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Ancient Aliens

Does anyone here ever watch the show Ancient Aliens? Other than Gio, the god of Every Growing Hair, what is the common take on all the whacky proposals they make? No matter what they speak of, Its An Ancient Astronaut Theory! The moon is an Alien created orb. The burning bush? Aliens! Tsunami's? Underwater Aliens! Earthquakes? Underground Alien Lizard People! Geez... so any opinions on the numerous topics they dance around?

Sadoi 7 Jan 19

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I want Erich von DΓ€niken and David Icke to leave me alone now, I can't take much more. I used to watch this regularly as entertainment. Then found out people genuinely believe in it. It should be shown in the classroom to teach students how misinterpreting information and taking wild stabs in the dark can lead to absolutely ridiculous gravity defying hair and that if you strap a large motor and propeller to something lightweight you can make it fly. If the Nazca lines are runways for spaceships they are the least efficient air travel ever created. The most upsetting thing is it belittles human achievements, to suggest Einstein and Tesla were being given secret knowledge by aliens is just an insult to their works and memory.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 19, 2018

but Tesla was give secret knowledge from aliens even says so on these here stone tablets from the top of a mountain.

@Myranta Cheers Moses mk2, don't worry an alien beamed down and told me that the earth is going to be flooded with hydrogen and commanded me to build a spaceship with duct tape and chewing gum and fill it with two of every plant "kind" it then muttered something about it all going tits up last time so they're going to do the job properly this time.

oh my fuck! i am laughing like a hyena! my god, dave, you are too funny! why! why are all the hilarious men so damn faar away?!! oh i love to laugh! you are so brit witty! every, single line, PURE laughter poetry! I choked on my water when i read "If the Nazca lines are runways for spaceships they are the least efficient air travel ever created." I am laughing so hard I am crying! I AM CRYING for christ sake!! weeping tears of joy!! bwaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

@Myranta oh man! then you just HAD to toss that final comment in to just... push me Right off the laughter cliffs!! im about to hit the floor laughing! no no, myranta, i heard it was the lizard people living in the earths core that coaxed bo Tesla and Einstein?? i mean, clearly there must be an Einstein connection. just LOOK at Einsteins hair and Gio's hair for cryin out loud?! kinda like im crying out loud, with laughter, at this very moment.

@Sadoi The world's smaller than you think, everything is only a few hours away, I enjoy a good walk and I'm a strong swimmer! Or I could hitch a ride with some aliens, they get around quick!

@Dav87 tits up! lmao!!! oh shiiit! this time, plant life survives!

@Dav87 @Sadoi I laughed so hard at this I let the raid die.. whoops... you two are great..

It wasn't the lizard people it was the Annunaki clearly they flew in and gave Einstein the equation for Relativity they were hiding in Area 52 because 51 is just a cover up to keep us all guessing when 52 is on the darkside of the moon.

@Dav87 Indeed they Dooo! let us summon the... Middle Earth Lizard People Aliens for I am most certain they have some form of an underground portal system! that could be the fastest, me thinks!

@Myranta I knew it! I knew it!! always those fucking Anunnaki up to no damn good!!

@myranta its on RIGHT NOW!! haha! its on history channel this very minute! im Watching it now! haha

@ sadoi Logged out lastnight around 0230 laid down flipped on TV and get...

@Sadoi @myranta don't do it, your brains will melt and that's just what the aliens want!

@Dav87 All I can see is the brain bug from Starship Troopers sucking out the goop after the brain is melted...

@Myranta @Dav87 YEAH i TOLD YOU it was on!! I TOLD YOU! hahahahaha!!! IT WAS ON! I was Watching that Shit and laauuughing my aaass ooooffff! I was being Serious Guys!!

@Myranta HAHAHAHAHA!! for real! we are like that dude, having our brains sucked up, while charlie sheens old girl friend just sits there, staring at us, waiting for Rico to save her dumb ass! haha

@Dav87 like myranta said, it was a brain sucker! death by brainsucker!

@Sadoi @Myranta Is this why I'm not affected? Have I no brain? Maybe I am the only one that can defeat these brain suckers! Fetch me my cutlass I'm not going down without a fight!

@Dav87 Hmmm... Cutlass such a primitive weapon... come now use the boomstick..

@Dav87 @Myranta Boomstick!! LMAO!!! yeah Dave, use the Boomstick! then you can sonic boom him right out of this world!!

