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What was a disillusionment in your life?

The obvious for many may be that religion is bogus (that word bogus, can you guess my age 😉 lol).

But, are there any other examples where you experienced disillusionment?

silvereyes 8 Jan 21

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People care when you suffer. (Nope.)

People believe you when you tell the truth. (Nope.)

In order for someone to dislike you, you have to do something to them directly. (Not even remotely.)

Everyone values knowledge. (HA!!)

My take is the second and fourth on your list.

@I_dont_know I agree with you about those two. Too many people have their minds blocked to truth, and too many people don't value knowledge. I would add to that that too many people just don't bother to think a lot about things. Few have a really philosophic spirit.

@I_dont_know Good username, btw 🙂

@MST3K Thank you! 😉


That people are generally good

@silvereyes generally bad

I think people, as a group, are a mixed bag. I also think that most individuals are a mixture of good and bad. We all have thoughts, feelings or impulses that many of us that we feel
guilty or remorseful about having, but perhaps the good people are those who live in accord with what is good, who deny their bad side.


That I was smart!

Likewise for me


911 was a major disillusionment for me. I didn't think that could happen.

skado Level 9 Jan 21, 2018

...and Santa!

@Rideauxb indeed


When I became aware that not all parents should be parents.


Marriage. All that, "til death us do part" stuff? Evidently not true.


Just one?


Well other than Santa and the Bunny. . .I think the illusion that my vote made a difference probably hit the hardest. I don't think either party gives a damm about poor people, homeless people, working people, city people, rural people, or just people in general. They only care about what will give them more power. $$$$ I just noticed I am echoing Duke--Sorry man


All sex I experienced under 40, I believed for years sex was just over rated, ok, I married very young, and that was my mistake.


Incorrect illusions.
•Everyone is equal
•Imaginary brings you are told are real by family and friends
•You should always be honest
•Sex does not matter (individual variant)
•It’s easy to make friends
•People want to understand
•If you don’t know the answer, it’s alright to ask, and you won’t be judged for your lack of knowledge
•You can always count on family and friends


Can't really call it a disillusion more like had heard about it but never really put it together. When I returned after my tour in the service. I had gotten a job where there were several veterans was sitting in the lunch room about a year after I had stated working. Got to talking to a Vietnam war veteran he was one of the ones that got beaten up in an airport for being in the Vietnam war. He had stated his anger for the treatment he received for simply doing his job. And has resentment that we got greeted with such open arms. First thing I had said to is that we got the welcome home was because the veterans like him made it possible and insured we did not get that shitty treatment. After that we became very close friends. Most unfortunately he has gotten M.S. it has been suggested that agent Orange had some thing to do with that. My guess on your age is close to mine. Oh think I was suppose to say you are 29.

@silvereyes You seem and are wise for your age.

@silvereyes You look younger. When you said your grandfather was affected from agent orange you really made me feel old 😟 I missed that war. Had friends who died there.


My being a person afforded value without proof.


I always thought people in general were somewhat intelligent but it appears that a large portion of the population have proven me wrong.

gearl Level 7 Jan 21, 2018

I wish I could have implicit trust in a physician again, either human or animal, but after too many incidents that's gone now. 😟


Mine would have to be kindergarten and the breakdown of my ideal of meritocracy. I saw that teachers favored one kid over another, time and again. I realized that life was a fixed game. I realized that I would never be able to play the father when we played house. I Realized that I would never get to play with the new blocks. Such a sad day.


I see marriage has been posted on here a lot. I too had a failed marriage.

There was no anger or cheating, but we just grew apart. We just became very different people, with different needs and desires. In reality it wasn't anyone's fault, but it is a sad experience. She was a really great person, but I guess the disillusionment was with myself. I realized I cannot live like everyone else. I don't believe in God, I care almost nothing for money as long as I have my necessities, and I cannot have children. Money, kids, and God are very important to most people, so I am a little bummed that I have rather limited my prospects for the future.

However, this is the road I chose, and I have to keep going. Hopefully I find someone on a similar path someday. I know its going to be hard. I don't want to burden anyone with my unconventionality.

No God, no money, no kids... How you doin'? (J/K--add "no sex, no romance" and you've got me!)

Unconventional is my middle name...

As long as you are moving through life, and not just watching life, things will change. Opportunities are always around, and if you are moving you most like bump into what you are looking for. Good hunting

@stinkeye_a yah im not doing too good lol!


That love conquers all. My experience is that it's not always enough.


Betrayal of trust by close friends


It's called life. However, with disillusionment's are also successes and wins.


2 Delusional moments.

Got a woman pregnant, then married her thinking we could fall in love. A conflicted Divorce is second most experience to death.

  1. Was a baptism for 3 months until I watch a movie the :Exorcist: When Linda Blair head started spinning around barfing pea soup. I rushed to the cinema toliet, threw up and looking for God in the toilet. Realized afterwards, hell concept is all in my mind.

That what I said mattered.


When I was 'led to the Lord' by a foster dad who I considered my uncle, I had a strong, powerfully positive emotional experience. I felt invigorated. This is one emotional experience out of many that I had as a strong Christian believer.

However, I learned that just because you feel emotion for something doesn't make it wrong or right, and emotions drive us to do things that doesn't make logical sense at times. It felt good, though!

@silvereyes I wouldn't say it is necessarily bad that I had those experiences and followed that path. Though it is stupid and ignorant, it was supportive and filled a gap that was needed at that time in my life. People need a crutch at times in their lives. For many, practically all their life.

Also, people argue that because people have those experiences means that their faith is real. My answer to that is sociological, and is simple (but yet complex if looking at different theories that may apply) human behavior in a social environment.


The Amurikan dream..


I don't have one... never been a blindly all in kind of guy so... I took missing that free throw at the end that would had won the tournament championship a lesson in life. But disillusionment is too large and big a word for me to use. It sounds like putting your faith in something that didn't produced what promised. I haven't ever had a "bad date". Can't say for the lady to feel same way about me. I am practical, getting a decent meal... a good movie... no kiss goodbye, is just passing of time. Missed opportunity? No big deal... wasn't the last right? My Jaguars just lost to Patriots... I don't feel disillusionment. so I don't know what to tell you. Nothing in this plane is that important to me. I always been that detached, self centered tourist in life that can substitute one thing for another at command. Life is fun. What's there to cry about? Aliens coming or not coming? jesus late for the rapture? A cheating spouse? Losing all the money you slaved so hard for? A car ended being a lemon? I don't love money and that takes away a lot of aggravation while watching the news. Just experiences in life brothers and sisters. Stories to tell.


The religious stories to me are similar to a Disney animation. Just not as entertaining. My greatest disillusionment was probably the day I was circumcised. That was not a good day. As far as your age? You look young, but your probably older then you look or you wouldn't have asked us to guess

@silvereyes So how old are you?

@silvereyes I don't know why you let it bother you. To me it's amusing listening to people talk about their imaginary friends

@silvereyes As far as pain goes I'm beginning to decompose

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