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Do you take after anyone in your family?

I look most like my dad (if you colored him differently- you know, whiter lol). But, he's my opposite.

My mother and I are more alike, but still very different. I'm most like a relaxed version of my Aunt that passed away. The comparison between us happens a lot. She was also a freethinker and a bit of a perfectionist, albeit more high strung than I am.

silvereyes 8 Jan 30

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The only family trait I seem to have is my eyes my dad has blue eyes.


I take after my nephew when he steals my beer.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

My father died before I was 2 years old and I don't have any memories of him, but his friends said that I act just like him.

Yeah, I had seen that on people not raised by a parent and yet is like if they were. My ex complained of many mannerisms of my son, specially my tailored disdain act that he accentuates getting real close to her to force her to raise her head up to look at him. That is when she wants to kill him.


My dog .I am non judgmental,un selfish, not materialistic, do not care about fads or fashion,enjoy physical activities,loving,loyal and do not hold grudges

If more people possessed all these traits the world would be a better place


I look like my dad and mom...funny but I have dad's nose and mom's eyes....


Several years ago I saw a photo of myself — something my aunt had — and I couldn't remember where it had been taken, but I knew the approximate timeframe because of my hairstyle and beard were like that only the first part of my freshman year in college. And then it struck me: this was an old, old photo of my father! Yikes!

I'm more outspoken than my father, so I guess I get that from my mother more, but otherwise I have a pretty even temperament similar to my father's. Both of my parents are/were intelligent, each in different ways, but neither went far in school (each getting their GED later as adults). I think there's anxiety on my father's side and depression on my mother's side, and I inherited a measure of both. Hooray! Where I get my sarcastic, sardonic side, though, I'm not sure. That's not really something either of my parents exhibited.


I like to think I take after my maternal grandmother, although I'm not even half the woman she was. She was the best person I've ever known. Recently found out that she had been ex-communicated from the catholic church for what they called "witchcraft". Something I'd never known before. I take a tremendous amount of pleasure in that. She was amazing. I still miss her every day.


I am very similar in appearance, preferences, and personality to my father, but I have my Grandmother's creepy, green eyes.

@silvereyes Thank you, but if you saw my gran you'd understand!

@SteveB I love brown eyes.

@Maiasaura Yeah, when someone asks me if "they" are real...


No I am night and day different in personality,religion.sports,eating arts education political party and every thing else. I am a very well organized person who hates clutter.


I am very well organized

i love it.

I hate clutter, as well. It makes me happy to clean, straighten, and my boss loves me for it.


I get my hair color from my Mom and my complexion from my Dad. I get my sense of humor from my Dad, Mom didn't have any to spare. I was really surprised one day while walking toward a glass door to see my Dad on the other side walking toward me. Then I realized it was my own reflection.


No lol if you seen me and my family together, you’d think I was adopted. It’s weird.


My father. If you take a photo of him from around age 5, a photo of me from around age 5, and a photo of my son from around age 5, the only way you can tell them apart is the quality and age of the photo. If they were all equal you'd have a helluva time. I also see more of his older self in myself every time I look in the mirror.

It's somewhat frightening! lol


i look alot like my mom but i am not hindu like her. We are both Stubborn leo's 🙂


My father called me the mirror


dad...and i take after his mother's side of the bunch.


I like to say I'm like my Dad in the big things and my Mom in the details.

For example, my physique is almost identical to my father's, but my hands are near-perfect matches for my mom's (somewhat masculine) hands, only a bit larger. I've also got a certain penchant for order from my Dad (which you'd notice about me on the day-to-day), but I have some extra intensity from my Mom (which flares out every once in a while).


Pretty much the same.
Me and dad are twins except I got the short stick from my moms father haha but he’s so utterly religious we can’t talk about it.
Me and Mom are more alike with being more open to outside ideas not really confirming to the general idea. But being able to form ourselves to the situation. Besides that I’m kinda the black sheep of the family always different than anyone.


Several years ago I discovered a younger brother and I had a lot in common. We had not communicated for years (a distance thing) and he after he got tongue cancer we went to visit him. I discovered we were more alike than anyone else in the family. We were both in our 60's and I was surprised it took this long.

I think the one unifying thing between us is that, unlike the rest of the family, he and I have been around the block. Several relationships and living in different places and sometimes under difficult circumstance. One's experiences are very much underrated!


I look a lot like my uncle on my father's side.


I feel like I'm a very balanced combination of both my parents, but also very different from both of them. It's really hard to explain.


They call me Flossie Junior because I am a dead ringer for my blind grandmother, now long deceased. I loved my grandma, she was a wonderful lady. She and I were both petite and our link was my mother, her daughter who towered over both of us.


Yes, my dad and mom were musicians and I follow in their footsteps. I play keyboards, bass, and guitar.


I look just like my uncle on my mom's side, it's a bit striking really. Personally is 100% my Dad's, it is one of the reasons we we're such good friends once I grew up.


OMG! (sorry, its a bad habit) I am TOTALLY my dad. I def look like him (female version), but have also inherited his wicked sense of humor (though, I am way more sarcastic), his whistling talent and his ability to find 4-leafed clovers. It infuriates my friends who can't find them even when I point them out. "How can you NOT see that?!?!? What is wrong with you?"


No the only thing I have in common with either of them, is my fathers gift to me of opposable thumbs which are enormously fat and short changed at the top joint - I ma expecting arthritis to get into the bottom knuckle very soon as its already started - so apart from hideous woefully unfit for purpose thumbs I am fine, Just fine.


no, but my nephew is like me

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