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If you could learn one thing that you don't know yet, what would it be?

Just for fun I'm thinking about taking some little community courses at a community college in various elective subjects that are way outside my specialty.

If you could do something like that, what sort of subjects would you want to learn? πŸ™‚

Rhetoric 7 Aug 21

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I do not know.
It seems to be a vicious cycle.

@Stevil No. I already have that mastered.

Haha. @Donotbelieve. You are clearly a great aspiring Socratic philosopher! πŸ˜‰

@Rhetoric I know, right?

@Stevil SON-IN-LAW told me that one .


Over the past two years, I took increasingly difficult Spanish classes. Now I speak Spanish like a stroke victim.

"The Geology of North Central Washington" was cancelled by the local community college years ago. Darn.

I love "Nick on the Rocks" from Central Washington University. Geologist Nick Zentner leads viewers on armchair adventures through Washington’s diverse landscapes.



Id probably benefit the most from a public speaking course but fuck that. Anything to do with art, film, music, photography or cooking probably? Astronomy or local history might be interesting, although I’ve already taken astronomy at my local community college.


Play a musical instrument and preferably the piano.


Spinning and dyeing yarn


How to make the universe do my bidding.


HVAC & more than just basic plumbing work. Oh & floor & wall tiling (again, more than just the basics).


How to make a lot of money by doing as little work as possible.

Run for congress.


How to know what I don’t know


I want to learn how to speak and read Polish. I've been meaning to start looking at online stuff but have not yet gotten around to it, so thanks for the reminder.

@PerbeMayhaps See, this is the stuff mom and dad never sat down and taught me. Who cares how to say "onion"? This is the sort of stuff I need.

@PerbeMayhaps The foundations of any language


Physics but I'd have to learn math too.

1+1 is not necessarily 2.

@Spag84 2+2 is 5 for sufficiently large values of 2.

@RileyStevens I tend to just stick to the basics. Some algebra and geometry.

@RileyStevens so by that mathematical logic. 25.9 mph is actually 26 mph. Do I understand this correctly?


A second language and scuba diving


Women's Literature.


How to play the bass. I'm trying to teach myself at the moment, but I'd love to have a big chunk of time to devote to it. But kids, new job, etc. etc...


Russian. I want to be ready when Trump hands them the keys.


I would like to learn how to effectively use and understand how to use a computer. I missed that integration of use of computers in public schools by a couple of years. I'm sooo far behind the times.


I'd like to know how to better tell when someone's lying to me and how to best respond.


How to be more charismatic.

Charisma is the most valuable skill that exists and I am usually a dick head.

I'm an awkward duck most the time too.

But I do hear that Charisma can be practiced and learned... so maybe there's hope. πŸ™‚

@Rhetoric Yeah I try reading up on it, there are different theories but unanimously they agree that you can learn charisma.


Japanese and play piano.


Japanese and piano.






I'd pull an Elon Musk and learn rocket science...

Good way to get one's mind above the clouds. πŸ˜‰


I feel like I'd like to start learning math... I love physics, but never understood the math. I'd have to start at basic algebra I'm sure, and then work my way up... I also wouldn't mind learning another language. I've always like German, but Spanish would probably be more practical.

Considering today's business economy , you may want to consider Chinese . I had Algebra I and II , calculus , and trigonometry . Aside from the algebra , I don't think I've used any of the others since graduation .


Cellular biology.
I know a bit from school, and i've read some papers, but I would love to have a much better understanding.

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