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Binge worthy TV Shows

What do you consider the top three binge worthy TV shows on right now? Why?

Crimson67 8 Jan 31

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I always binge after they are off the air

Me too.

Me three



M.A.S.H, it is timeless and still pertinent. I count HAWKEYE as one of my heroes.


It's just that Radar represented the grunts that did the job and Hawkeye was a primadona entitled well off back home Doctor.

But, Hawkeye Was great as a character, and Alda was perfect

I was just thinking that might be one of the shows I start to rewatch.

I had such a crush on Hawkeye!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The West Wing

Deadwood was so sharp. No other TV show (or movie, as I think now) has equaled it in terms of dialogue writing.

I haven't seen the west wing, Is it really that good?


Westworld is my recent most favoured TV show. Themes: AI sentience. Written by Johnathan Nolan who also wrote one of my favourite movies, Memento.

Orphan Black. Themes: clones, science-corporation espionage. Tatyana Maslany's acting chops is unequaled as she plays multiple characters - especially when she had to play one character acting as another to pull off a ruse. My description makes it sound comedic. Drama/thriller is more its genre.

Taboo (Tom Hardy as lead actor, produced by Ridley Scott). 18th century London. Themes: slave ships, The East India Company, the British Monarch, some supernatural superstitions, and in the background, the U.S. civil war.

All those three shows took their themes pretty seriously. And they didn't shy away from any story or themes that were uncomfortable.

(Apologies for extra detail. I'm a bit of a movie/TV buff.)

Loved Westworld and Orphan Black. I'll check out Taboo. Thanks!

@witchymom RE: Orphan Black, I really like the (dysfunctional) dynamics between the "sisters" and their adopted brother, Felix. They capped off S2 with a "sister" dance:


Penny Dreadful, Black Mirror, and either Mad Dogs or Animal Kingdom - probably both because they are good!

jeffy Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

@witchymom There was always that element of up the ante from the previous season... the fact she died killed any sequel but I am just a sucker for Eva Green. The show was kind of similar to a science fiction book called "A night in the lonesome October". Where Jack the Ripper, Dracula, Werewolf were the good guys defending mankind from the end of the world. And is from the point of view of the pets of those individuals involved. I didn't liked she died but hey. Fans wanted to continue but that is another thing... I can't stomach any more game of thrones, but fans love it. I just don't do much TV. In netflix... just frasier. I do like that war between mary stewart and elizabeth as good as history as anything. Two enemies that never met and yet were bound together and Mary got the raw deal. But that is life after all.

@witchymom Yeah it was a good start, great characters - they could have done better at the end though. All in all very interesting and sexy.


Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Breaking Bad, Broad City is hilarious.

I will see Breaking Bad someday

Wow really? I thought everyone that wanted to had already seen it. It’s so good, on Netflix, and highly addictive like the meth in question. @btroje


Doctor Who, Legion, Rick & Morty


Mindhunter, very interesting
Traveler's, very entertaining
Black mirror, Twilight zone like!


Traveller's on Netflix. The breadth and depth of the characters stand out.
The Expanse, great sci-fi with a solid nod to actual physics. The first two seasons are on Prime.
Atypical on Netflix. It's about a high functioning autistic teenager coming of age and his family dealing with all that entails. It's funny and cringe worthy and adorable.


Shameless-8th season-unique show time
Homeland-7th season - superb-showtime
Weeds-epic fave-Showtime


This Is Us. I sat on the sofa in my pajamas and cried all day while watching it. It was very good therapy. It isn't all sad, by any means, but I had just gone through something traumatic, so I was on the edge. It has a great story line. I also loved True Detective. I wish it was more than two seasons, though!

I don't understand why people didn't take to True Detective S2. All the main characters were very interesting and well portrayed - even, surprisingly, Vince Vaughn's character.

I agree. I loved both seasons!



Season 2, 3, and 4 were awesome.


Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and I'm really liking Happy! on syfy channel. The first too are the most popular in the U.S. right now. Happy! Is based on an awesome graphic novel of the same name.

I admit publicly, I have never watched Game Of Thrones.

@hippiechick58 Privately you're a huge fan though... c'mon you know it's true. Lol @witchymom "Rick and Morty" is funny and smartish (pop science and a bit more with a sitcom/adventure satire cartoon). I really like Vikings and Templars is new on history. That is a bit more drama based. I also really enjoyed the first season of the Orville. Sci-fi star trek spoof by Seth McFarlane.

