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Double entendre: Erotica Intentional or Not?

In the Bible and in churches, Jesus is represented as a lover -- a bridegroom and his followers as a bride. When I look at these actual church signs I can't help but think these are intentional. The last one cracked me up. Come on. No adult can be that extremely naive, or can they?


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By VictoriaNotes9
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I think these are hysterical. Thank you for sharing. I have never seen them before.

I also think they are not the sharpest knives in the draw.

rpmazzella Level 5 Jan 31, 2018

It does make you wonder. Lol


Unintentional but unbelievable!


OMG! Hilarious!!!! smile002.gif

Ok, some may be intentional, to grab attention, but most I think have just not been thought out. LOL

BeeHappy Level 9 Jan 31, 2018

It's rather alarming if you think about it. I guess that's the price you pay when Jesus is always in bed with you. Lol Seriously though, we were taught that in church --- that god was always in the marriage bed, so you better mind your thoughts or fantasies. Talk about messed up.

@VictoriaNotes, definitely messed up! I don't remember that being taught, but maybe I'm just blocking it out. LOL

Supposedly nuns used to put curtains up so god couldn't see them when they bathed! What, he didn't have x-ray vision?!?

@phxbillcee, right? Hahaha....lmao.... smile002.gifsmile009.gifsmile002.gif

@phxbillcee I used to hide under the bed when I was about 4 so god couldnt see me

@btroje Yes, but you were 4. Sorta makes a difference!

@phxbillcee like maybe he couldnt see me then?


Hello Mae West. I see what you see. LOL But they are serious and maybe on some can not even go there.

My favorite actress.


Sexual exploitation of children workshop? WTF! Now there are instructional classes?

DJ_Blaser Level 5 Jan 31, 2018

Some were intentional; others not, but clueless; others probably photoshopped and some pretty funny.

CS60 Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

As I was telling @Paul628, I have seen some that were obviously photoshopped, but I'm fairly certain the ones on this site are legit.


Lol. That brings new meaning to innocence

@VictoriaNotes rofl smile001.gif


I think it's both. The one that made me howl was "Peter in me". One I'm surprised was not there was the second coming of Christ.

Hominid Level 7 Jan 31, 2018


rofl smile001.gif


Intentional or not, they put a smile on my face.

fearlas Level 6 Feb 11, 2018



I think a bit of both but some like a "4 inch tongue can bring a 6 foot man to his knees" definitely intentional.


To avoid these duel message problems, I have heard it suggested that the proofreaders need to be 13yo boys. If they giggle, there is a problem.

JeffLemar Level 5 Jan 31, 2018

Sounds like a reliable test smile001.gif


Not sure if intentional but funny a/f!


I’d say it’s a mix. A little of both.


I've seen a few goofy ones ove here too. I think that's what they are.... I people hanging them are nuts...


This is really about titillation! Every newsletter from FFRF has lots of these. These people have so much sin on their mind they miss the sexual connotations every time.

Come again? Lol

@VictoriaNotes Every one of the pictures/signs in the newsletter are unintentional.

I get a lot of fun out of questions like this!


LOL, these are hysterical!!


They were all written by Phil Dunphy



The best laugh, thanks smile001.gif


I picked "other" because it could be a manifestation of them having sex on the brain while actively promoting erotophobia.


I would have to say mostly unintentional, only because the meaning fly's over their head, believers are, in general taught what to think not how to IMHO

Vaughn Level 5 Feb 1, 2018

Those were hilarious!

balou Level 8 Jan 31, 2018

Cults sell submission. ...Geebush Geehobah GhostHoles = Islam too. ....BBC TV broadcast a translation of so called First Century Scrolls found in Palestine 18 years ago: " secret nude male only ceremonies" go figure


I think some are intentional, some are not, and some could be shopped.

Paul628 Level 8 Jan 31, 2018

Living in the South, I doubt these particular ones are shopped. I have seen some shopped ones, though, which is why I was careful choosing this particular list.

@VictoriaNotes Sorry Victoria I am having a problem understanding that. To show what I mean I am adding a post.


Might be an attempt at subliminal advertising - who gives those signs more than a passing glance? Or perhaps a subconscious lapse by the sign's author? Pretty funny!

jeffy Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

I think some are definitely intentional, and others are not intended as some would try to imply, so it's a little of both, but all are funny when reading it in a sexual context!

Donna Level 6 Feb 4, 2018

Those are some dumb ass signs.

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