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Do your kids have kids?
Do they want kids?

Do you want grandchildren?

Crimson67 8 Aug 25

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I have two grandsons (11 & 7). My son waffledon having more. Had a vasectomy after the second one, had it reversed after him and his wife got into some goofy religious stuff after he got caught cheating on her. Then he had a second vasectomy last year thanks to my second grandson proved to be a handful! ?


I have two amazing Daughters and an 18 y/o Grandson who already sky dives and is off to College on a full scholarship. I am a proud parent and my fam rocks. ❤


no kids, so no grandkids, ....... might get a fish.

@Akfishlady lol..?..i might just start with some guppies and see where it goes from there... enjoying the singlplicity.


My daughter (32) doesn't have children and isn't entirely sure she wants them. I would love grandchildren, but only if it's right for her. She is currently without a partner and is not sure she'll find a man before her biological clock's alarm goes off. She's a physician and has had difficulty finding men who can handle her schedule, and (and this blows my mind) many men are bothered by the large size of her income. I raised her alone so she knows it's a possibility -- and I raised her on a lot less money than she would have available. I've told her if she wants to go it alone I'm there to help as much as she wants. But it's entirely her call.



I don't have any children of my own.
I do, however, have several nieces and nephews, and most of the older ones have
children of their own now.

Some of the grand-nieces (the ones in their teens) have said they don't want kids.
I don't dispute them over it. They have every right to feel any way they want to about it. They might change their minds, they might not. They're already being told that they'll change their minds about it by others, and I have no desire to do that.

I spent most of my younger years not wanting children. By the time I thought I did, I was in my early 40s, and found out I couldn't anyway. Oh well. Such is life.

I've already told them whatever they choose to do is up to them, and not to let anyone else's expectations change what they feel.
I personally find it really disrespectful to pressure anyone else to procreate.


I have a son and daughter their mid to late twenties and neither seem interested in having children. I am fine with that. Bringing more people to the mix doesn't seem to be a solution to anything. And today we are in need of lots of solutions.


I have two grandchildren by my eldest daughter.I love them when they are with me,but am happy when they go home and I have the place to myself again.If my ex had not wanted kids I probably would have been quite content without them.I sometimes think of my kids and grandkids as a blessing in disguise to me.They help to keep me engaged with the world and others.When left to my own devices I can tend to isolate.


I'd love grandchildren. No chance kids are not interested


My daughter has a daughter and she just had a son.


My son married a woman with 3 kids, he has no kids of his own. I became an instant grandpa a few years ago. The kids mean the world to me, and I treat them as they are my own. My son doesn't have the financial means to bring another child into this world, so I routinely tell him that he doesn't need another mouth to feed. He is my only child, so I hope there are no other kids in the future for them. I feel that he needs to give his all to his wife and step children. I don't feel some biological thing about him making children.


If my kids want kids, then yes, I too want them. I am ambivalent though, can take it or leave it.

None yet and none planned I know of.


My daughter absolutely does not want to have children and won't.

My son and daughter-in-law do plan to have children and are expecting their first in March.

JimG Level 8 Aug 26, 2018

Yes, under favorable circumstances


I have two small children. I would like grandchildren some day, but it's not my choice. My kids can do with their lives as they see fit.


About 20 years ago my daughter asked me if I would be mad/disappointed if she didn’t have any children. Your life your decision. No I won’t mad or disappointed. It’s her life to live not mine. She has cats. They are my grand kitties.


I have one kid. One more than I wanted. He has none and doesn't want any.

I have absolutely no desire for grandchildren.


I have 2 boys and a girl. My girl just had her first a few days ago. One of my boys plans to have kids later in life, the other isn't sure yet. I want them all to do whatever makes them happy.


@BlueWave thank you!


The first grandson arrived about 11 months ago.
Linda traveled from Ohio to NZ at the daughter's request to be there for his birth. Amazing to see the metamorphosis into "Grandma".


My son is only fifteen but he says he doesn't want children. We'll see how he feels when he's older but I'm not attached to the idea so I'll be good either way.


One 19 year old son in College, to soon for kids for him. However I am more than ready for some grandchildren! Can hardly wait!


Not yet, don't know, too soon!


my kids are all furbabies. two of them have produced kittens. two of those kittens are still alive. there is a maiden aunt among them as well. they're all elderly. i have never had human kids and i am old now. i don't think i would have been a good parent. i think i would be a good one now, but it's a moot point.



I have 4 grandkids. I've always told my daughter I'd never live close enough to babysit.


Technically, I have four grandchildren, all of whom are adults. I am in contact with two of them. One of the other two was recently married. Legally, I have no grandchildren. I would like some, but it is unlikely to happen. I am glad to be in touch with the two.


One doesn't, one is 4 and the other is 2.
Yes I do.


Eventually(well one of them anyway)
Before i am too old to play football with them,yes, but doesn't look like that's gonna happen ?

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