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Do you like dragons?

I know they are mythological creatures, but I find them fascinating. I guess that is why I like The Hobbit and Game of Thrones so much. I really like dragon art.

balou 8 Feb 1

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No. Was married to one


@AMGT I think they should stay their own environment


I am an avid fantasy reader, I love that so many authors place Dragons higher than humans in intelligence.


Love dragons, St George, et al. My favorite is the Asian dragon which breathes clouds instead of fire.


See a real flying dragon! (Well OK, it can only glide.)

Kimba Level 7 Feb 2, 2018

In grade school I discovered the Dragonriders of Pern series. As an adult, I had the great privilege of supervising the copyediting (sub-editing, for any Brits) of one or two of Anne McCaffrey's later books.

One day her acquiring editor wandered the office asking for story ideas. Since the author had begun milking her franchise a little hard (talking dolphins, and an over-two-thousand-year-old computer that talks without being bricked by endless OS updates), I suggested "The Ferns of Pern," in which the grass becomes chatty in the spirit of the Gaia hypothesis. She never asked me for a story idea again.

Loved that series .


I love dragons...I have small collection!!!


There have been many movies, cartoons, and artist renditions of dragons. They created truly beautiful creatures.

Betty Level 7 Feb 2, 2018

Only Puff The Magic Dragon!

I see what you did there! 😉


I don't know...I never had to deal with a mother in law.


That's cool!


My first novel was about them.

Were they the good guys or bad guys?

The good guys, basically - if fact, there weren't really 'bad guys' as such. There were just two peoples, the humans and the dragons, neither of whom were able to look 'beyond themselves' and see things from the other perspective. The result was mistrust born of ignorance and self interest, where each saw clearly the evil done to them but were strangely blind to the evil they did themselves.


Hell yeah


Imagine Dragons
Not the fire breathing kind. Unless I need a light.


I love dragons and they seem to like me too.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 2, 2018

Yep... we got one dragons... and a house full of dragonflies and fairies and


My ultimate goal is to build a mechanized dragon with aluminum scales and a built-in flamethrower.


Love game of thrones and I like Komodo dragons


My current position in my LARP group is High Priestess of the Dragon Temple . I was appointed to this position after she visited my home . In my D&D group , my character is , "dragon-born ." I've been working at converting my scooter into a dragon for events such as Sci/Fi Cons .


Dragons of all kinds are neat. I love how creative the designs can get from realistic type to the more ethereal godly kinds. Though they're generally more interesting when they come with some sort of lore to flesh out their existence.

The Dragons from the Dark Souls series were always cool primordial beings. Darkeater Midir being my favorite. Tamed by Gods the fight the abyss, you can see how he has slowly over the millennia been corrupted by it yet still remain incredibly powerful.



I stand next to St George.


Dragons are a cool idea but realistically they are just misinterpretations of dinosaur fossils found a long time ago.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 2, 2018

Well the scariest dragons were in Atari Adventure. When eaten permanently placed in purgatory in the stomach of the dragon. Reducing the view of the world to being scooped up and transported by an even scarier bat. Whose jealously for anything that one would be in possession of would cause a chase. I digress, I have been being digested for decades. 😟


Yes I do like dragons. And dragon art, as have one on each shoulder (tattoos). Always with me.


I am dragon in Chinese Astrology, and I watch every show with Dragons. It would make good art work for my Harley.


Hell yeah, the one living under my bed is amazing although a bit noisy at times.

I can only imagine!

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