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Crazy Names

Seems so many people want to be ridiculously unique and creative when naming their kids nowadays..

I went to school with a Wild Rice, and my friends mom worked with a woman named Ima Lima Bean.

Know anyone with a crazy, silly name?

AMGT 8 Jan 23

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Then there was a low ranking sailor whose last name was Stain. So every day he was called Seaman Stain. And then AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio and Television Service) had a spokesperson whose last name was Minor and his rank was Major. So we had Major Minor on TV most days back in the early 80s.


Dusty Waters

Reminded me of when we lived in New Mexico. In the afternoon would be still, then wind would come up and have a little dust storm, followed by a short thunderstorm, and then back to still. Maybe that would qualify, got dusty, and then rain.

@Or-Humanist this person lived in Kayenta, AZ I thought it was a very cool name


"Hung Long." and I'm not making it up! So what happened? I'm at work and the courier comes in with the 'new guy' and introduces him around (I'm first) - and I'm trying so hard not to dissolve into a completely inappropriate giggling fit. Which I had after they both left. I think I had tears streaming down my face? (Ok obviously in his culture it was probably a fine name but oh boy!).


Strangest name I ever came across was a girl named Aquanetta. Apparently it's a bit popular in parts of Detroit.


I cannot even describe how vehemently opposed I am to silly way out there names. I just shake my head in wonder at what they hell they were thinking doing that to another human being.


I have a friend name Golden Coral

@SteveB i am serious the only difference is her last name is spelled corale


Then there is Ima Hogg from Texas, real person.


LOL!! 100% serious, I worked a referral hotline for a children's hospital. One of my referrals had the name of Zion Emmanuel. Who names a child that? Why don't you just tattoo "kick me" on his forehead. And then there was the baby girl named Vagina. Mom was high and ignorant, thought it was the most beautiful name she ever heard. She was like 14 or 15 as well.

"My name is Sue, how do you do."

Vagina for a girl's name?!? I think this wins the prize.

@kmdskit3 some c#nts will name their children inappropriately!


When I worked in a shop years ago, a Japanese woman paid using a credit card one day. The name on her card was Miss Kunting Wang.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 24, 2018

I had a cousin (now deceased) whose first name was General. It made for some interesting moments when he was in the Army.

skado Level 8 Jan 24, 2018

Lemonjello , orangello brothers , Axal and Wheel twins .

A friend of mine knows kids named this!!! L'MON-zjello and O'RON-zjello. Really, parents? What is wrong with you? Also an acquaintance of mine was a nurse back in the 70's and had a new mother name her baby SyPHYllis because she "saw the name on her medical chart and liked it". Uhm....... oh boy.


Don't get me started, I raised my kids in Nimbin and they went to school there.
So you have the usual, Sunshine, Rainbow, Storm, Leaf, Rain all very common names, so how about Karma, Paspalum, Compost. I the parents are movie fans, Luke seems an ok name, until his has a baby brother called Obi and a sister called Hyzenthlay. Some poor kid who was quite talented so I saw his name a lot in newsletters was Windy Willy.

I do like Storm and Stormy. More so Stormy for a girl.

@BlueWave Stormy Daniels...

@kmdskit3 Ha!!! I try to not think about anything trump related.


Wilde paul...


In the Navy there was this California shipmate... Summer Long but by now she is married and with a different last name. Same with this lady named Robin and her married last name was Hood so she chose to live in Sherwood. About creativity it does gets out of hand... heard in Australia a farmer named children by number, I don't think is legal anymore.

@AMGT We all did and she was easy in the eye... the california girl type portrayed in the famous "California Girls Video". She also was different, the only person I ever saw in the navy that wouldn't cash her check right away. In those days if you didn't have an allotment to a bank you will get a check. Sometimes a check will be sitting for 2 weeks in her box... driving her supervisor crazy for obvious reasons so we assumed she was rich or extremely good with money. She was carefree for sure and with Such a Great Name!!!!


My father works for an airline, so Mike Hunt, Anita Dick, Harry Bush, Abcde, are all real names who've flown with them.

I'm in a group on Facebook that's just for making fun of names, "Of all the beautiful names in the world, you chose that one?" It's crazy how many strange names people come up with, and it's mostly white people going crazy with it. D;


I don't know anyone, but my older brother went to school with a guy named Ronald McDonald. lol
No lie.


Summer, star, daisy, sunnie, peaches,


There is a family where I live with the last name Couch. They named their kids (in order of birth). Ima, Dusty, and Burgandy. Ima Couch. Dusty Couch. Burgandy Couch. Ima Dusty Burgandy Couch. Whyyyyyyyy???


This is fun!! Good post!


I had a friend named Kenneth England. They named their first daughter London. I have forgotten the second daughter's name. It was something more ordinary.

I worked with a fellow named Kelly Greene. Parents can be cruel.

At another job in Florida, the forman's name was Frank Lee.

I've known others, but these were the worst.


Had seen it somewhere guy name Cabbage Head. Some funny ones, fake book titles Overpopulation by We F...em Young. Yellow river by I Pee Freely. Under the bleachers by I See More Butts.


Touchdown for a first name. Every body called him TD. Also a guy in college with 3 first names: Gregory Stephen Bill. We called him Greg Steve Bill. He was not amused.


I knew a woman years ago who named her daughter Princess and her son Princeton. Ugh....


Little rant here, sorry;
I have a unique name. It's pretty, but not obvious to pronounce if you read it. I work in customer service and people complement me on it or ask me about it at least once a day if I wear my name tag. I'm an introvert and this is awkward and I do not like it.
Please, Please do not do this to your kids! At least name them something that can be read correctly so it doesn't make people uncomfortable if they have to call out their name from a list. I heard about a study a while back that showed people with odd names miss out on things because people don't know how to say their names. If there are some job applications and someone has to call these people to set up interviews. It is likely the interviewer will subconsciously choose to call Susan instead of Antoniqua, just to avoid the embarrassing mispronunciation. When Susan starts work people will learn her name and remember how to say it. They will say "Hi Susan!" when they see her and use her name to make her feel included. If Antoniqua gets the job, some people will avoid greeting her because they don't want to say her name wrong. She can still be successful and socially included if she has a glowing personality, but it will be a small thing she has to deal with almost every time she meats a new person.

MsAl Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

I too have an unusual name. Yes it is Kelvin and like you I hated it when I was a kid but as have grown older, I`ve warmed to it. For one thing I very rarely need my second name and that is quite uncommon too. Which (and I have checked this out) makes me completely unique. No other people anywhere on earth have my name.

Oh I like Kelvin! I can see how people would say it wrong a lot though. Mine has 3 syllables and lots of vowels. I come up on the first Google page with just my first name. For a while when I was married I had a foreign last name that made it even worse 🙂


I knew of a person named "Yellow Light", but my favorite is Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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