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How do you deal with pain?

I have 2 surgeries on my back both my knees have had the meniscus repaired. Arthritis has set in. Arthritis has a wickedness to it that sometimes Jedi mind trick just does not work on the pain. I do not like narcotics or cannabis. I can get high on just plain being lucid my imagination is that strong. I sometimes use the capsaicin trick to release dopamine. Tens unit just makes my nerve buzz and hurt. Looking for other solutions and ideas.

azzow2 9 Aug 16

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You might try CBD oil. One of the ladies at work is trying it for her neuropathy and other nerve pain. I asked her today if it was helping and she said yes and no. It hasn't helped the neuropathy yet but it is helping her other never pain.

Yeah even vape shops here in TN are starting to offer CBD and now Kratom too.


Also suggesting CBD, and physical therapy. Increasing muscle strength stabilises and eases the strain on joints.

I know a guy that cured his scoliosis by doing large amounts of sit up. I have tried usually end up in agony for days. Pain doctor insist it is arthritis. My lumbar to my feet go numb but with severe tingling pain.

What other people do is not usually good for us.

@azzow2 he's an anomaly. Sit-ups are actually terrible for one's back. I have spinal arthritis and scoliosis as well, because of joint hypermobility, and was told the standard core exercises are counterproductive. I was given a list of ones that works much better.


Move it and keep your momentum with no pills. Suck it up and see the light. The Dr's have you on the Pill for Improvement Dosage. NG. Exercise is Medicine. Once you get started your will not look back.


Usually bottle it up and let it kill me slowly from the inside.

Self pickelization.

@azzow2 Without the odor.


I’m an open heart RN, pain meds are not an option. I’ve had several back surgeries and so many injections that I’ve lost count. I stay active and keep my core strong. Yoga, swimming, cycling and weight training are really important to keeping functional and maintaining flexibility.


I o not like pain killers and seldom take them. I just try to outlast the pain until its cause can be dealt with or outlasted.

Tough, I ride that wave a lot also.


Tylenol. Mostly.
I had some oxys after my procedure(s), but that was just for a few days.
I can't even get any weed. Don't know anyone here to ask.

All I get to do is suck it up, and tough it out.
Such is life.

The doctor offered me a cannabis Rx. I have to be lucid being a single responsible parent.

@azzow2 So you smoke after the kid goes to sleep, so you can.
Besides, if you're getting the strain that's for pain, you don't get loopy.

@KKGator true that . Amazing

@KKGator Not that fun being that horny by your self either lol. A side effect of THC for me anyway.

@azzow2 I guess you need to decide for yourself which is worse, being in pain, or masturbation. Your call.

@KKGator Funny lady, being horny and ejaculating is not necessarily the same thing.


Inflammation is the problem, good ideas from everyone but I would suggest in testing your ph balance, litmus strips. I use sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water.

I drink it in vinegar.


Something else I forgot to mention......Turmeric aka Curcumin. It has great anti inflammatory properties and again I have had really positive feedback. I also use it myself.

I knew about the cancer-fighting abilities of turmeric. I will have to research turmeric some more. Good idea.

@azzow2 They are currently studying it as a treatment for Alzheimers. It is believed to remove or stop the build up of plaque that causes the condition.


I drink this tea hot in the winter every day....and during the summer, I brew it with a cinnamon tea and then make the combination into Iced tea....


You might want to try CBD oil. I sell it at work and I have had really positive feedback from my customers on its efficacy. So sorry you have to go through that pain.

Tell me about that CBD oil please

@Bigwavedave CBD oil is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis family of plants. Hemp is a part of the cannabis family but is not to be confused with Marijuana, also a cannabis plant. It is used to treat various health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, pain and it may also help with cancer. Our bodies possess something called the Endocannabinoid System which manages our bodies homeostasis. Cannabinoids help the system to do that.


Turmeric root juiced with carrots and apples
Turmeric in curry
Turmeric supplements
Turmeric Tea

I also eat cherries and pineapple...a lot!
And I throw chia seeds and hemp seeds into my smoothies everyday.

I will look into that turmeric is an awesome herb. Do you grow your own turmeric?

@azzow2 not yet....but I'm planning on it! I get my Turmeric root at Whole Foods right now...but you can bet that it is on my list of things to add to my garden! 🙂

@SkotlandSkye [] [] Found all this you might already know these things,I learned something new for the day for me.

@azzow2 Yes! I just need to find a better source of "starter" turmeric...the stuff I planted didn't grow and rotted away. Clearly I need to read more and double check I have the correct soil, good starter roots, etc. I plan on trying again next spring. I want to grow them outside all summer before moving them into the greenhouse for winter.


