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It's snowing in the south!

Kojaksmom 8 Jan 17

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Just because I'm a atheist it doesn't mean I'm a satanist. Because I don't believe in Satan either, no religion that's all. Why can't love happen without a religion.


Just raining in the northwest, at least here in Oregon. Had some friends in North Carolina post pictures of going out and sliding down the street. Making the best of it.


I am in South Florida and tomorrow morning it is suppose to get down to High 30's to low 40's in the morning. How much further south do I have to go to get away from the cold.


Yep.... the two bridges over here opened at 1 pm. I'm sure school was out today too.


Welcome to our spreading winter wonderland.


Canada has successfully exported its weather! Woo hoo! Next, Canada will annex the states.....


that is because people don't know how to drive in the snow in the South. When I young I would go out driving during a snowstorm because it was fun. We would just put chains on the tires and go.

dc65 Level 7 Jan 17, 2018

yes and it sucks, i moved here to get away from that evil white stuff. it should only exist in pictures, and at the poles, lmao


My daughter lives in Greensboro and she's loving it! Lol. Enjoy !!!!


It's warm and sunny in CO. Well, warmer than yesterday. It's 50°.

Oh shut up! Lol!

Lol. I did walk to the Dollar Tree and I only had a light jacket on.

60's tomorrow and Friday for CO.

@Sarahroo29 In South Florida 50 is the same to us as 20 is for you.

@noworry28 Lol.


Temperatures will be back in the upper 50s on Friday.


It sure is! I can attest to that. I live in south Texas. It was 66 degrees for the high on Monday and the temps dropped below freezing overnight. We have been in a deep freeze with sleet and snow since.

balou Level 8 Jan 17, 2018

I am 5000 feet up here in New Mexico it is cold but not a flury in sight.


Had heard on the radio Texans are getting some unusual weather.


And believe it or not, global warming is responsible for that!

Definitely climate change..

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