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Does anyone know which Football team, the Patriots or the Eagles, that god wants to win the super bowl? I am thinking of making a bet of one dollar on the game. It is hard to figure out which team he is cheering for, because the players do not thank and give glory to god until after the game is over and the winner is known. How many players on each team are praying to god? Are they praying the right way? Are they in the right religion? Which religion does god prefer? It is such a hard choice for me to make, because I do not know which team is his favorite. Does god likes other types of football that the rest of the world plays.

noworry28 8 Jan 22

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If we're all wrong and there is a deity who cares about the NFL, it's clear who that deity has been favoring for the past 17 years....


@noworry28, I caught your humor. 😀

Seriously, though, trying to choose between Trump's team and the team that knocked off my Dirty Birds is just cruel. Cruel, I tell you!


God only cared about badminton, not football.


Being that I'm a Giants fan, he isn't rooting for either of them. The only worse matchup for me to watch would be the Patriots vs the Cowboys.

Yay ... NY Giants forever and always


The Patriots are Trump's team, so you decide.

I cannot have anything in common with Trump.

I forgot about that. And I didn't even need another reason to hate the Pats


The Cubs of course.



I cannot wait until I see the coach of a losing team walk into press conference and explain that god screwed his team. If god gets credit for one team's winning, he should also be blamed for the loss their opponents suffer.

JimG Level 8 Jan 22, 2018

which team has the most evangelical players... i bet he likes them best... they are nuts 😛


Totally forgot about that, I watch nil to none when it comes to sports. When I lived in Pennsylvania where I worked were a ton of Eagles fans had several make references. I was always if you want to talk about science or a good novel I am in, get into non academic stuff I a lost. I was dating a woman at the time her daughter had mental difficulties. I went to work and those guys shooled me on the basics of the game so as I could help her understand.


Duuuude it's a HARD core Manchester United Hooligan..No Joke..totally goes Waaaay overboard on smitting thing.He CraCraCra..


Ok I will pray to the gods of football for the Patriots to win. I will do so at the pub while drinking beer and eating nachos. I will also go to the the changing rooms of the other team and distract them in my cheerleading outfit 😉 lol. I think that will help more than prayer. 😀
To edit.. why on earth would anyone think god has anything to do with it?. It is actually he who has worked the hardest, he who wants it the most and he who has the best strategy. duh! people are funny.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 22, 2018

god has nothing to do with it. My Patriots are going to win without the help of any gods. Why are you here? THINK YOU'RE TROLLING OR LOST.

OR he thinks he is way funnier than he probably is.

Relax this is just harmless humor people. Remember when the Vikings won against the Saints The player who caught the touchdown said it was the imaginary god's doing. I guess this week he liked the Eagles better.

It actually made me laugh. So, there. 😉


the Eagles drafted Carson Wentz he has bought several of his teammates to Christ many have given their lives to Jesus and been baptized .. After the won the NFC championship Nick Foles gave all glory to God first and foremost.. I have never heard a Patriots player, coach or owner thank or give glory to God.. I don't know if that means God is on the eagles side ,but it can't hurt..


Last time I looked the Las Vegas gods gods favored the patriots by 5 points. Considering the NFL has done nothing to stop those overpaid assholes from taking a knee during the national anthem I doubt I’ll be watching the super bowl. The NFL commissioner should be fired for allowing those overpaid assholes to kneel during the anthem as they are disrespecting the veterans who made it possible for them to make those big bucks.


That son of a bitch god allowed Aaron Rodgers to be injured, thus denying the greatest football team ever of a Superbowl ring. Don't trust that God Fella.

I hear you, I don't want to lose my big $1 bet.

@noworry28 big money


The Patriots of course. What god in his right mind would favor the Eagles?


Fuck god... I want Eagles 😛
But being a NY Giants fan that is expected right?


If god exists, they are clearly totally indifferent to everything.


Baby Jesus is taking the Eagles and the points.

The President will, of course, favor his buddies with New England.

Now, you must choose.


God ,,pray you in the right area ?


Love you post. Having listened to the interviews with winning team players, am sure that god helped them in some way. and right, the losing team didn't live right, or pray, or give their lives to god.


When I want to receive god's answer... I talk to those that believe in god. This is atheist/agnostic... you sure you want us to tell you what god's thinking?

This is Sarcasm people. Just harmless fun, read the whole post.

@noworry28 When you include god, stops being sarcastic. god never been harmless or fun.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Why, last time I checked this is an agnostic/atheist site. I can be sarcastic at an imaginary super being that resides in the sky. Religious people gives him the credit and the blame for everything.

@AxeElf jesus h fucking christ... I am the only one not allowed to be sarcastic!!!!

@AxeElf No biggie... nothing I said should be taken serious. Somebody brought it here before... many said it was "holy", I just said H can stand for anything but Hector... because that will piss the hell out of me. he, he, he.

@AxeElf I salute you sir.

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