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5 senses

If you were allowed to have only one of the 5 senses which would you choose?

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btroje 9 Jan 27

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I choose common sense.....

(I'll get my coat.... šŸ˜‰ )

There is always a wise one who sees out side the box. Well done!

funny boy


Since my vision started going several years ago, I've been learning how to do without relying upon it. It's doable. Losing hearing, taste, and smell, would absolutely suck, but still doable. I could still function. Muscle-memory makes lots of things possible to continue doing. Losing my sense of touch would make everything else impossible. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


If I can't read, I just dont' know what to do.


Never be able to read if I could not see.

no recorded books for you?

@btroje braille is touch reading

@GreenAtheist Somehow my brain takes a lot more, the makeup of the letters the page setup, the color of the paper some papper has a wood chip embedded in it, just details.


Im pretty sure sight is better than anything else.


Sight. It's easier to compensate for the others in one way or another.


I can walk around in the dark, I have blind friends, I could learn braile, but without the sense of touch I would hurt myself badly and would be unable to do anything whatsoever, can't walk, drive, eat, I would chew my own tongue off and gnash my teeth to nothing, totally incontinent.


I have to tell choosing sense is ** up. I want them all, but I choose sight. I could drive, eat, walk, learn to read lips, or just stay on this site to communicate. I think I could get by.


Touch for sure..



skado Level 9 Jan 27, 2018

OK....ummmm.... Age is a factor, but looking back over my years...Can I say this here? err... ummmm.... how does one who has no sense of touch have a meaningful masturbatory experience?

that depends on how you define meaningful šŸ™‚

@MrLizard that was another joke Mr Lizard


I'd choose vision because they don't have braille smartphones yet.

But you can talk to most of the new phones and tell them what to do.


I notice that men seem to lean heavily towards sight. Not really surprising, I guess.


As much as I love music, I need to read. Audiobooks just aren't the same. I am already 1/2 deaf due to a tumor in my middle ear years ago, but I can still read without glasses. Would miss touch, & scent & taste are intertwined, but I would miss the sight of sunsets & stars & women even more.


I think sight


I read recently that we have more than 5 senses. They added up to 26 different ones. Se the list at []

so choose one

@btroje, picking one out of 5 wasn't too difficult, but with the list at 26, you're gonna lose something important. Like the sense of knowing where you body's limbs are. How about 5 from the big list? šŸ™‚

@chuckles my list is 5 most of those are subsets of the sense of touch

Sight, Proprioception, Equilibrioception, Chemoreceptors, Thirst


id like to say sight being an artist but your going to be pretty fucked with only one sense so I would choose touch or death


It's got to be sight!


Keeping sight would be most sensible (for ease of functioning), but I would miss music too much.

DLNK Level 1 Jan 28, 2018

As long as I could see.


As a biological entity, I find the question impossible to answer. Iā€™d adapt to whatever, apparently, but I can not answer the question to the given parameters.


Everyone watch Val Kilmer title role FIRST SIGHT with Mira Sorvino to get it "seeing sucks" based upon ones "point of view" a true story according to the closing credits

Nathan Lane plays a vision therapist IN A STRIPPERS bar proving not all gays or men stare at breasts jiggling

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