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What do you do when you're blue?

When you're down or not feeling your best, what are things you do to help and why? When we're emotionally down or blue, we tend to find our personal go to's or remedies that makes our day slightly better or as pleasant as possible. Hang with friends, hide and read, what have you. I usually paint or binge watch game grumps in my worst mood. No matter how much I want to not let go or fixate on the negative, I watch game grumps and it makes me laugh every time and it usually reveals the stupidity of the situation. It really helps you get out of your own head, as dumb as that is. What do you do when you're blue??

Kayterade5348 5 Sep 15

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I read. I prefer non-fiction. I feel that my sadness passes more quickly when I'm gaining knowledge or attempting to fathom the universe.

And it sounds productive! I dig it πŸ™‚

@Kayterade5348 It helps put things into perspective


I try to distract myself as much as possible. I turn on music to sing with, paint, walk in the woods, bake, etc.


Sleep, glorious sleep.



I got a divorce. Cleared that problem right up.

All divorce did was get rid of my stress.

@DenoPenno I'm happier now than I've ever been.

@sewchick57 I know several women who exorcised their worthless husbands and enjoy the same outcome.


Stay home and watch movies, mostly comedy.


All of the stuff you're not supposed to do (lay in bed, eat junk, drink... more, smoke entirely too much, make bad "life" choices, watch ridiculous amounts of SNL and Monty Python, ok that might be the healthiest one...)

@bigpawbullets Marlboro Smooth 100s. Can't handle the spicy marijuanas. But, I smoke like a pack a week. Maybe 2 if the boy is at his dad's for the weekend. Unless I'm blue and drinking way too much, then maybe 3.


It's best to have healthy habits so to avoid depression or recover from it more quickly. But when in a bout of depression and especially if you suffer from chronic depression it's good to have a 'toolbox' of quick techniques to use when suffering from depression. For me physical exertion usually offers quick relief even simple sitting exercises like palms flat on the table and press down hard for 30 seconds. A good one is yawn and stretch 10 times in a row, even fake yawns will trigger real ones, you can do it most anywhere including in bed if you woke up depressed (also it's a good technique for stage fright). Having a 'happy place' can be very effective, I like to visualize running down sand dunes and then walk in the water along the shore. Another good one is 'grounding' or focusing on the moment by focusing on your environment, your breath, sense yourself planted, to yourself name all the item around you (also good for a panic attack). Gratitude enriches us, be grateful for the little things, nurture gratitude, can you breath freely, think about how good it feels to inhale like you were smelling a flower, are you going to take a shower, enjoy the hot water, having a cup of tea/coffee, savor each sip. Forgiveness frees us, be quick to forgive, especially yourself. Kindness betters us all, we rise by lifting others.


Music and dance. Even if it’s just by myself.


When I'm blue I find blue remover and scrub it off.


I watch some Doctor Who. It's comfort TV for me. If I'm really in bad shape, I smoke some weed. Specifically sativa. It literally pulls me out of emotion mind when I'm having a depressive episode so I can dissect the emotion.

Castle cheers me up


Music, or go for a walk or run.


Go on a good long walk or lately bike ride. I try not to dwell or brood, so I listen to a podcast to focus on that more. It doesn't always work, but better that just sitting there.


Reconect with my anger, it gives me energy, then I start working to improve something.
Some musics help me


I haven't felt blue or depressed for several years; although, it's easy to reel off several reasons why I could be, no spark in my marriage for years, old and nearing the final sleep, wheelchair bound, and obese, not to mention Trump and the GOP who are my political enemies.

An epiphany changed my attitude. A few years ago I was in the hospital and could have died without medical intervention. I don't fear death anymore, it will occur. However, I'm fighting for life.

Now I"m working on making my body what I want instead giving-in to hunger. There is no place for the blues when you are struggling to survive. I'm using meditation, exercise and food restriction to shape my body into skinny.

This type of attitude change is priceless. And the actions you are taking are inspiring.

@thislife ❀ Thank You
Success is not guaranteed.

@EdEarl It never is.

@thislife That's true, but I'm battling myself, and I may loose.


I get busy I've found activities and physical exercise are the best thing for the Blues


What do I do when I'm blue? That's a no brainer if ever there was one. I make an appointment with my dermatologist right away.


Usually go exercise. Try to replace it with siemtikg healthy and productive.


Rinse the paint off.

Also make bad jokes.


Wine and Jazz

Etre Level 7 Sep 15, 2018

I go see the Blue Men Group.


Paint myself yellow and make green.


If I start to get blue I can snap out of it fairly easily as I will remember that have a good life and shouldn't feel sorry for myself as others who are less fortunate have bigger problems...


Listen to music I love, e.g. Alanis Morissette or the Beatles. These two can usually lift me up quite a bit. Music in general usually helps me feel better. Watching good TV sitcoms and sleep can also help too.

Beatles, always!


Fire up a sativa blunt.


Lately, I've been finding only one real thing has been able to help significantly. In my "real job", I work for a soulless corporation. Well, actually, they're surprisingly soulful, but still a corporation. I've started my own indie game development company, literally funded from nothing really but money I've saved, and I've found that forcing myself to sit and work on my games is the only thing which can help. It's not easy, because of the depression, but when I've accomplished something, that does actually help quite a lot - because if I'm nothing but a piece of crap, at least I'm an effective crap. So I guess I look for some goal to achieve, or some external purpose to be had.

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