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Where do you get your news from?

On the web, TV. newspapers, magazines, other sources?

Which source do you find most credible?

shockwaverider 8 Jan 30

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I get my news direct. It's a perk of being a reporter. Just facts devoid of any other context


Rachael Maddow and Stephen Colbert. I'm a commie pinkie!

gearl Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

Mostly from NPR and the BBC.


NPR, BBC, NY Times, PBS, AP, Reuters


Mainly from PBS and NPR. Those are the most credible sources available.


Communing with nature. Cosmic rays - between showers the sun is shining, on the porch with coffee. New York Times, Washington Post, OPB, NPR, BBC, Reuters.


NPR= Alexa.....I like pod cast without the commentary

some dude on here said "your mom" so i denied his lame!

@twshield Apparently someone else approved it... But agreed.


NPR, BBC and Rachael Maddow for the roots and complete analysis.


Mostly NPR, sometimes Bill Mar and Daily Zeitguist podcasts also links on Facebook if I see something interesting but only ones from actuall news organizations that are not Fox. We don't have live TV and having the nightly news on is the only thing I really miss about it.
I find most of the things from NPR, BBC, and real news sources like ABC, and NBC or mainstream published newspapers is mostly credible. Sometime bias or not talking about stuff I wish they would. I always google check info coming from other sources especially on some of the political forums I follow before talking about it or posting it anywhere.

MsAl Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

I read a news paper delivered to my house every day . There is information that I get from the Long Island Newsdy newspaper I can’t get any where else . Also look at local and national TV news and Internet


i try not to


NPR or the News Hour on PBS..usually from Colbert and Meyers.


the guardian.


Alex Jones.

I enjoy Alex Jones 🙂


As a joke or for real?


A decade ago I actually recommended the Christian Science Monitor for international current events. It was superbly written and it provided lots of context for people who might not be familiar with obscurities like Shiite vs Sunni or so-called free trade vs protectionism. I haven't read it since then, though.


I only get news from the internet and I take ANY of it with a bit of skepticism as most everything anymore is mostly propaganda.

Depends on what sites you get it from...

@shockwaverider of course. Anyone would say that at just about anything. It is called confirmation bias and we ALL are subject to it.


BBC I am English after all 😉


The Health Ranger podcast 🙂


My little birds are everywhere.


Tea leafs. Just about the same as watching it on tv. They try and sell you on a myopic one sided point of view.


The Young Turks


Fox news

gater Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

Well that explains it.

Sure does - still waiting for your concession.

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