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If your tongue could only process one type of flavor, which would it be?

There are five flavor types that are universally recognized. Imagine you could only taste 1. Which would you choose?

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silvereyes 8 Jan 25

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I couldn't vote.

Mine is a tossup between:

Chocolate icecream with strawberries.

Chocolate icecream with pineapple.

Garlic bread.

Lasagna with garlic in abundanza.

Cinnamon with sugar.

Roasted Hatch chiles in cream sauce.

Chile colorado with sharp cheddar cheese.

Chocolate icecream with raspberries.

Chocolate icecream with chocolate syrup.

@silvereyes -- Tadah...! Mission accomplished.


I voted sour because it was the closest to being able to tell if something is no longer edible.


Where is the " buttery" category?!? Stupid poll......

@AnneWimsey. Lol


Yes, I believe... I believe I’ll have a scotch.

Tomas Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

as a constantly relapsing sugar addict - 1 binge equating about half a kilo of chocolate - i know which one NOT to choose. apart from sweet there's only one that's complete enough for my taste buds: savoury.


The unknown known, or the known unknown?


Bitter. You can tire of something you like, but you never ever tire of something you hate.

I never tried thatπŸ™‚

@MrLizard but we are talking about something eaten

@MrLizard another atonal joke bites the dust bitter

@MrLizard everone is on the written page

@MrLizard everyone is tonedeaf on the written page

@MrLizard me too


Chocolate is my drug of choice.


Savory, the hotter the better until I can't eat it anymore.


I can';t even vote on this one. I need my tongue for many things. I can't imagine any limitations on my tongue.

@silvereyes I really hope that's not true lol

@silvereyes chances are it's not cooked well, or not fresh. If I were you I'd go to a high end seafood restaurant and try again.

I was about to say, sir. You are a freak in the sheets.


Combinations of flavors produce the most delightful tastes -- sweet and sour or tangy, bitter and sweet, tangy and peppery, etc.



very savory. ????????


Everything should taste like chocolate.



Kmohr Level 3 Feb 2, 2018

I am down with savory


Definitely bitter that is the one taste that keeps your from poisoning yourself.


I would choose bitter because avoiding sweet and savory flavor so would help me lose weight, avoiding salty would lower my blood pressure, and being able to recognize bitter flavor could help me avoid being poisoned.


Bitter so I can eat less.


I am not a fan of sweet nor sour or bitter. I rarely use salt, but rather, I work with herbs and spices. I am not a huge fan of straight up salt either. The only thing that appealed to me out of the group was Savory. haha

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

Dark chocolate. I didn't even have to think about it.


The cure to every food's blandness at first isssssss.......................salt!!!


Sigh I went with sweet. I was torn so I just went with one of my favs.


I've gone with savoury because in general I prefer it, However, if I was limited to one type of food as well as one flavour, I'd have chosen sweet so I could dtill eat marzipan.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 25, 2018

Yes Marzipan. I have two bars in the closet that reserved for Stollen (spelling?)

@Leutrelle No marzipan lasts long enough in this house! (PS: stollen is correct πŸ™‚ )


I eat a lot of fruit, so I'd hate to be without sweet-flavor receptors.

@silvereyes Dates are almost too sweet for me, though I'm unsure of the different varieties. My mainstays are apples, oranges, and bananas, and I eat tons of them (a huge percentage of my diet is fruit), but when they aren't too expensive I also like kiwis, mangos, musk melon, grapes, and so forth. When in season, peaches and pears are great, too.

@silvereyes I'm starting back on my all-raw, whole fruits and vegetables dietary plan, but I'm so unmotivated and craving lots of non-produce foods. Ugh!

@silvereyes Yeah, I will eat unsalted nuts (almonds and peanuts, mostly), although I did have a bag of lightly salted pistachios this week (because there weren't any unsalted available). If I'm faithful to my meal plan (and it's nothing official, just something I came up with that makes me feel better overall), I eat exclusively fruit from morning until evening, and then I'll have a large green salad at night (which might be on a typical day the following: kale, roma tomatoes, diced onion, pressed garlic, cilantro, carrots, celery, cucumber, jalapeΓ±o pepper, a mashed up avocado as a dressing substitute, and Mrs. Dash spices β€” though I also usually add some hot sauce, even though it's not really justified except that it tastes good), and as a snack I'll munch on almonds or something later.

@MrLizard My problem here in stores is that most berries are terrible. Blueberries are hit and miss, but can be okay. Raspberries are awful β€” not sweet, not juicy, hardly edible. Strawberries are almost always really bland. As expensive as it all is, you'd think it would be outstanding. Alas, the reality is a disappointment.

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