@Dav87 @myranta unless... the brain sucker is a female/she-male... haha!


and everything explodes....


MichaelSPinler just posted a 3 hour link debunking most of their theories

ooh... must look this up... why thank you for that information btroje! Much appreciated!!! πŸ™‚


Use to fall asleep watching this on marathons late at night.. ohh how much damage has been done to my brain... sigh... ::: slips on tinfoil hat:::

I JUST DID EXACTLY THAT! when i woke up today, i said to my best friend sean, "oh god... i had soo many fucked up dreams last night! i forgot to turn the TV off and it was on ancient aliens marathon alll damn night!" his response, "yeah, that would do it Ari!" lol

you really want some fucked up dreams just put on The Wall very low and let it play while you drift off.

@Myranta hmm ive done that... many many years ago, as well. hee πŸ˜‰


I sometimes watch it for the entertainment factor. Plus, I love his hair...reminds me of Kramer on Seinfeld.

Nena Level 6 Jan 19, 2018

Yes! I swear, if you watch their marathons they play over the course of a weekend, you can Physically Chart the grown of Gio's hair from Season to Season. Its like this ever growing bundle of cotton candy just getting biiiigger... and biiigger... and, oh my lord, when he Moves his Animated Greek head about and that GIANT poof just Bobs around... I am actually CRACKING up laughing right now, As I Type This, just imagining his dang hair! It is Probably the highlight of watching Ancient Aliens for me. He makes the Entire Show! hahahaha


Is it possible considering the infinite vastness of the universe that aliens exist? Could they be traveling billions of light years to our planet just because they have an irresistible fascination for probing our rectums?

Ancient Astronaut theorists say Yes!

and Killing our Livestock! hahahaha oh man, David, you are funny too! im dyin here men, Im dying!


Draw a line from Bombay to Stockholm, about 600 miles wide. West of that line, everyone is mostly Animist. East of that line, people have not-quite-deistic religions; Buddhism, Confucian, ancestor worship, etc. But within that space, there are gods who look like people and do people-like stuff as well as the god-like stuff they do. somewhere near the middle of that space is Mesopotamia, where all the important stuff -- the wheel, writing, math -- got invented. Moving west, we get to the Canaan/Egypt area. Reading the story of Israel coming out of Egypt ( whether or not that actually happened) we see, for example, the plans for what could be a really big capacitor with an antenna on top, operated by guys with arrays of crystals and special jelly on their fingers, and a voice comes out of the box. Then there's the gas barbecue grill, possibly a hypodermic needle with anti-snake venom, a procedure for controlling infectious disease... None of this might mean anything, but hey.

Although it seems to go in circles, I must admit, it was well written and i stuck to it to the bitter end! haha! Why do i hear these words in Gio's voice??! lol


I love the absurdity in this show. They do it with some trickery. I watch it and comontate in my head. One example they like to talk about the aftermath of some super weapon that was discharged in India thousands of years back, never accounting for the phrous that could have done this. They talk about the large stone heads on Easter island the simplest answer for this is they were made to deter passing ships from coming to the island in hopes they would think the island was inhabited by monsters. They never bring up points like this. I do like to watch the show thow it is geared to the novice UFO enthusiasts.

I agree! i watch it and just lauuugh and laauugh at the absurdities! i must admit, it IS one of my guilty pleasures! hahah


I was raised in Texas. I remember when I was a child hearing that there were illegal aliens in the town where I lived. I was so excited; I was going to meet a real live alien. Imagine my disappointment when I was told that the "illegal aliens" were people from Mexico.

LMAO!! oh man and now she is making me laugh too!!! lol! did ET give you a peek at his green card? did he ask to phone home too?

brilliant haha


Honestly I've met a few ancient aliens, generally they came here as 20 somethings from latin america. Also I've been an alien..I was an illegal alien when I lived in Sweden.
As for the Moon being created by them, Not One of them ever confessed to doing so..on the other hand they Never denied it either...hmmm

ooh i am intrigued! soo, if we have no confession, and no denial either, we could say... we are agnostic in regards to whether or not the alien did, indeed, create the moon?! correct? (btw, i adored your response! hahaha excellent!)

alienS, not alien. not the lone rogue ET!

Thanks..I love showing off my twisty sense of humor..and when people get it..

