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What political party do you consider yourself to be?

I've noticed that many non theist folks tend to have left leaning political beliefs. So I'm just curious what you lean towards.

AlphaHellhound 4 Jan 21

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I am registered independent. if agnostic or atheist had a party I would switch in a heartbeat to that.

@Marcus_Angelus There is another idea floating around fundamentalist there are too many stipulations that go with either concept communist is about government control where capitalist think the wealthy control is more beneficial. If they were to put the control to the intelligent they would find a middle ground as to both sides of the scale would balance out. example You want the military to be strong so you would fortify but in turn teachers are underpaid so (this is just an example) you make teachers with suitable standards {would not expect a teacher to have the physical ability that a mainstream military unit would have}. military with ranks and higher pay grades for the more educated teachers. To be in any elected position you need to have served in at least 1 year of military duty in turn you get to examine the teachers so as they are fit to be a candidate to be a teacher. The business would be self regulated but have standards for the amount of people they employ. say a company is making X number of dollars a month that company would need to employ enough people to satisfy a percentage of the capital they earn.

@Marcus_Angelus independent


Socialist Democrat


Social Dems..always

Same here. Bernie is my hero. Plus, Larry David does a fantastic impression of him.

I been following since he was elected Mayor of Burlington that man!




I don't at all


I've voted for more than one, depending upon which seems to have the best approach to the pertinent issues at the time. I would never align myself permanently with a party.

@briangs However, that 'person' running with that party, will never be able to stand-out, of the herd! He will merge, with the majority over time! (Think about mob mentality.) Look at Trump, he was once a Democrat and SHOULD have some carryover, from his earlier life?! He is even confused!!!

@briangs One Goebbels study want make a majority premise! And I wonder where YOU are here! Are you saying Goebbel's expresses your position on THE matter, too? I am a little confused!?

@briangs I must admit that I felt you had some secret insight, that I am not privy, too?

@briangs please may I ask...since this was not a discussion on Goebbels, why did you abdicate your power (of thought) to Goebbels? You are using 'Goebbels' complete quote to support your position! Can"t you stand behind YOUR argument?

@briangs ...'stand behind your argument,' with your own words?

@briangs AND...I see that you disespect people with EASE...that is scary!!

@briangs ...your message is not meant as an exchange. You simply pushed me into a corner. If you are satisfied with that, nothing else that I might say, would help here.

@Freedompath Who is @briangs you keep atting?

@BlueWave check his bio, for particulars...I am just responding to his responses...

@Freedompath I did that before I asked you who it is. I'm wondering if it is an invisible person to only me. When I click on @briangs, it says the person does not exist. It's a tad confusing.

@BlueWave ...well, he must have taken himself out of the running...that's a shame, because he may have on the verge of a 'break through!'

I can confirm that there was a briangs, and that he did mention Jo Goebbels. I'm not sure why freedompath refers to it as a Goebbels study though...


progressive independent, that backs sanders.

@Marcus_Angelus Bernie Sanders is a open Democratic Socialist, as am I, though I'm in Australia. He draws on the political ideology that I do. Communist is something else again.

@marcus_angelus no he is not a commie, this should explain his position and myself

@Marcus_Angelus prove it

yes he is? thats yo.ur come back? please go find out what a communist is, and stop showing your ignorance

again, not a commie

a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. See also Marxism. he nor i want all property to be publicly owned, please google what terms mean rather than doubling down on ignorance

When it came down to it though he didn't back us. He backed the deep state and the establishment politicians they own. Sanders turned his back on decades of the illusion he had us all believing he stood for. And today he's still working to rebuild the foundation of a party our revolution broke down after their con job was exposed. As he still today is silent to the truths of how that became broken since day one of the primary cycle in Iowa. He went through the entire primary cycle of shenanigans of all aspects possible of election tampering without a peep to fight for any sense of democracy.

