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Just a thought, has anybody ever watched these TV programmes that have sprung up about trying to find Ghosts ??? We have one in the UK titled Most Haunted and the US show Ghost hunters, I think they are taking the piss big style and laughing all the way to the bank.. What do you think Charlestons or deluded ???

Wolfbat 6 Jan 20

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One more point. It was proven fifty years ago that if a person sees an unidentified moving object fleetingly, that the brain automatically assigns a known answer to it. For example, if you are in the house and have a pet, your brain assigns the answer pet to the unfamiliar object.

An imaginative and or frightened person would think of a ghost or the latest villain from the last watched horror show.


With cell phone cameras and the Internet, all these "manifestations" would have been outed long ago. Only those illogical and or ignorant could still believe in unseen nonsense. Now aliens yes because of evolution and that enormous universe out there. I just don't believe in the way humans believe in aliens. If I was an alien monitoring earth, would I even bother?


P.T. Barnum once reportedly said, "There's a sucker born every minute." And an old saying states, "That a fool and his money are soon parted."


Hi,There's a you tube with Derren Brown investigating a medium who's talking to the dead.When it came to scientific testing he declined saying it wasn't fair.Enough said.

I just watched the same thing, also turns out a really good reading the medium did was his sister's next door neighbour funny that. To tell people there dearly departed loved ones are here to talk to them should be a criminal act


a pile of shit


Went to the Lizzie Borden Museum (House) this Summer. As we arrived in an upstairs bedroom everyone was rubbing their arms and appeared chilled? So I asked the tour guide "Do you have Central Air"? Yes yes they did..... rofl That being said I've had my share of inexplicable experiences - but I don't think that stuff shows up on TV programs. Thought they are next door in Rhode Island so I admit a little love for them. 😉


No constructive or useful information. Too much creepy background music, obvious scarey camera angles. Investigations are not inclusive as to natural causes for haunts. I believe in ghosts. As a child I encountered them. Simply enough established. I think it should end there. But I'm not a B grade actor trying to survive. Or a group of yahoos trying to be famous. Agreed


Of course it’s crap. If someone walked into the building with a loaded shotgun and said they were going to shoot in the direction of any noise - that would be the end of it. One episode.

Iffy Level 5 Jan 20, 2018

Ha Ha,that would do it.


Arthur C Clarke Debunked ghost years ago. I do like a good fiction movie for the effects and pretense in the idea. Has been a long time since something as interesting as poltergeist came out.


They do have a disclaimer at the start


Fiction bordering on the charlatan edge simply because they make it look like a 'real investigation' much like the big foot or mermaid people shows. I look at it as a scripted tv show but not as funny as ancient aliens. 🙂


Entertainment-reality tv


I have some friends who have a hobby of debunking ghost sightings. I'm not sure what or how they do it, but they keep busy. Personally I don't believe in ghosts, never have. I think people who believe in ghosts are deluded or a few bricks shy of a full load.

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