Really??? Noooo way..

@Charlene I got it! I was cracking up!

@Charlene yea its true. we collided with another earth sized object during the formation of the planet/solar system. when they collided, the moon was a chunk that broke free, but ended up locked in our gravitational pull. the object that collided with earth is known as Theia. im pretty sure you can google Theia and get a decent amount of info. πŸ™‚

@Sadoi lol..giiirl I know

@Charlene πŸ˜‰


That's some hairdo he has.. maybe an alien barber ???? πŸ˜‰

Haahaa!! Yeah, the alien on American Dad!! I've seen that cats do's!


I miss the day when you could watch the History Channel and actually learn something.

Well, you "can" tecnhincally learn something. Liiiike... Stonehenge- Aliens. Easter Island- Aliens. The Burning Bush- Aliens. Most of the Old Testiment- Aliens. Tesla- Alien?? Bermuda Triangle- Aliens. Trump- Alien.

First you have to have the ability to learn. Most of these comments debunking Et's come from people who believe that we are the most advanced beings in the Universe and that it is all for us. Most people here sound like those idiots that believe a God created everything for humans. And I thought Trump supporters were dumb. WOW!!


They are just substituting aliens for god on everything that they do not comprehend. They even say that Einstein and Tesla were given their great theories and inventions by aliens. Religious people says god gave it to them, those guys says no it was aliens. All absurd and idiotic.

Personally, I think it was Marvin the Martian.


The lasting legacy of this show is, and always will be, the "I'm not saying it's aliens... but aliens!" meme.

On a serious note, this show suffers from what I call "anachronistic pareidolia" or seeing patterns in past events as modified by current/modern events.

A famous case of this is the ancient "airplanes". Yeah, to our MODERN eye they look a lot like modern airplanes. But take a step back and they also look like flying fish or a stylized human on their back. It's our modern pattern recognition that sees and airplane in that design and it is unlikely that it ever was an airplane.

But is it impossible? Not at all. After all, convergent evolution is premeditated on the idea that nature finds similar solutions to problems acroos species and time and that also applies to human invention. If those ancients did want to fly, maybe they did create something like this, something like a modern airplane, to try.

But do we need ALIENS in any of this? Again, not impossible but when you have 3 or 4 MORE plausible explanations, then occam's razor kicks in and one has to go with imitating nature as the most plausible and experimenting with flight as the least plausible with Aliens being the most implausible.

That is what these shows are about: taking the very implausible and treating them as if they were plausible. And that is the problem: there is no problem with discussing an idea and framing it in it's proper context... they could be flying fish... they could be stylized humans... they could be ancient attempts at space flight... and THEN they could be alien inspired....

... but to START with aliens, well, that's got it all backwards.

(Disclaimer: I loved reading Von Daniken and watching "In search of..." as a kid... so maybe I've just been exposed to these claims all my life which is why I'm so quick to dismiss them)

well I choose "I Don't Know- Therefore Aliens" (It was actually an Agnostic inside joke, too. haha! Not sure you caught it, but it choose it because it Spoke to me specifically) Haha!! I know that show! I loved that show! My mother had this old set of books called Man, Myths and Magic. It was actually a time life series... she had them all and as a child, i was obsessed with those books! ooh I can add a photo!

btw, funny you bring up occam's razor because I thought for a second there, you were going to do what All Sci-Fi movies fall prey to, and it pisses me off every, single time. Movie for Example: Contact with Jodie Foster. So as she is explaining something to Sir Priest, Matthew Mcconaughey, she makes mention of occam's razor. Now, Mcconaughey's character is supposed to be a man of science, as well as the cloth, yet when Foster mentions occam's razor, one would assume he Should Understand and Know what occam's razor is. BUT, since most viewers are not educated enough to know the term (I, personally, learned it in when I was around 11), Hollywood forces Foster to look like a self righteous, know-it-all ass, meanwhile Mcconaughey looks like a Fraud (man of science MY ASS, if he doesnt understand occam's razor, ABC, 123, buddy!), but yeah, The Average American's Low IQ requires a bridge for that gap. Thanks for making the two main characters of the movie seem utterly Unbelievable NOW!


ooh thank you! hahah! i may have to pop some popcorn and hook my laptop up to the TV to watch this tonight by the fire!!


more crap but I do believe there is other life out there.

