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How many of you are bothered by second hand smoke?

I never liked second smoke, but it didn't bother me. I was just tying to be tolerant. With COPD it now bothers me, even out side if the air is moving in the right direction I will start coughing. The doctors always assume that I was a smoker, but I never was.

Leutrelle 7 Jan 24

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I watched my father take his last breath after suffering with lung cancer in 2004. Smoking stinks and I try to avoid breathing it. It too makes me cough.

Sorry about your Dad. It is hard to watch a loved one die.

My dad died of lung cancer as well.


I really don't like it


I smoked off and on for several periods--quit 16 months ago and no plan to start again. I don't like it, but I doesn't bother me and I have no cravings.

What drives me crazy for some reason is the cloying reek of a heavy smoker's house that infiltrates my clothing after just a few minutes of being there...

I like smokeless tobacco, I have quit once, but can't seem to quit again.

@Leutrelle, i just noticed that you do smoke (in your post you say you never did). "smokeless", does that mean vap? because of what i've heard about it, it's at least as shitty for your health, if not worse.

@walklightly No I don't vap. I know people who do. I use the can tobacco which I put a pinch under my lip, and no I don't spit. I lost that urge after about a year. I use about a can a week which is not very much. I would like to quit, but it is going to be a tough one. I get pretty grumpy when try. It is very addictive because it is in my mouth most of the time. I quit once and it is about three months of hell, and man I wish hadn't started again, but was under a lot of stress. I bought a small corporation, and was living 200 miles from home, the struggles of managing disgruntle employees who were mistreated by the previous owner, and driving back and forth on weekends, hiring and firing, borrowing more money, and etc I gave in, but man do I regret that.

@Leutrelle, yes, i do understand. stress makes us needy for comfort. well, for all that's worth, i had a very strong intention, health-based, when i gave up with assistance of a hypnotherapist. it did something to my brain, so now i can't fathom the idea of ever smoking again - & i used to smoke anything, like the dragon i am! πŸ™‚

@walklightly Are you a Chinese astronomy Dragon? Because I amπŸ™‚ I will think on that hypnotherapist idea. I really would like to quit tobacco.

yes, @Leutrelle, i am a chinese water dragon πŸ™‚ re the quitting: i feel like having to emphasize again how very important your INTENTION is. it's the foundation of succes. the hypnotherapist is a mere tool, to fix your synapses πŸ™‚

@walklightly I live in the boondocks, but I am going ask around and look into hypnotherapy. Yes I understand one really must want to quit, and I do. I have enough health issues W/O adding more. I am in the scramble mode concerning health issues. Thanks so much for looking outπŸ™‚

@Leutrelle, you're very welcome. i wish you much strength & every success with your endeavour.


My father died from lung cancer at the age of 42. He smoked 2 packs of unfiltered Lucky Strikes per day. I was 19 at the time and a smoker. I continued to smoke thinking i was an addicted idiot. Every birthday i got closer to 42 made me feel one step closer to the edge. I finally wised up when my son's pediatrician told me my smoking was causing his respiratory problems and I had another baby due. So at age 28 I quit. About a year after that i became sensitive to second hand smoke as well. I get a headache every time i'm in a room with cigarette smoke now. That presents a professional problem for me because I am a musician who has played in way too many smoky venues. So an hour before showtime on a smoky stage i take headache and sinus meds just to get through it. My lungs feel like smoked hams for a day or two after every show.

It's to bad there is so much smoking in the music world. My son in law is a musician and singer, and he does not smoke. I will have ask him about that. I remember seeing Joe Walsh "Barn Storm" at the Berkley community theatre, and everybody was smoking. A director came out several times saying"this a school, and you can't smoke here". But it seemed to only increase the smoking. It was a great timeπŸ™‚

@Leutrelle Many people don't realize smoke rises so musicians on an elevated stage get a concentrated dose of it. We use fans hidden behind our gear to push some of it away but when you are front and center like me its still pretty bad.

@kensmile4u I bet. The buildings went to concerts were most all elevated seating. We were always higher than the musicians. You make good point.

Other than my much younger days singing in a smoky bar band (we were paid in beer, so we didn't think much, plus I smoked then too), I don't currently have to perform in smoky venues any longer with my big choir. But, karaoke, which I do enjoy, is often held in smoky venues. I refuse to go to these venues if I know I have to sing. "You're a snob!" "So be it." Both of my parents smoked their way into smoky graves, but I quit in 1986. Second hand smoke is a terrible issue.


I feel no obligation to be tolerant of someone who is so inconsiderate that they pollute the air that I must breathe.

Does that only apply to tobacco?

In social situations that I must participate in, would also apply to coughing with Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Flu, etc. Sick persons have no business KNOWINGLY spreading their germs. If that is what you mean rather than industrial pollution.


