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What is your biggest fear?

As I get older, I see life very differently than I used to. How about you?

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Akfishlady 8 Sep 3

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Trump being re-elected


Growing old alone. I have been single half of my adult life, and having someone to share ideas, experiences, and feelings with is the best.


America turning into the Republic of Gilead.


I refuse to live with fear. When a problem arises I go to war to solve it - and that includes health issues, money. Sometimes other people can be a snag, but I recognize that we must share the world with all sorts of people who live in different "worlds." I do not fear death as I approach that age. If I were to fear anything it would be the ignorance of the main stream propagated by corporate greed. In addition, I do fear for new generations that will suffer because of it due to climate change and all that will bring.


Right now, it's watching my mother deteriorate, lack of money, poor health, and being alone. Kind of all overwhelming me at the moment.


I'm not afraid of death, no one can avoid that. I am afraid of suffering or prolonged illness. I'm afraid of an unfunded retirement thanks to the current administration. I'm really afraid of not being able to do what I want when I want and that would cause me to be bored out of my gourd. I'm never bored because I always have a long list of stuff to do, if I can't do them it would be sad.


I don't want a lingering death. Death itself is fine. I've had friends pass with ALS, emphysema, and cancer. I've seen others struggle with crippling depression. It scares me.


That no one will respond to my post…


The propagation and growth of the cruel, totalitarian, oppressive, theocratic political ideology based on the teachings and example of "the prophet". It is not exclusively the extremism, but is the mainstream ideology, which is the threat.


I'm starting life over again and I'm finding it hard even with a degree in cybersecurity to get a job at 57, cancer survivor, and twin boys that are terminally ill. I have never been this broke in my life, as a matter of fact I've always been fairly well-off. So I guess I really don't like the prospect of me being broke!



Poor health.... I've had a slipped disc and I know what it's like to NOT be able to pick you own underwear up off the ground. To sneeze and have every part of your body hurt. To turn the wrong way and pinch a nerve that sends so much pain down your body but you can't move because it only makes it worse. Everything else, is manageable

What's even worse , is when you undergo surgery to fix it , but they only make things worse . They lie to you and tell you , "Oh that pain will go away , in time , " but it doesn't . Then , after waiting year(s) as told to do , you learn that the surgery they did , wasn't the one you needed .

@Cast1es yeah, I was admitted about chiropractic adjustments and yoga. I hate pain killers. I was told I shouldn't run again and now I average 8 miles every other day. When it comes to health limitations based on injury or illness nothing is more humbling. I hope you've found a healthy way to progress past your situation.

@Fibonacci1618 Took multiple tries before I could even find a surgeon who was willing to try to fix it . I have regained some of my voice , although I can't sing , at least people can hear me on the phone , and the constant pain I was dealing with due the orginal surgery , has greatly decreased .


Gotta care about life to fear anything


Watching the news in a dream I see that trump has died of an apparent heart attack and then I wake up to find that it was fake news


I can't choose one, but muslim extremists aren't on MY list lol. christian extremists are, but that's covered by rightwing nuts. i think i am afraid of getting sick with no one to take care of me, while my guy with alzheimer's has no one to take care of him once he loses me.



Lack of money. Being alone and unable to afford the basics.


stroke! I've seen it happen to too many friends and it's horrible! Everything else is secondary.


I'm not going to say I'm fearless but I don't dwell on fear. Even before I heard the FDR Inaugural Address (yes, that was even before my time!) one of my earliest recollections was of my grandfather capturing snakes (some venomous) in our swampy backyard so we could safely go out to play.

Me: Aren't you afraid of the snakes?

He: No, but I do respect them. You're going to see a lot of such things in life. When you fear, you freeze. When you respect the dangers, you can act as you need to avoid them.


I fear that the remainder of my life (40-50 more years, give or take) I will be unloved.

Gohan Level 7 Sep 4, 2018

God & country


Always thought that growing old was going to be a peaceful time to ponder things, think about stuff and write memories..... I was completely clueless about pain, sickness, not having energy to do anything and at times to get a bit sad and depressed because things are not the way I thought they would be. At the end, beats the alternative anyway....

Speaking of alternatives: Alternative medicine or Holistic practitioners. Understanding how old age affects us and doing something benign and non invasive about it. It's a fun study and it feels awfully good to be able to kick ass at this senior age.


My children dying before me.

Same here. That would be the worst for me.

@Condor5 I occasionally have nightmares of being in an car wreck, and being trapped listening to my children screaming and being unable to help. It's horrible.

@MrBeelzeebubbles fortunately, I rarely have dreams I remember, and none that terrible. But, I think dreams often do reflect our deepest fears. I've had a few wherein one or the other of my dogs was either killed, or disappeared in a busy city. I don't think I could handle anything similar involving my daughter.


Being lonely. I was lonely in my last marriage.


Being chased by a dozen clowns. (being eaten by a shark is a close second)


That GRRM will die before he finishes writing A Song of Ice and Fire

Marz Level 7 Sep 5, 2018

My worst fear is still death, but a right wing dystopia is quickly catching up to it.

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