Ice, baby, ice! Ice reduces inflammation and pain.

To heal, I rely on RICE: Rest, ice, compression and elevation. At first, I take Ibuprofen for two days.

I take gabapentin 900 mg 3 times a day. Ice makes the pain a tad worse as arthritis is for some reason aggravated by cold.

You might try alternating heat and ice, 10 minutes for each, ending with whichever feels best.


I tore up my left knee when I was young, while training a horse. I limped along for 30 years, till it was so bad that I was in misery. After all that time, I damaged my right knee so bad from depending on it. Since I am a midwife, I needed my knees. I had a total knee on my left knee, 8 years ago, then 2 years later had total knee on right knee. I also have arthritis in my right hip and fingers. I had carpal tunnel on both hands. I also have arthritis in my right shoulder. So, now, my knees are great, butI don't want to have more artificial parts, at least not now, so, I take fish oil, turmeric,and eat muffins, brownies, or zucchini bread, with weed in it. I also walk, and work around the farm. I am doing ok with this regimen. I'm still a little aches, especially in this hot, humid weather, but if I run out of turmeric, I really feel it. I'm not as spry as I was when I was young, but, I can still ride my horse. He has learned to stand and wait while I haul my fat ass on, and off, and my daughter gets a lot of laughs, but, as long as I can still do it, it makes my joints feel better and it's fun. I would never get weed from a dealer, but, if you have a prescription, you can get some that isn't dangerous, or, depending on where you live, grow your own. If you get edibles with CBD, you won't get high like if you smoke it. My son in law treated their dog with CBD, when he was on chemo for cancer, and did very well with it. Maybe Tai Chi also. A gentle excersize.

I forgot to add, I have salve made with weed, and that with some low heat on a painful joint helps also.


Depending on your type of arthritis--things like Enbrel work--you should talk to your rhuematologist. I have been on all the biologics--and Xeljanz would be my last hope. Currently on Taltz.
But check on Xeljanz because it treats different types of arthritis.

lerlo Level 8 Aug 16, 2018

I will look theses up and take the list to the doctor . Thank you.



lerlo Level 8 Aug 16, 2018

I have arthritis in my ribs. It's really tough pain. And I don't have a moment's problem when I take oral liquid hyaluronic acid. It's called Play Again Now. Go the website - they just lowered their price.


White willow bark is good for pain. Try doing some research on herbs used for pain.

I know about many herbs. I have not looked up white willow oh will research it.

@azzow2 willow bark is where aspirin is derived from. Personally I don’t think it’s going to touch the sides.
I know that foods can really aggravate arthritis especially sugar and other foods reduce inflammation. Diet could help manage the pain long term []

@Livia Thank you


I just live with it. Tylenol on rare occasions. Sorry.

I cowboy up too sometimes it really sucks though.

@azzow2 -- You bet it does, but it's that or get drugged up. I dislike being drugged up more than I hate hurting.


I use my Young Living essential oils.
I have a blend of Frankincense, Rosemary,
Copaiba and a couple others. I needed relief after a brain injury to my skull. I prefer natural alternatives.
I don't want anything toxic in my body.
Oils work for me.

Had read something recently about rosemary being used in cancer research.

Frankincense fights cancer as well.
That's from my own experience.


i have not found a way to deal with my usual fibromyalgia pain or diabetic neuropathy and i refuse to take anything for my arthritis most of the time. if the arthritis gets so bad that i can't put my hand down on the bed, and thus can't sleep, then i take 600mg of ibuprofen.



Wrap your joints, the pressure usually helps reduce inflammation.


No magic bullet as nothing works all the time. But I find using a combination of approaches works: being active, stretching, alternating pain meds (using each now and then) and taking a hot bath, which helps lose excess water and take pressure off joints.

If all else fails, try the G. Gordon Liddy Method - not minding that it hurts!

DES32 Level 4 Aug 17, 2018

Hanna Somatics and tai chai as well as horseback riding.But broken arm, split knee cap in half and neck surgury. I did not have quality of life because of nueropathy and arthritus and excercise and wishing it away did not eliminate the pain. I am on gabapentin which I take at night and other than that tylenol for arthritus, eat a healy diet incl salmon at least once a week. Good luck with you pain management, what works for one does not always work for another.


I have had pain my whole life for various reasons. I've learned to ignore a lot of it. But I do have arthritis in my back and when I finally got diagnosed the Dr just said take Tylenol arthritis to my amazement that has been controlling it I follow the instructions and if it is a particularly foggy day here I may take some Alieve. All generic as its cheaper.

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