As do I. πŸ™‚

But, if its intelligent, it should stay the hell away from Earth! HAHA

Or Drumpfs Amurika at the very least..

that's probably why it does lol


I love that show! It is soooo funny everything is prefaced with 'ancient astonaught theorists believe.... aliens!' Totally missed my calling to be on that tv show - cause I could say all that stuff with a straight face... well maybe not in one take. :'πŸ˜‰ LOL

YES! every 10 sentences: "Ancient Astronaut Theorists Believe" bwaahahaha!! Always ALIENS!!! Hey, we need to make a spoof! haha! You and I, we can pose as fake scientists. lol @ScienceBiker debunks! lol

@Sadoi and @ScienceBiker that would be awesome! We would have to have a title... like 'Ancient Brilliant Human Theorists believe... People!' or something... humm.
I call dibs on the spiky hair do!!!! Lol!

@Donna_I Ancient Brilliant Human Theorists!! HAHAHA I LOVE IT!! hahaha Well, i will do the asian, long haired girl... scientist... haha!!

@ScienceBiker HAHAHA! i love the science channel! beats the fucking history channel at this point! haha


Fun stuff!

skado Level 8 Jan 19, 2018

fun stuff? is that a nickname for Gio's Hair? hahaha!


The subject is serious; the program is entertainment by speculation.

please elaborate

btw, totally off topic, but Soquel is a beautiful town, if that is what your name implies.

@Sadoi Hi Sadoi: Newbe here 24' old. Studying UFO stuff for decades.
The program is not objectively based but looking for evidence of "ancient gods",etc. Are you familiar with occam's razor, ' a scientific princ. which indicates the most direct explanation is usually the most accurate. This program entertains by pre-set determinative attitude that all unexplained stuff is, must be, the work of aliens. (I could elaborate.)
For more accurate info, read books written by whistle-blowing gov't insiders, people with relevant credentials, without an ax to grind, or a bank account to fill, and finally experiencers/abductees. Consider reading any book by Bud Hopkins.
Can give more info if interested.

@Sadoi Nationally, less than 1 in ten thousand, I imagine, has heard of Soquel. Kudos to you. Have you been here? I live on ten acres in the "Soquel Hills." Erick

@soquel oh yes. I have been familiar with Occam's Razor since I was a tween. I am a scientific based creature. πŸ˜‰ I am always willing to investigate things others prompt me toward if they do so respectfully and not under the guise of spewing insanity my way! haha! And yes, I had an aunt from Santa Cruz who used to date a guy in Soquel, but that was in the late 80s/early 90s so its been a minute! haha! My uncle is from Big Sur and my mother is from Monterey. I grew up in Morro Bay, in San Luis Obispo county. No one has Ever heard of Morro Bay unless they are native calif and/or lived in the region. I am sure the same can be said of Soquel. It is Gorgeous!!! I bet those hills are fantastic! I havent been back for decades, but I should return. πŸ˜‰ If you had to name 3 things you thought would be the best place to begin researching what you speak of, where would you start me out?

@soquel Oh and pleased to meet you Erick. I am Ari. πŸ™‚


I think it's greatly entertaining! I love it. They do reach really far to make it all an alien connection but that's part of the fun for me. I just see it for what it is. A TV show for entertaining and it does that well.

Yeah its like, "how many jumps must they make to connect Anything to Aliens." They should do a segment where people send in an item, place, theory, etc and then Ancient Aliens sees how few steps it takes them to get that topic to "Aliens Did It!" Like, I can submit "Toaster" then they do the steps to figure out how to connect Toaster to "the Aliens have Invented it," to whom the aliens sent the blueprint 'Through,' etc. Eventually it will link its way to Alien Intervention, Alien Conspiracy, Aliens Aliens Aliens! haha

@ Sadoi Kevin Bacon game Aliens version?

@Myranta THere IS A KEVIN BACON game??? i would have thought that would have been Angry Birds since there IS A PIG... and... well, you know... kevin BACON? haha

@atheist we should break this down! let us trace all of our lives back to Aliens! I believe my connection must have something to do with the neighbors mutilated cow!!!

@atheist haaaahaaa! you're right! it WAS bull (wink wink, nudge nudge)

@atheist , @sadoi you guys are cracking me up I want to be obducted with you.


I think it's entertaining..
I like the ones about the pyramids and structures better than some of the others.

