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Was I wrong to laugh in her face?

Lmfao I can’t help but laugh at this. One of my friends told me today that atheist are truly lost souls, who walk around lying to themselves because we deny god. I could not do anything but lol at this. These people obviously don’t think about their beliefs.

EmeraldJewel 7 Jan 23

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When something strikes you funny, you laugh. It's a reflex.


She was completely out of line with you, why should you give her any respect in return?
Laughing in her face seems totally appropriate.


Ask as Jesus did...
"Who are you to judge.....?"

Someone with a brain.


Understandable but not very nice really. But Hell sometimes you've just got to hand out some poo 🙂


My family considers me a lost soul. I consider their beliefs to be typical for people world wide. They find comfort in having answers. Their answers are provided by the Bible. If they question the answers, they have not done so to my knowledge. I would rather be unsure and accurate than being led around by unproved dogma. They don't understand my position but that's alright. They don't possess the ability to get outside the box.


It's natural to laugh at the ridiculous. It seems that those who place faith in a shared delusion can't seem to get that though they have faith does not mean everyone has to have faith in it.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

I don't think you were wrong. I laugh at things I find ridiculous.


I do the same thing when I'm told that I can't possibly have morals since I'm an atheist; or when they state the Earth is 6000 years old. It may be wrong, but sometimes you just can't help yourself.

It is not wrong; they have it coming. Like Dawkins said (paraphrasing him: don’t use kiddie gloves with these people. The don’t use kiddie gloves on us and they put a horseshoe in theirs!


Sometimes the absurdity of peoples ignorance can't help but give you a giggle or two. I just normally smile and say pray for me 😉. The sarcasm is lost on them, but sure makes my day.


But many Atheists don't believe in souls. So how can they be lost souls?

Lol they don’t understand the meaning of that. I bought a whole science book on the human conscience and the looks on her face was priceless.


With a comment like that atheists being lost souls i would feel bad about laughing

Right, once laughter subsides you see how pathetic they are and pity takes over.


White evangelical Christians are mostly taught from childhood to check their brains at the church door and be obedient to old white men. Any questioning is met with condemnation. Also, they don't read the Bible they defend so religiously or they'd know that the punishment for breaking several of the Ten Commandments was death by stoning. Shoot, you were supposed to be stoned if you picked up a stick on Saturday, or talked back to your parents.


you know what's good for you. Don't listen to them.


Perhaps the question you may want to ask yourself is" Have I geven her the right to be right ". Giving someone the right to be wrong is easy, for it tells us that we are right. Rather arrogant, don't you think? Perhaps if you look st this situation from a different perspective, you may see that you may be as intolerant and " cock sure" of your position as she is hers. Sorry to burst your bubble of self assured superiority. Being open minded and relatively tolerant (or at least civil) isn't easy or fun.

Lol it was funny for me cause I used to believe this stuff and had to think it through and I know where she was coming from, but the concept of a man made god is ridiculous. It’s alright for them to threaten us with hell, but it’s not alright to laugh at them when they’ve made this same threat over and over?

Call me arrogant, but the concept of a personal god that hears my prayers is a pretty ridiculous one. Life is too short for us not to laugh at... laughable things.


If you feel that they try to insult you, just laugh. It won't help though. I think it's better is to ask questions, to let them explain, what a soul is, why they don't deny their god, etc. I'm not sure if I could in the circumstances you describe.

Gert Level 7 Feb 1, 2018

The world is full of theists who honestly haven't a clue about what an atheist truly is. Their own belief in god leads them to believe that atheists must also believe, but are dishonest.


Laugh in face is what's I'd do.


I've said it a million times. Reasoning with these people won't work. Laughing at them (gently) does. Once they realize we're not going to be baited, they tend to stop trying.


People have a right to believe in whatever they want....some genuinely believe there is a god....some....need comfort....and for these reason...believing in god is their comfort.....other’s I all the prison documentaries about America’s worst crimes.....suddenly are changed souls....a long time after they have committed the terrible crime.....the part I don’t when they start preaching to me....especially after I’ve told them in a very intellectual and pleasant way...that I don’t believe....


Most are so brainwashed they think that the way they do it is the only way.

“The belief that there is only one truth and that oneself is in possession of it, seems to me the deepest root of all that is evil in the world.”
Max Born


She has redeeming features which is why you still call her friend?

Meant ex friend. There was a huge disagreement t after this cause I tried to reason with her. It sounds nothing more but a story, and hell is too illogical to be real.

You tried to reason with her? YOU TRIED TO REASON WITH HER??!! Reason? It’s ok... your better self got the upper hand. But don’t try that again... at least not at home! : )


I'd of been hard pressed to not laugh my ass off right then and there.


I think your final sentence should have stopped after the word "think".


If it helps, I like to keep Trump supporters in my FB friends lists. Not because I or they actually agree on politics but simply because I find it entertaining to find out what people in the "other camp" are saying.

laughter can derail a serious potentially thought-provoking discussion, but there's no persuading someone stuck on their own views (like the Christian lady who tried to convince me that I had to take all of the stories about Jesus in the bible literally)


No you were not wrong laughing at her face. Everybody has the right to express their opinion but they don’t have the right to control our reactions to what they say. Actually, she was pretty rude to you, and yes, they don’t think at all, period. Personal responsibility says you can say anything you want or do anything you want as long as you are willing to take the consequences of what you said or did. If she regularly says things like these outside her religious clique, you most likely are not the first one to laugh at her face.

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