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How much time per day/week do you spend exercising or engaging in some form of fitness? What activity?

Crimson67 8 Jan 30

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At least an hour for aerobic cycling every day, which is about 16 miles.
My days start at 5:30 am and ends at 9. I move constantly. I work with children and have four of my own.

Weekends are a little more relaxed.

@SteveB I prefer to be busy, but I do enjoy Friday nights!


@ScienceBiker I'm also a vegetarian. I've just never liked eating meat.
Poor you, if you lived here.
I do, make homemade baked goods, though.


About 6 hours per week split between judo, yoga, aikido.


Oh crap.... you got me.... none. I have no excuse other then I'm celebrating the first couple years of retirement...

@SteveB. Like I was told... do The math.


I don't do separate exercise. I count my steps as I work around my farm but included in steps is a lot of work


I am fairly lazy and I work at a desk most of the day but I chose to power-walk to/from the railway stations which gives me over 5 miles walking per day. It's my exercise regime and so far I've felt so much fitter - no gym, no sports - just good, regular, hard walking 🙂


Try to walk 4 miles a day and do sit-ups and pushups.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

i walk to the fridge.


Today I walked a little bit over 3 miles. I try to actively set aside time to walk between 2 and 5 miles about 2-3 times a week. That's besides doing regular everyday normal activity walking. I want to start lifting weights again. I used to run like 5 miles a day and lift weights throughout the week when I was on my college baseball team. Then I went a few years after college not doing much of that stuff. Then went back to it. I always hated running. I'm not really "forced" to do it now though. I'd rather walk or ride a bike or get on a stair master for my cardio.

Walking is better than some people might think. Before I broke my ankle last April I was walking about 2-5 miles a day like 3 days a week while eating smaller portions of food and I lost about 20 pounds in a couple of months or so. Plus you get to be outside and are around different scenery and people.


I bicycle to work and back every day...


For me roughly 5 or 6 times per week. During the winter I'm doing stationary cycling which is really incredible boring but I look forward to outdoor cycling in the spring.

Twice per week I try to do a training hike for my plan to hike in the Rockies this summer. Since it is now February I should add a low weighted pack and increase it by 5lbs each month.


5 days a week biking, the rides range from 30min to 2 hours, and I also do push ups and sit ups.


I have a workout I have done for years that Involves cardio (30 mins on my elliptical), and resistance training. I try to hit it 4X/wk. Takes about 2 hours. Oh, abs too.


I work out with weights for about 4 and 1/2 hours per week. I also take care of my lawn and yard, and and vegetable garden.


I walk a bit, not for exercise but just to get around in and out of my house and that is about it.


just started yoga. 3 hours a week.


When the weather is decent I do 3-4 miles a day interval training. it's mostly walking but I do run part of it. I hate this time of year bc since it gets dark so early it's dark before I even finish, and if it's sub-freezing I just can't do it (if it's over 40 degrees I'm out there). I am looking forward to the coming of the light LOL!!! 😉


I live in southern Thailand, and either walk everywhere (because I plan to return to the US, I already sold my motorbike), or walk to the main road to catch a songheaw to where I need to go (converted pickup truck into a sort of bus).

I also walk up the stairs to my fifth floor once a day (we have an elevator), use my gallopers for about ten minutes a day (which makes my abs rock hard and slims my waist), and do pull-ups in my room.


Walking with my dog every morning if possible, 20 -30 min..
Also at the gym, treadmill 20 min. And weight training 15 - 30 min. 4-6 days a week


16-20 hrs. a week. Muscle building, fat burning, joint rehab and helping others do the same.


Walk the dog every day. That is not something a dog forgets. She knows when, and for how long. Skimping is not tolerated. Which, of course, is the reason I got her in the first place.


Walking 5 times a week, early in the morning together with my wife before she goes to work. 5 kilometers a day, 25 in a week. Unless it rains, than we skip and enjoy the extra hour sleep.

Gert Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

Dancing, sometimes weeks without. I am suppose to clean the exercise room tomorrow and get it ready for me and my sister to start working out. Around Valentine there are a lot of salsa dancing activity so there are 3 dance events in my calendar in DC. Used to walk a lot, but in better weather. Not this cold. Do my dumbell routine since they are under the bed. When I get to Vegas... Jogging and dancing very regularly.... And because I am a man of my word... I just cleaned up the exercise room and tested the treadmill. The Sauna is kicking and with car stereo to kick some tunes. I had to admit that my sister goes all out when she wishes to have something. Is pool an exercise? Because I own the pool table in the pool room now.


Depends if I forget my back has a problem. I can tell myself that I can handle it then I spend 3 or 4 days doing finger push ups on my mouse.


I set my Google to 15000 steps. I get 9000 steps done before work on an old biking trail by my house and make sure I have my phone with me. That way I don't have the bitch nagging me all day with "try harder" and "you are 50% to your goal." I always end up at 15000 steps. Then I sit down.


As little as possible.

Sitting around, sleeping has actively as I can.......

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