@Marcus_Angelus If you are saying that Bernie Saunders is a communist, either you have zero understanding od communism or you are simply knocking a position different from yours. Either way, you have contributed nothing of value.

william_mary he did what he had to do, to be able to be effective within the party, if we had won the majority, he would be, and still can be the key senate majority leader . you cannot piss on the entire dnc, and expect to get support. i understand how some of his supporters did not see it this way, i too would have liked to see him go after the dnc, for what wasserman did. and the dnc. he has never stopped working for us, and still is. this is not the time to abandon him, or the sanders revolution, we have an election coming up, and if the dnc wins the majority, sanders will have a key role. he looks at long term solutions and positioning, not just the short term wants of his followers.


I myself have very Libertarian leanings, almost to the point I could be considered an Anarchist.


I am a member of the Libertarian Party.

Minimum government. Maximum freedom.


I consider myself solidly left of center, but there are some policy positions on the hard left that give me pause.


I lean towards making ordinary peoples' lives better - which, I guess, means somewhat 'left of centre' (or, as US Republicans would say, a HOWLING COMMUNIST).

However I have found no pollitical party that is active and meaningfully strong which does not pander to the wealthy and corporate business more than I would like to myself ... so I don't really associate with a party.

Green Party []


Labour Party, AUS. They are on the left side of the political divide.

I can't bring myself to fully adopt The Greens yet - even if I really should. Some habits/traditions are still difficult to change.

I'm with him, except I have embraced the Greens cause the Labor Party (correct spelling) is so right wing and has been since the 1980s when a couple of economic rationalists called Hawke and Keating destroyed its progressive agenda. The strategy was so successful since they left the party has won one election in the past 25 years. Way to go. Come to think that's a big "except".


Well I am a member of the New Zealand Green Party.They are totally against signing the TPPA and offshore oil drilling on New Zealands coastal waters and the seismic testing.All which I agree with.


I can't say that I lean left, anymore. I can say... with all that is in me and all that I stand is not the GOP...Republican! Since we only have 2 choices, I stand with the left...Democrat! But, it bothers me that their 'stand' is 'wobbly!' I realize, that the 'left' has never been...'screaming,' 'over-talking,' fools, but sometimes, they need to 'speak-up' for what is humane and 'right!' and FAIR!

@Marcus_Angelus I must have missed something here in my "old age'...I have seldom heard a reasoning person refer to Democrats as 'communism'! What dictionary did you use, maybe I will look it up in the kind you used and see where I went off the cliff...


social democrat or progressive.


Democratic socialist or social democrat period


I waiver between Secular Party and Sustainable AustraliaParty which is about sustainable population. Both put science first.

There was a guy, who legally changed his name to "Zero Population Growth". This was back in the mid-90s. I worked in the public service and he corresponded with our office very regularly. I worked in the mail room and constantly mailed envelopes addressed to "Mr. Zero Population Growth".

Have you heard of him? If so, do you know if he ever became a proper political personality.


Democrat, liberal leaning


I am a liberal libertarian of no party, tho I vote Democratic 99.9 % of the time. I want government out of my personal life. My bedroom, my uterus, my drug choices, my life's duration, religious recognition. I do want government oversight of the air I breathe, the water I drink, the insulation in my house, the impact on the environment, protection of species, the taxing of religious orders especially Scientology, pay parity.


I'm so leftist I have to look over my right sholder to wave at Cory Booker.


I am a Democratic Socialist.


I am a loose canon, I vote for the one I judge to be the most capable one to solve our problems in the way I think they should be solved and then keep an eye on them like a hawk because I think they are all a bunch of power hungry egomaniacs that will stab you in the back at the first chance they get


I'm a registered Democrat, but that's only so I can vote in primaries in NY for the rare chance that a Democrat candidate has the same values as I do like one did in the 2016 election. I would say I'm Independent and/or Green and/or Social Democrat. Our political system is a joke though. Money talks. The politicians who actually give a shit are the ones who get smeared or discounted as not having a real chance to win. That whole "voting 3rd party ruins the vote" thing is a fallacy. 2000 was shown to be a fallacy in that respect. It's the same thing every election. I don't owe my damn vote to anyone or party. Get over it!


I'm a progressive "declines to state".


Mostly Democratic Socialist with some Libertarian views.

MikeJ Level 4 Jan 21, 2018
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