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QUESTION A Dozen Camels Disqualified From Saudi Beauty Pageant Over Botox Injections : The Two-Way : NPR

You who know me know that I try to shy away from ethnic stereotypes, but holy cow - you just can't make this stuff up. A culture who makes their women cover themselves up in public, but has beauty pageants for their camels? Whiskey tango foxtrot? Over.

IndySent 7 Jan 24

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We need to stop blatant objectification and commercialisation of camels. #camelstoo


Sand World Problems


Now they'll be retired to the Eye of a Needle Ranch. What were all those rich Saudi's thinking?


You. Must. Be. Joking.


OMG now I've heard everything. Camel beauty pageants!

@Naeem tell us more


That's unbelievable! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, indeed.


It's Wednesday - hump day. They use the camels to celebrate hump day with bigger humps ....

CS60 Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

Dromedary Queens sounds like to me.


Gives a whole new meaning to 'one hump or two?'...baddump bump bing!!

At the place where I work, the parking lot drives have signs that crack me up... they warn of, not Speed Bumps, but Speed Humps. "Dahlin', how 'bout a quickie?"


Man this and the Barney story in one day?

Whelp...time to crack open the bar fridge.


I realize many are having fun here. It is the same in the United States. We have dog,cat, pig,sheep,goat,horse,cow chicken,rabbit and many more "beauty pagents' all the time. As some media people have simply used a differn't term from "Show" does not mean it is more stupid or less important than the values WE have. We should be ashamed.


And do they have a future politician host walking in on the youngest contestants dressing rooms?


Based on fatalities per head of population, a World Bank report in the year 2000 found that Saudi Arabia along with Malaysia, Thailand, and South Africa were the most dangerous countries in which to drive. Saudi Arabia fared even worse when this was measured in fatalities per vehicle.

Riyadh’s camel market is one of the largest in the world and sells about 100 camels per day.

Motorists in Saudi Arabia have invented a perilous but exciting new driving sport called Sidewalk Skiing, which involves balancing a car on its side while the car is in motion.

Saudi Arabia is considering ending beheadings as the national form of execution in favor of firing squads because of a lack of swordsmen to be found in the country.

Saudi Arabia is a prohibition state, and it is not legal to drink alcohol in the kingdom. However, amateur beer and wine making in Saudi Arabia is a minor industry among the many expats living in the country, and a full range of spirits is available through the black market. Various stills in the country also produce large quantities of hooch called sidiqui, which in Arabic means “my little friend.”

Homosexual activity in Saudi Arabia is a criminal offense that can attract the death penalty or, at the very least, a long stretch in prison with the customary public flogging as an additional punishment.

Birth control is illegal in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, wedding ceremonies are held separately for men and women. However, at some point during the wedding ceremony, or after its conclusion, the bride and groom do actually get together.

Saudi Arabia’s ruling family, the Al Sauds, spent US$500 million unsuccessfully trying to suppress the documentary Death of a Princess. The film reports the 1978 execution of Princess Mishaal, grandniece of the then reigning King Khaled, who was put to death for sexual transgressions. Already married and divorced, Princess Mishaal had fallen in love with a young man who requested her hand in marriage, but the Royal Family withheld its permission for the union. Princess Mishaal defied her family anyway and met up with her suitor in a Jeddah hotel, where she was recognized and caught. She was shot and her suitor was beheaded.

See, it's a different culture. Give them a break. 😉

@Vic47 -- Of course you can ask.


@Vic47 -- Good to know. I have no idea when or how their information was gathered. It may be out of date or fallacious. I'll check further.

@Vic47 -- Okay, I find it was slightly out of date. King Abdullah had taken birth control under consideration in 2014 as a means to get population growth under control, so the advent of birth control for Saudi women is pretty new. What follows was excerpted from Gynopedia and is a current entry:

"In Saudi Arabia, you can access and purchase birth control at pharmacies. While official sources state that you need a prescription to obtain birth control,[3] [4] local sources (for example, a local blogger and a private conversation with a pharmacist) say that you don't need a prescription.[5] This means that, in most cases, you can walk into a pharmacy and purchase contraceptives, such as pills or patches, without a prescription. Furthermore, you typically don't need to show a marriage certificate. While you may technically need to be married to obtain contraceptives, this isn't usually enforced. Based on our conversation with a pharmacist in Saudi Arabia, as well as our online research through personal blogs,[6] we have found that, in most cases, you don't need to show a marriage certificate in order to purchase contraceptives in Saudi pharmacies. However, this is not to say that you have zero chance of being asked for a prescription or a marriage certificate, so one should be aware that such things can happen."

@Vic47 -- I'm aware of that.

Simply deplorable. I wouldn't ever want to step foot in that country or any like itl


Hi IndySent,
WTF is correct,how backward can one get,perhaps they like shagging camels better than women.I think seriously it is a power that they weild over woman,as I said they are backward.Mentallity of the middle ages and older.I love to see women,ones with good figures show off their bodies,the less the better lol.


Beauty pagents for camels? No problem.
Letting women wear what they want? Blasphemy!



Did they also check the goats?


Ooohh Saudi. They got ATMs for gold coins and all. Botox to animals is not a big deal to them. I think it's animal brutality.


To another camel I am sure that there is quite an attraction.


I loved the link and posted it on Twitter. But of course, we Americans torture horses and dogs to win ribbons for physical perfection as well. Handlers put ginger sticks up the rears of Saddlebred show horses, even foals, to make them hold their tails up, they break their tails and set the tails to heal held upright, but unable to wring them and show distress in the ring, or even use them to switch off flies. They put drops in their eyes so the show horses will hold their heads high and prick their ears while trying to see and look "alert," they put painful, weighted shoes on Walking Horses to make them do "the Big Lick" in the show ring, race thoroughbreds when they are still babies, often killing them. But still, nobody uses botox that I know of, so that's a first!


Foxtrot Hotel Charlie!!! Out.


They aren't afraid of their camels as they are their women. Camels are relatively simple, they just spit at you, they can deal with that. And there are no laws that cause them to treat them like sheep. Makes me wonder if something wasn't lost in translation and this is nothing more than a Saudi "dog" show.

godef Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

At least it wasn't southern hemisphere shepherds competing their ewes!
. That has been going on for centuries (just)!
. Rumours are spread of post competition sheep swapping and sales.
. Such immorality.

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