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If you ever attended church, did you ever pay tithe?

I guess you can call me the selfish type, but I never really paid. I was too worried about my own needs first. Even when I was underage and had to attend church sometime I just looked at the church as a religious business like any other business out to make money. I also kept noticing the preachers appeared to have been living a luxurious lifestyle with their fancy suits and brand new cars. Ok, I’ll tell you, but I’m not proud of this. Out of all the times I went to church, I probably donated once and had no intent to donate no more. I kept noticing the preachers kept gaining fancy things and I said to myself,” Fuck this shit! Everything is about me now!” They would always say god would reward people that gave to the church, but I kept seeing all the faithful that donated for years to their religion who never seemed to be getting anywhere in life. When it came time these people needed help, the pastors would never do anything to help them and would tell them to pray to god because god would help them find a way. Ain’t that a b*tch!!!

EmeraldJewel 7 Jan 30

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I did tithe for a while when I was married. Now I wish I had that money back. And I was fairly involved with a few churches, our pastors weren't rich. Not all of them are Joel Osteen.


When I was a kid, my mother and her husband, forced my sister and I to attend mass every single Sunday. They didn't go. Around 12, I finally got smart. We'd walk to the church, I'd grab a program, so I could prove we'd been there (we were often accused of lying-it was part of the dysfunction), and we'd been seen by anyone they might ask. Then, just as mass was starting, we'd leave, go across the street to Dunkin' Donuts, and use the collection money to have breakfast. They never found out.

My sister and I used to skip out and go to Dunkin' Donuts, too! Funny!


My only real gift in life is seeing through most forms of bs. At the ripe old age of 8 or so, my grandfather decided it was time to introduce me to his favorite Catholic priest. My response: "So have you ever performed an exorcist?" Hell, if he had replied, "No, but we can get started on you now." We might have been friends.

Luckily for us I can only imagine that quite a few of us members of this site have 'The Gift" of BS detectors.


I worked as a church secretary for awhile but didn’t attend. When I had to send tithe notices out I was appalled at the fact that members had to pay 10% of their income or risk losing their membership. What a racket!!

Ain’t that a b*tch!


I've barely even paid attention, let alone a tithe.


I got scolded for not putting money in the plate, once...I think I told the priest or whatever he was, that his church was a lot nicer than my apartment. I was a precocious little punk.


No. I gave as little as I could get away with without rousing the ire of my parents. As a teenager, I did not sit with my parents during a church service, so I gave very little.



I don't know what that is but I wouldn't pay a church anything.

Tithing is the belief that you're suppose to give over 10% or more of your income to God. In otherwords, you're paying for your place in Heaven.

Hahaha! IKR! I’m glad I only gave 1 dollar just the one time.

if I see the twat it's not money I would give him. what does this awesome all seeing, all powerful being need money for anyway?

what a load of horseshit

@LeighShelton exactly!!! He should be fine living up there outside of time with his streets of gold.

I really can't understand why people believe such fucking crap to the point of killing for it and dying for it and never wavering about the crap it says whatever evidence is put in front of them.

@LeighShelton I can’t believe no one really just stop to think about what they believe in.

love your new avatar @EmeraldJewel by the way. I don't think the sheeple want to lose there comfort bubble


Jesus is always short on the green $$$$

He needs a new hairdo, and, clothes.

And, some new shoes.

Nah, man, don’t mess with his mane, that’s the one thing it has going for itself. @AtheismIsLife


the second to the last church ask me to leave because i cam out as a gay man.
The very last church i attended with my ex partner and we would tithe hundreds of dollars on sundays. amazing how money can buy you acceptance or a false sense of it.

Churches are scum. Sorry you had to go through that.

@EmeraldJewel Thanks! but its all good! it was a lie anyways


I always believed that God didn't want me to starve or go without, so I only gave when I could. When the church I was going to kept asking for money (sometimes 4 times in a service for various things) I stopped completely. I was not about to be a party to excessive greed.

That’s what got me with when asking four times a service and sucking up people’s money.