I hate it. When I was a kid all my relatives smoked like dragons and when we visited I would always lay on the floor, I can really pick up on the smell of a cigarette now that people smoke less

What a smart kid you were.

@Leutrelle it hurts/stings


Guess I’m lucky, (I’m a non-smoker) I enjoy the aroma of a freshly lit cigarette, cigar... outdoors. I find the stench of stale cigarette/cigar/pipe smoke disgusting, gotta strip off my clothes (garage) before entering my house.
... β€œIt lingers like the kiss of a camel... kissing her was like licking an ashtray...”

When I became a father (grandfather now) I quite smoking, best thing I ever did... again lucky.
Weed is good.

Tomas Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

I am a non smoker, never liked to be around cigarette smoke. Pot smoke will bother me sometimes. I don't like the smell and don't like to be around smokers. One of my kids started smoking in HS, and later got in some other trouble, she was out of school for several weeks. I made her quit cold turkey. She hated me. She doesn't hate me anymore.


My throat and sinuses close up in contact with smoke of any kind. Cigarettes, pot, porridge left far too long on the stove. I have never smoked.


I quit about 14 yr.s ago and the thing is I really don't hang out with anybody that smokes naymore.


I grew up in a smoking family. My Dad smoked in the car on family trips, along with my grandparents, uncles, aunts etc. I started smoking at about 10, but I quit young too. I hate the smell now. I built my house, and it's never been smoked in. I don't like to get near it. I love shooting pool, but hardly ever go, because there is usually smoking around those places.


That's why I like the parks in my city, we have a city ordinance that makes it illegal to smoke in any city greenspace.

That is great!


I started smoking in the service. I quit like 10 years ago. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke.

I don't know how you did it. Every one I know Vaps now.

@Leutrelle lots of will power. I now know that nicotine releases high amounts of dopamine in your brain making it even harder to quit. I ate a lot of pumpkin seeds helped a lot.

@azzow2 Pumpkin eh? I love pumpkin seeds. I wonder if that will help with a smokeless tobacco habit?

@Leutrelle can only try. Those vapors are bad. I have heard that they can cause lots of problems. I know some but won't share just can tell you get away from nicitione you will feel better.


Being a leukemia survivor I have a problem with smoking. Most of my exes were smokers.


I have never smoked (I have a thinking brain) and smoking of any kind is next to intolerable.

How about smoking meat?

How about smoking hot gorgeous? I should have qualified my comment by saying "cigarette smoke" but thought it was understood.

@jlynn37 I know I should have put πŸ™‚ after.


I spent 20+ hours in a car with my uncle who damn near chain smokes, probably lost some years, but at certain points, if he'd smoked 3 in a row or something, my throat would start to feel raw and hurt. So I'm only bothered by it once it becomes a noticeable hindrance/inconvenience to me.

It's youth manπŸ™‚ Your tougher than I am, cause used to have similar opinion. Good to hear from ya. Always a pleasure.


I've been a smoker until 6 years minus 1 day ago; did one of these incredibly expensive hypnotherapy sessions that come with a sort of warranty (you can come back if you relapse, no matter, how often).
however, since then I am almost hysterically sensitive to cigarette smoke, in- & outdoors, but mostly outside, as people live mostly outside here where I live. it's not so much that I'm consciously bothered, but rather that my body, my sense of smell responds very offended.

I totally get it. It's tough to be around smokers if it bothers you. It makes me cough.

@Leutrelle, more & more australians give up smoking (it's damned expensive), so it's not often i get the nasty whiff these days.


I detest the reek of smoke. It nearly always triggers a migraine which feels pretty unfair. I am not the one with the habit, but get to pay with severe pain.

Zster Level 8 Jan 25, 2018

Migraine are the worst! I had them for about 20 years.


It's disgusting. I was around it my entire childhood, and I reeked when I went to school. When I'm around smokers, my eyes and nostrils burn.


My 16 yr anniversary is coming up super bowl of not smoking and 2nd hand smoke is just down right nasty. Not only is it bad for you but it's just grose and no one should be subjected to it. It is hard to breathe when someone is smoking and you get a whiff of it. I didn't realize any of this until I quit. So glad I did.

I didn't realize it until I got COPD.

@Leutrelle, my mother, who was a non-smoker all her life, but copped second-hand smoke from her husband for 38 years, developed copd. so, yeah, unfair, but real.

@walklightly That is just sad


It's awful. As much as people would label me a "freedom hater,", I wish they'd just ban all forms of tobacco already.

Also, e-cigarette vapor fucks my lungs up something awful. My brother used it in my house and I developed a nasty cough that lasted a couple weeks.

I haven't had that problem with vaps, but if it hurts you I'm with ya.


Even Growing up with parents that smoked, I get uncomfortable around secondhand smoke. Smells horrible and it makes my throat itch. I’m fine with it in public, but no one, not even my mother, may smoke in my home or car.

Good for you standing up to your mom.

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