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Have you noticed that some of the people whom commented on a lot of your posts when you first started, aren't here anymore on the site?

What happened to half of the guys on here whom messaged me so much and commented on all my comments? I don't see any of them on here and have not heard from many of them from when I first signed up. Did I scare them away with denying them a relationship? I hope not. I don't mean to scare anyone away.

Sarahroo29 8 Jan 22

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No, I doubt very much you scared anyone away. I find when people join a forum, they are really interested in reading all the comments, and contributing, but after a while the novelty wears off, and they don't visit the site as often.


It's a dating site, too, and I've noticed that most men here are interested in meeting women, so if guys pursued you and you turned them away, they likely went on to meet others and aren't as interested in posting on the board because they're busy getting to know others who are interested in dating.

Good observation.

@Sarahroo29 Well that I find amazing, Truly, I am open to meeting women but in no way do I see this as a dating site. I am on POF for that purpose but here I am completely enjoying the voice allowed me, You do have a good point, I have heard man times men treat things like such but at my age, we know what we are here for


Some of them will have decided the site isn't what they wanted, others will have forgotten to make a note of their password... you scared the rest!

Jnei Level 8 Jan 22, 2018



I havn't been here long, but I've been a guy my whole life. Some people just get bored and move on from a hobby, or community. Some people move on when they realise they aren't going to get laid. Some people go to jail. Everyone dies eventually. Hard telling, not knowing.

Whoa, whoa, whoa... Everyone dies? Ah, crap... 🙂

I plan on living forever, so far so good!


I really hadn't noticed, but then I have a memory like a sieve.



I'm still here. I mostly read. Plus, I am a lazy typist!


I guess it was not meant to be? There is one for you is out there! But don't worry I'm still here and that is the main thing 😉 lol lol

Sacha Level 7 Jan 22, 2018

Okay, cool.


I would hope that you aren't taking personally. It's on them, not you.

Nah, it was a joke. I forgot to put lol.


It's inevitable that some won't find a site to be quite the right "fit". Also - we don't know what people's day-to-day lives are like. I know I sometimes take a "computer vacation", good for the mind.

Some of the guys that messaged you may have been scammers, or ones looking for a quick hook-up. Best they're gone if that's the case ! You're not scary - you're cool !

Some might be back, and new ones will certainly come along ...



Retention along with update/notifications of those one follows seems to be a factor from my pov.


they may simply be silent


Some people are fad or novelty people. Or are looking for a quick hook up. Quick never works.


@Sarahroo I know some people are taking a break like Kreig who used to be on all the time. We've got new members every day-fresh blood lol.


Remember them for their contribution instead of their disappearances or else you may start to disappear yourself. Look forward to those you have yet to meet. Dangit! I am talking like that yet again......



No, I haven't.

Oh, and you haven't scared me away.



Maybe they're not seeing your posts? Maybe they stopped visiting the site? Who knows?


We all have the privilege to move on and also boring never been a right.


Perhaps they have switched from active participants to stalkers



No one got scared, just the novelty wears off. I was one of those who got to level 4 in one week, Now I pay close attention to the amazing Trumpster and his woes.

EMC2 Level 8 Jan 23, 2018

My usage of the internet usually only lasts till my next depression but I did notice on a few threads that this was in fact mentioned as a dating site for like-minded people.. .. So maybe they actually come here for one thing and simply pack up their Pole and leave...


I doubt that you had anything to do with it. If they were new, they probably got bored, after a time or just came on here to begin find out what it was all about! It could be 100s of other ideas...


I'm prejudiced about having relationships with anyone not within two years of my age.
I'm demisexual so the lust element is a moot point.

And, at 65 yrs old, I don't have to worry much about "old men" contacting me, either, LOL!


yes i have


That happens on dating sites. If you don't immediately proclaim undying lust towards them, they see you as not worth their time. Personally I wouldn't worry about it.


I’ve seen a significant drop.

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