@jayneonacobb Everything I know about GOT I learned from my kids who are huge fans. That is the extent of my interest. I bought some GOT themed stuff for Xmas gifts for one of the SILs (Sons in Law). I am aware there are two houses battling and it is a complicated plot. After that I'm lost.


For those of you who do not own a tv (I don't), you may want to check out It's $20/month, and it's a combination of American and British television. It's a random mix of things--some things from HBO, Showtime, Starz, the BBC.... I think they still do a trial where you get 3 days for $4.99. I've subscribed for several years.

My top choices to binge would be:
Mr. Robot
The Handmaid's Tale
The Good Fight
The Crown
The Leftovers
Star Trek: Discovery
The Tunnel
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
. . . The Game of Thrones

How is Mr Robot S3? I really liked how they presented Elliot's psychosis in S2. But it did distract from the over-arching plot with E-corp. Other TV shows took my attention when S3 was released.

@SamKerry I think it's bloody fantastic! Seriously, it's one of my favorite shows!

@witchymom, Um, I can count, sorry for the long list. There is just some great stuff out there!


Game of Thrones
Stranger Things


Once Upon a Time
Stranger Things

And all Star Trek!

All Star Trek, Franchise Wide?

Ambitious, or unaware of the scope of your claim? taha taha... 🙂

@Gortzilla Haven't seen Discovery yet, but I'm sure I'll love it.
I still have every episode of Voyager on VHS, lol.

[in the voice of Darth Vader]

... You have learned Much young one, Captain Kirk has taught you well.

VHS? excellent.


I already answered, with three fictional series, but if I am being honest, more than anything I watch reality stuff, #1 any remodeling show on HGTV, and second, right now I am consuming all things Olympics that I can. There is something inspiring, even though not at all practical. Lol


WOW! Maybe I should get a TV. But I already spend plenty of time on the computer. Stranger Times sound pretty interesting tho.


In all my 64 years I had only be faithful really to 3 shows... Friends, Seinfeld and Frasier that I could honestly say. Even if pampered to every channel available because I used to work for that Big Evil Comcast/Xfinity in two different states. I may watch Black Mirror season 3. I loved Penny Dreadful to her death and also loved Marry Stewart to her death in Reign. I prefer historical to fiction. Character development to twist and turns of a plot. I love Documentaries based on historical figures. I am of little help but enjoy your binge guys.

You should check out Taboo (Tom Hardy as lead actor and produced by Ridley Scott). The show is based in 18th century London. And it's main themes include slave ships, The East India Company, the British monarch, and the American Civil War.

Was a good replacement for Penny Dreadful - although their themes were different.

Check out some of the stuff I posted, I think there are some things you'd like. AcornTV and PBS have excellent period dramas.

@carlyhorton I like PBS... there was a show I was interested... brittish of course... Wolf Hall... based on the Henry VIII era advisor Cromwell.

@SamKerry Thank You Much.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I saw Wolf Hall on there, but I haven't checked it out. I'll take a look! 🙂

@carlyhorton I like historical and everything to do with henry 8, elizabeth and her feud with mary stewart... so wolf hall is a very somber look into a somber character of a somber era.

@SamKerry I can appreciate Tom Hardy. Thanks.

curious you're in the Navy and never watched Captain Kangaroo

@Gortzilla Neither McHales navy... or "The last boat" but like any other sailor will watch a warship movie to point the discrepancies. My job as a Radioman I could get away with waking up the captain at any hour and we were the only ones that knew everything that was going on worth coming out of the ship or coming into the ship. The secrets we kept!!!!



Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is good, too. I like the idea of an early 20th century female sleuth who's as smart as she is sexually liberated.


Making of a Murderer and The Man in the High Castle were 2 I've watched in the last couple of years.

twill Level 7 Feb 1, 2018

The Expanse. Season 1 will have you searching your living room for the backup oxygen supply or an escape hatch. Real Sci Fi.


The first show I ever binged was Nurse Jackie. Great show.


TV Series When the boat comes in James Bolam

Patrick McGoohan in the Prisoner tv series

Deadwood tv series Ian McShane (a Preston lad)

Big Bang Theory

The TV Hornblower Series


right now I am watching ER, but being a science fiction fan. I liked babylon 5, all of the star treks, been a fan since I was a kid and tos was on. SVU is also a very well done series. I also loved Deadwood. Haven't seen penny dreadful, or black mirror.

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