Oh c'mon guys. Who's going to pay for the upkeep of all those marble statues, gold plates and linen vests at the Vatican. I mean, they have a lifestyle to maintain. Oh, and check out Creflo Dollar and his "prosperity doctrine", with his 30 million dollar private jet.

I think you're all a bunch of stingy ingrates 🙂

Pasha a haha haha haha haha!!!!!


One of the very few better points of the church that I attended was they didn't tithe or pass the plate. A box in the back where you could put what you wanted without somebody seeing how much that was.

gearl Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

We're you one of Jehovah's Witnesses?

@Peaceful Yes I was.

Good call @Peaceful


Yes I definitely did , as young as 6 or 7 if I remember correctly. Any allowance or money we got ( myself and my two siblings) 10% went to the church on Sunday. As we got older and babysat, cut grass, ANY income we earned ... we were REQUIRED to give it... funny enough, I remember so vividly how much PRAISE we got from anyone who was aware we tithed.... this praise was not a normal thing in our household.. so pretty much anything we did or said that “proved” we had a “testimony “ to the truth of the Mormon church ..then, we were worthy of some praise, which young children generally crave , when it didn’t come under any other circumstances. I also remember being very conscious of this disparity and finding it repulsive. Hence , by the time I was about 11... I decided not to continue being lied to ...(which prompted lots of “laying of hands” to help me overcome this terrible affliction😀emanding honesty)


I have never been a member of a church as an adult, but when I was little my mom used to let me put money in the basket that was passed around at a Catholic church. I always thought it was odd that my parents gave 10% to the church, yet the greedy bastards begged for more every Sunday by passing the basket. It was expected that you put money in the basket every week. Give more, or look like a loser.


Nope. I went as a child, then I reached the age of reason. Once that happened, I never went back.


I would never pay tithes to a church. Is this going to get my kids through college? Nope. Take that Money, and, put it to good use. Good post. Thank you.

You’re welcome. Us as people must be selfish if that is what it will take to make sure our well being as well as our family is taken care of.


I never did because I was just a kid, but my Granny did. She was not one of those "I have to because its "required" " and they didn't give you the 3rd degree at the door. I don't go now, but I still give to United Way not at all for any kind of religous reasons but because it's the right thing to do and I work for a company that prides itself in giving back and helping others. I always like to choose whom I give to and give to a women's shelter and a group who stands in as advocates for children in court.

I have a payroll deduction going to a local charity that provides medical care to low income children.


Ya, I did it. What a waste of money!

Especially when you don’t seem to get nothing in return for it.


With my mom when I was little. The priest actually called her into to speak with her because she wasn't donating enough.

Wow! That’s b.s.

@EmeraldJewel They used to mail out boxes of envelopes with your name printed on them. They even mail them to the kids so the parents feel obligated to donate for the kids on Sundays and Wednesday masses we had to go to during school.


No, even thought I did put a few dollars in the collection plate from time to time. Actually, you should be proud that you are intelligent and were not taken in by their scam.

Thank you.


I did tithe but not at 10%. Tithing at 10% before taxes with no consideration to bills, food or anything else was too much bs for me swallow. I just couldn't do it. I did give what I felt was reasonable. I looked at it as the church need money for the lights, heat, activities, etc. I honestly didn't think of it as giving money to God. I still try to get back to the community in other ways now such donated needed items to the homeless shelter or to a Pregnancy Crisis Center.


Reformed Southern Baptist (religion I was raised in) and tithed my ten percent every Sunday I attended. I even had little envelopes with my name printed on them for easier counting.


Your better then me... I don't even want to think of how much I gave.

It’s alrightt. At least you broke free from the b.s to live out the rest of your life free.

@EmeraldJewel. Yes!


I never tithed yet I still have some neurons that lament the amount I did give.


I didn't become hostile to the Christian church until it turned on me, after my ex left me for a younger woman.
Also, the past two elections inspired the alt-right to raise their ugly heads, and many of them were my Christian friends.

Until then, I attended happily and also donated, since churches I attended had outreaches to the community; helping immigrants get jobs and learn English, helping single mothers repair their cars, stocking food pantries for anyone in the community who needed help, getting Christmas presents for local charities to donate to poor families, etc, plus they had ski trips for the kids, fun parties.

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