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LINK Did (a) god create humans

Again from the Brights: Australian study reveals steep decline in student belief that God created humans There are bright spots where the situation is quite unlike that in the U.S. Very interesting graph/study.

JackPedigo 9 Sep 17

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It makes me so angry that our children are deliberately taught to believe in
garbage that doesn't exist. I will never stop believing that the religious
indoctrination of children should be a crime. Punishable by prison time, and
complete loss of guardianship of any minor children.

Hear, Hear.

The sacredness of religion would have to die. Become just a hobby.

@GoldenMean It's only "sacred" to the delusional. I don't believe they should be indulged.


Quite simple answer .....No. In fact the exact reverse, man created god or gods not the other way round,


Gods didn't create humans, humans created gods.

All of us here know that. Many, others are discovering that hence the link.


That so many still believe in the myths of religion, is the evidence of the power of brain washing. When a child is exposed to that crap, told over, and over that if they don't believe, then they are bad and sinful.. ...that is truly evil...


Rather then answer that, how about "God created cancer, still born children, storms that kill thousands, ants at a picnic, and my favorite...... masturbation........ yippeeee. 🙂

Basically you are saying god is red in claw and tooth. Correct.

I'm new to this site. The point I was making that the god that most believe in is all knowing and all powerful and ALL LOVING...... and they never look at all the ugliness in our world.
There is no god. Never has been. Man created the myth.

@JackPedigo Also Jack, IF there is a god (NOT) he is a mean, nasty, son of a bitch. Nuff said.

Thank God for Masturbation ! If it wasn't for masturbation, human population would be 70 Billion instead of 7.

@rayfunrelax Gods did not create mastubation. Nature did. All sexual things are created by nature, natural selection.


Humans created God. Kind of a no brainer!

No creo en Dios!

The title was not a question but an introduction to the essay.

@JackPedigo I read the article. I was just expressing my first thought. I do that a lot. May the spaghetti monster rain his pasta on you. Take care mate. Boatsailor

No creo en Dios!

@Boatsailor Should I get my colander hat. Just hope the pasta is gluten free!

@JackPedigo I wear one when I go out.

No creo en Dios!


It kinda depends on what you definition of 'God' is......


It's a study of university students, though. I do think that the trend would be similar in the wider Australian population, but not as dramatic.


Why would a most perfect God, create the most imperfect, bloody, stinky world ? If he liked it, why break it ? And if he didn't like it, why make it ?


Current status:

Evidence for evolution = 100%
Evidence for God = 0

Says it all really!

If Genesis 2:7 is demonstrably false, as science indicates, and we are merely intelligent apes, then why invoke a God as a solution to the cosmogony. Adding the spectre of God detracts rather than enhances the intellectual prospects of investigative research.

God has always been nothing more than a premature period (i.e., full stop)!


Progress is being made! Yay!!!?


Interesting numbers. It has been suggested that the same is beginning here in the US. We can but hope.


good on the aussies for this!



Building on what MrBeelzeebubble said, it is grossly misleading to compare this survey with the US and the general population. After all, these are students entering the field of Biology and thus might be pre-biased to believing evolution. Consider that the study and debate of evolution has been more and more popular and part of pop culture and thus it's to be expected that an incoming class of biology students would be more evolutionary than the general population. Not to mention that the 40% trends is across ALL people in the US, not just students, not just university students, and not just biology students.

I think this is a great study but should be analyzed within the limited scope of it's methodology, namely that it's not a decline in student belief, but a decline in biology student belief... and far from being pedantic or a small difference, I think given the subject matter that is a huge difference that should be taken into account when comparing this to other populations.

Yeah, you'd think in this internet age AND going into biology that number would be even smaller....

It has been my understanding that people in the sciences, biology in particular, are substantially LESS likely to be theists. I cannot substantiate that but thought it was a common perception of all scientists. Is there any hard data to indicate otherwise?

In fact no. Polls clearly indicates that scientists who are theists are still a majority (see Elaine Ecklund's work or the Pew religion polls for example) within the population of scientists. However, compared to the general population, they are less theistic. So while 51% of scientists are still theist in the USA, that is a smaller fraction than the 85% of general population that is theist.

The problem with reading too much into this study is that it only follows students going into biology. It would be more useful to see how many of those students change their point of view after having completed their course work or if they drop out, what their point of view is then.

Like I said in my first, I think this is a great study but it's very limited in terms of what one can extrapolate or based further analysis on.

If non-religious people really believe the earth is flat (I doubt it), then there is a lot of work and SCIENCE IN SCHOOLS to do.

True. Being non-religious is not an automatic pass to rational or scientific thinking... consider the anti-gmo movement, crystals, or homeopathy!


Who made the God?

A simple question that too many don't want to ask.


Humans created gods. Just look at the variety. Several for each tribe, each geology.


I haven't a clue.


Since there is zero, nine, zilch, nada, kapoot evidence that any god(s) exist, then there is no god(s) that could have created ANYTHING.


Still too low in my opinion (the number of students that trust science), considering that this is a settled issue.

Dietl Level 7 Sep 17, 2018

Anyone who believes in that nonsense after getting a real education and living on the planet for 30-40 years is either stupid or living an unexamined life.


I think the aliens designed us I'll second the other poster on that.....


No, but definitely create gods. It was the answer to the observable before we added the structure of the scientific method to the observable.


Everyone is smarter than USA. When Islam decides it's crap, we are more than left behind. Wouldn't surprise me if that happened.

My question would be since so many here are from other places why aren't we smarter?


if he did it, he had a lot of work hiding the evidences, placing fossils with exact time and place where they should be if it occurred naturally from evolution, including DNA marks and obeying expected mutation accumulation over time.
Also he was very lazy on creating optimal solutions and adapted old solutions in the same way as evolution would do (like our optic nerve going all the way down to the neck and then rising to the brain instead of connecting direct).
But who knows god? he can be the biggest prankster of them all.

He can even make himself invisible and impossible to find.


Do you think people can believe in both creationism and evolution? Is there a separate word for that that isn't completely creationist or evolutionist? That a universe can be created and then when put in motion it can have actions, reactions, and interactions that evolve.

That has been proposed by Ken Hamm and his ARK project. No I don't believe it. It is pure nonsense.

@JackPedigo I sure as hell am not a fan of Ken Hamm, but why do you think it's nonsense?

@Piece2YourPuzzle Because I can think and can see past the weak attempts by religionists to gain some validity. Evolution doesn't need some god (s) to work.
Let's see, God created the Model T Ford which he let evolve into the Prius. BS

@JackPedigo That's not really the concept, but ok.

@Piece2YourPuzzle I'm just trying to make a point that everything evolves. Starting with simple and moving toward complex.

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