea AND Cheeto are both that crazy but I also think they may be too chicken shit to want to die right now.

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