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What ever happened to Xtians being nice, caring, and loving?

Most Xtians don't practice what they preach. They say Xtians are the nicest people to be around. I find that statement to be false as every day goes by. There are nice Xtians, then there are those a-holes that make you feel less than human. When everyone has a bad day, then 3 make rude comments, talking down to you, it makes me feel like I need to apologize for existing. Then empty apologies are given, and all I said was, "It's fine, I'm used to it." I stopped accepting apologies that are not backed up with actions. Growing up, up to now, people find me as an easy target for their anger or bad day. It doesn't help my inferiority complex one bit. This is why I don't get close to many people. Xtians in the workforce exclude atheists, and that is why I've never been invited to a party or to hang out. I do hear of everyone getting together a lot and hanging out. Most days I just brush it off about not ever getting invited to parties. Some days it makes me feel like a reject. I'm off of work tomorrow. Good. Perhaps I need a good workout at the gym to cheer me up. Oh, and to talk to all of you KIND, NICE, INTELLIGENT, atheists/agnostics. Thank you all for being so nice to me. At least atheists are nicer than the religious folk.

Are people in a bad mood because of the full moon tomorrow?

Sarahroo29 8 Jan 30

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It's easy to be nice, caring and loving when no one is challenging your authority.



"Most Xtians don't practice what they preach"

Humans seldom practice what they preach; why should Christians be any different? πŸ˜‰


Up until the 3 rd century Xtians had to be Judaics. As a persecuted lot they were more aware of the Christs manifesto. Then Constantine converted & the word was lost on enforcement. A few remain as evidenced by the Avenue of the Righteous in Jerusalem. It is not god I fear. It is god's followers.


Consult an apologist. I would not presume to justify what they do.


I wanted to make the point that there are Christians and then again there are Christians. What I mean is there are certainly Christians who totally buy into their mythology, and along with that goes the political conservatism, the social conservatism moralising, all of which I detest. Exactly why this religion is synonymous with these ideas, given that their historical figure was supposed to be a zealot, a system challenger, and a radical figure is truly baffling to me. But I do know and have met Christians who are good people and not reactionaries. What I have found is they don't really buy the whole Jesus story, not really; instead they sort of connect to relatively modern Christian notion of Christian love and brotherhood, and all that stuff. For many it's quite genuine. What I think is they are humanists with a Christian face, not realising that for most of its appalling history Christianity hasn't stood for any of these things. This is post Enlightenment Christianity, liberalised Christianity made over by modern humanist values. Unfortunately they continue to make up the numbers of so called counted Christians, and they are often oblivious to the crap their religions do. I meet people like this and I want to tell them that I think they're good people, but please drop the Jesus BS that they don't really believe, and connect to those promoting secular tolerance and progressive thinking. What they hang on to is the notion that Christian equates to "a good person"; they don't really believe in Jesus, they just want to thought of as "good". I actually feel sorry for these Christians; I think they are deluded.


Easy answer. They're insane.


They are emulating the Old Testament God. This is peculiar because they say the OT was invalidated by the coming of Christ.


"Xtians being nice, caring and loving?" When was this then? I must have missed it. Probably dozed off. πŸ™‚


Many of them belong to the Pharisees and the money changers now.


Inferiority complex? Get that out of your head. Humans are just humans, none better than the other. These social ideas are bunk. DNA is DNA. Don’t worry about those parties, either. They’re lame.

Probably. They drink there. I don't drink. I've never been to an adult party before.

I drink very little. Mostly it’s nasty and I hate nausea. @Sarahroo29

@Sarahroo29 So you are saying that emotionally.... you are not an adult.

No, I don't like the taste of alcohol and I choose to remain sober. I've been to children's birthday parties. I've never been to any parties with adults for any occasion. No one invites me to any. Most of my close friends are parents or they work a lot. So they never have parties.

@Sarahroo29 You don't have to drink alcohol even at a bar. Same with parties. There are always options for not drinking. Soda - which bars and most parties have on tap. Juice. Etc... You can order a frozen drink "Virgin" without the alcohol. Pretty tasty!

@RavenCT People don't invite me anywhere. The last time I went to a bar with a friend, I ordered a a Sprite.


A lot of Christians are just brutal in general.
Sadly we have to coexist amongst them.
You will come across very few kind and genuine people in general.


Could you please explain who Xtians are? Thanks!

Christians. Removing Christ out of it. Like Xmas.

She means Christians, Xtians

I feel like such an idiot. @Wildgreens

@LEPeff Xians. I was corrected.

@AxeElf They add the t the same way they use the word machine after ATM, or the word band after they say mariachi, the same as we add the n in the word damn. It simply feels more natural to do it. If you have a problem with the spelling of something that isn't technically a word, take it up with webster's or the oxford dictionaries. Jumping down peoples throats every time you see an improper abbreviation just seems rude

@AxeElf You're right. I could have phrased my response better too. We good?


Anytime I worry about being popular I remember Donald Freaking Trump was able to get elected president.


I think the full blood moon sounds romantic, hardly foreboding. Even if Cristians were all the good attributes you described, there is no possible way to β€œlive the way the Bible tells you to”, because it’s a callage of myths from different places that don’t agree with each other, packed into one. Most Christians are just under social pressure, when it lets up, their true nature arises.

Do you mean, "collage?"


Ben Franklin did an experiment in human behavior . So what old Ben did is be nice to people at first people were taken back by this. After a grace period people started taking advantage of Ben he let them practice this for 1 year. At the end of the year he went back to being grouchy. His conclusion was people have not yet learned how to each other with respect.


Oh, that only applied to those members of the same cult.

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