I like the ones that are a little more outraggeous than the ones that could seem more likely than not


You all think the show is a joke but you watch it. What does that tell you? Well, clever marketing, but also we humans just love the idea of a big cosmic thingamy to intrigue us. Oh, I'm no better, before you flame me. I've watched a few episodes, but not a lot. It's a hoot. Mostly harmless, unlike ghost talkers and mediums, which I strongly dislike. Oh, you know the moon is hollow, with an alien base inside from which they launch UFOs. They covered that. Just thought I'd mention it.

I watch Ghost Adventures also but it's all just to laugh at them.

Oh, but hey, out near Catalina Island off the California Coast, it is a Well Known fact that there is an underwater USO base where Alll the USO's are landing! So be careful if you surf off Catalina! Watch for Underwater Submerged Objects on take off! Could bump you a few thousands of feet out of the water! haha

@Myranta what is ghost adventures?

Do you people who think Et's aren't real believe the earth is flat too?

@DwayneBarrett And the link between questioning the existence of Aliens and believing the world is flat is ???


I've seen it a few times and I find it really entertaining but, I always end up feeling guilty for laughing at them.

I used to feel guilty, but I got over that pretty fast! I mean, how Seriously can you take it whenever you see Gio's every growing hair and how much it bounces as he gets more and more worked up??! Everything is an Ancient Astronaut Theory! hahaha!! You Can't be guilty for laughing at them! hahaha!! We all do it. Its as natural as sneezing Rufus! lol

@Sadoi I guess you're right, it still feels a bit like laughing at a clumsy child though! My favourite is the anthropologist who constantly contradicts herself, o forget her name now...

@Rufus_Maximus hmm i can only recall the astrophysicis Sara Seager, but I suppose I haven't seen enough episodes to know of this anthropologist female you speak of. lol

Laugh at your own stupidity if you think man is the most advanced being in the Universe.

@DwayneBarrett I think it's highly probable that there is other life in the universe. I also think it's highly probable that that life did not build the pyramids, and has not been holidaying on sunny Earth.

I'm laughing at ancient aliens, not aliens in general.


You guys need to see the dvd version of "A day without a mexican". the movie filmed in 2004 was based on a funny documentary about a study of aliens in mexico. It was so funny that they expanded the story to turn into a movie and added parts and characters from the documentary. The dvd version should have the feature documentary on itself as a special feature. From the fact that the mockumentary done in 1997 says all mexicans are aliens and before anyone cries fault the documentary was made and directed by mexicans. From the shape of the mexican sombrero that looks like a 50's UFO to the distinction of aliens versus undocumented aliens and illegal aliens... it is hilarious.

Whaaat? Seriously?? okay, im going to have to find this shit! haha

Almost reminds me of the ridiculousness of movies like one called "Rubber" about a murderous tire traveling around killing people. I actually LOVE B-Movies and Cult films so Rubber was right up my alley! I own a ton of movies most people would not. I have the attack of the killer tomatoes movies, of course, most godzilla, a lot of very early lon chaney films, old horror, nosfaratu of course, oh Caligula from the 80s, Barbarella, Fantastic Planet (my favorite animation from the 70s), Logan's Run (i love retro sci-fi)... oh man... Plan 9 from Outer Space, Harold & Maude (one of my all time favorites), oh John Waters Pink Flamingos, But Im a Cheerleader, Slums of Beverly Hills, Eraser Head, Freaks, A Clockwork Orange, Reefer Madness (of course haha), Its Alive, The Man Who Fell to Earth (love bowie in that one) I loved Powder! I should just stop now. You get the picture. πŸ˜‰ hahah

@Sadoi Caligula... first movie I saw Helen Mirren on. But where I really noticed her was in "White Nights". Sometimes the little movies are the movies. I am in John Watters backyard right now. Saw a one man show of him... He was funny, funny.

@Sadoi :funny film but here "aliens" means those from other countries.


Technology provides a lot of entertainment. The human mind is limitless in its imaginative capability. Enjoy and explore. Believe or remain skeptical. I am, therefore I think. No I did not get that backwards. It is not a quote, just a thought.

ooh... touche... and now a new face emerges and brings with him words of wisdom and of philosophical intelligence... i see... marks the name 'Dwight' on paper

@Sadoi have left my mark on many a paper from the 2 ply, perforated, roll.

@Dwight haha!

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