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QUESTION Grandparents of shackled children: ‘God called’ on parents to have large family |

Why can’t God tell his nutty people to do useful stuff? Like clean up litter, or help the homeless?

IndySent 7 Jan 22

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Because he is too busy watching everyone while they "do the deed" while not being married. That, among the many other odd and pointless things he supposedly does. Yes indeed....g-- works in delirious waysπŸ˜‰


Yeah, funny thing about that. It's because the voices in our heads come from (drum roll..) US! We are the gods who love to mess things up, and of course saying "God made me do it" makes you seem noble. To some.


The more I read of stories like above the more contempt I have for the religious mind.


Because there God is an asshole.


Because then their religious doctrine would be consistent.


Lolll love it. . But yea. Why not..
And this explains alot of whats written in the bible


LOL, fer sure. There are some people who should be tied to train tracks with the express train coming.


Oh Yeah, that really irritates me when people say that. God called me to the Ministry... Or whatever. That really means: After thinking about it, I decided that I wanted to do it. By saying 'I was called' is an attempt to give themselves credentials they don't really have.


This is the worst case of parenting with so much depravity. I was wondering how 2 adults could control 13 kids/adults? Stockholm syndrome?


This is why I cannot believe in a loving Judeo-Christian god! This, right here! No god worth our worship would allow the millions of atrocities committed in its' name. And yes, throw Allah in there too! None are worthy to be praised!

Better and more constructive to believe that god does not exist, and that the god concept always has been and always will be a manifestation of individual fears and collective madness. Man creates god in his own physical and psychological image, hence the pathetic litany of excuses and justifications.

Sorry for the rant...


"Every sperm is sacred,
Every sperm is good,
If a sperm gets wasted,
God gets quite irate."

Monty Python


"God" may have instructed them to have a large family, however I'm sure he didn't instruct them to shackle and abuse them.

I really REALLY hope the police don't take their religious convictions into account and let them off.


...Or feed the fish by marching two-by-two, headlong into ocean? C'mon, people! Heaven awaits! If the Rapture (brought to you by a 19th century minister) won't come to you, by gosh, take yourselves to the Rapture! I'm looking forward to claiming some of these abandoned cars and homes! Mush, god-botherers! Mush!



Clearly god has no value for life... have babies willy nilly everyone!

I have always wondered the same... that couple could have been doing something useful... those poor kids will need years of therapy and socialization. I hope they can find some semblance of normal.

@SACatWalker some cultures like lots of kids... there is nothing wrong with that. I had four and am friends with some wonderful mexican american families... I would not change a thing about them or their culture. It is colorful and wonderful.

@SACatWalker I have no problem with the truth


Sick demented people-possibly psychotic.


I've known two people, each of which had a parent who was one of 19 children -- One from Quebec, one from France -- and none of them were ever padlocked.


So God called them to have a large family - then they did and abused the children. Wouldn't you think God would have had something to say about that too?

God would have to exist first.

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