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Beer drinkers

What is your beer of choice?

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Crimson67 8 Jan 27

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skado Level 9 Jan 27, 2018

My answer is usually "whatever beer you're buying."


I'm not going to drink alot, so want something with a strong flavor. At our local pub, usually have a great porter or stout on nitro. Now that is good.


Pretty woman mentioning have my attention

@witchymom I'm a fan of beer


I love my lagers..especially the summer lagers..ever tried a grapefruit lager on a hot summer evening?..yum!


Darker the better.


I have a gluten intolerance plus drinking so much, inexpensive beer in Germany my body says no more. However, I find I tolerate some Belgium stye beers. The ones based on a fruit, sour mash are too sour for me. Some brewers have come out with a sorghum based beer which I like and can tolerate. These are becoming more popular.

Since I am an amateur orchardist my favorite is cider (by definition in most of the 'civilized' world cider means hard. Here it has been hijacked by industry and apple juice is called cider to boost sales. You wouldn't call grape juice wine why call apple juice cider?). Recently cider was the fastest alcoholic beverage on the market.


I like IPAs because I like trying new stuff. Never know when you will find a new like. The only thing I would drink regularly are cider beers.mmmmm


Here in the US, I most regularly drink American craft IPAs, and that's what I voted for here, but nothing beats a cold Pilsner Urquell from a Prague tap.


The best beer I ever tasted was Berliner Kindl stark Bier.


Alchohol makes me fall asleep within minutes of drinking it. The amount doesn't matter any alcohol including when its used in food.


I'm not much of a drinker anymore, but Heineken is pretty good.

I just went and got a 6-pack of Heineken. My preferred choice of beer.


I like a good beer that I can chew on.


As before I don't drink anymore , but when I did , I liked Guinness Stout , or Murphy's .

Dougy Level 7 Feb 9, 2018

I have really developed a taste for Porters, and have preferred smooth, amber/dark beers for a long time. Don't get IPA-mania at all. Yuck! LOL!


barely drink suds at all, two a year on my birthday... Beck's Sapphire

Leinenkugel Bock, though, is great for sipping


Nothing beats a cold pilsner.


Goose Island Bourbon County brand stout, aged in bourbon barrels! Don't drink this too often due to the $9.99/bottle price. I live in Abita Beer brewery area, so their Wrought Iron IPA is another choice, or Chocolate Stout (available only at the brewery, I think). Yes, in general I like stouts.

Ooooo..Purplehaze was awesome..


Is Corona wheat? If not I voted wrong.

No it's yeah you voted wrong..sorry.

@Charlene now I screwed up the results. What is it?

a lager beer..


I had to respond other again as I enjoy most beers. I generally have a preference for a dark mild or stout, but would choose different beers to complement the food if I am drinking with a meal.

Not a great fan of the harmless fizzy pop sold as lager over here, but there are some superb European lagers out there if you search them out. I have also found a few great American craft beers too - they occasionally appear in our supermarkets.

I have also just found a specialist beer shop which has recently opened not too far away - a bit expensive, but has a great selection of beers and lagers from craft breweries around the world.


Prefer a nice American style pale when I can get it over here in Blighty. Punk IPA is pretty good if a tad expensive.


Mexican beers are the best.


Beer drinking in Wisconsin is very common. I do believe that 7 out of 10 of the drunkest towns are in Wisconsin.


I prefer Heineken.

balou Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

This is yummy


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