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What types of things do you take note of and recall easily?

I used to think people were more observant than me. But, then I realized that people just pay attention to different things.

For instance, I almost always notice what's playing in the stores. I remember how things felt and smelled. Also what people say.

But, don't ask me the names of celebrities and performers. And, trivia I am able to easily remember when required and relevant ( I.e. test taking) but I'll put that straight into short term memory and dump it out after I no longer need it.


silvereyes 8 Feb 4

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Oh Lort... Words, including names. If I write something down even once, I'll never forget it. Audio recall is pretty good, too.

Me too. I found out in high school that writing down ensured I would remember it.


Numbers, faces or minute details but don’t ask me for names.


I hear my truck engine and know how fast im going. I somehow know when its 10:09. I can look over at a clock and there it is. Right on 10:09. Spooky. I use to wake up at 3.00 am.too.


Music sticks with me. I'm a mad whistler and can whistle a tune after only hearing it once. I'll walk out of a store and be whistling something and not realize it and then have to trace back to figure out how it came to be in my head.

And acts of kindness. Especially the random kind word from a stranger. There are some that have stuck with me for years.


i'm a number devourer. & i remember people's face, but might not recall their name or where i originally met them.


Movie dialogue and song lyrics.

And movie dialogue 😉


I can tell you your dog’s name before I remember yours in like 95% of the time, but then little details like where you went to school I could rattle off... which often is not a good thing as it seems unsettling.


I recall post-its, the yellow ones. So sticky.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 5, 2018

First what I DON'T; Names! When someone is introduced to me I am so unfocused on it you could ask me again 5 minutes later and I couldn't tell you. What I can recall fairly well, is content from films and TV shows. You know, the important stuff. =]

I'm bad with names too....but not consistently. Sometimes I'm on it! Usually not though

@silvereyes @silvereyes Hi silvereyes....I'll try to remember your name to best of my abilities and on my honor and under indivisible, over effort and through rational thought


To tell you the truth I recall when someone has done me wrong. I tend to remember good restaurants, travel routes, fishing spots, political news, and good times. I remember how to repair house problems and autos, tractors, and gun maintenance. I don't remember names well, or how to spell. In many ways my recall is disappointing.


I memorize large volumes of info every week, flush it and memorize more. I think it is an innate skill because I excelled at it from the moment I started doing my current job which has been over 30 years.
I heard somewhere that it is called working memory.

As for personal life, I will either remember every detail or none of it. I'm not sure what criteria will ensure retention.


I got a photogenic mind so everything..and it sucks..


Some days are different for me.


Numbers in particular, account numbers, tax numbers, phone numbers, rego numbers, but I am hyperthymesic so have exceptional recall on things around me, not as great though not bad with facts from books, especially numbers. Did I mention I am good at numbers?
I can hear a song and state the day and date I forest heard it and what I was doing, then using that as a point, I can go back and forward days and remember them very clearly.


Wildlife I see at work, smoke plumes on the horizon. Not sure what else, nothing comes to me at the moment.


I tend to associate music with chronologic dates and have a knack for number recall (really came in handy in chemistry and physics classes).

Zster Level 8 Feb 5, 2018

I'm visually oriented. There's so many times I'd be doing stuff like saying Richard Dreyfuss when I meant Robert Duval. But I could draw you a picture.


Smells trigger memories for me. Rubbing alchohol brings back when I walked into a wall at the doctors office and passed out. I was 7.


Guy things like cars (and some really weird things like the number of lug bolts) and building items. Something with a mechanical connection. Some people are able to remember people and I never can. I remember people by the cars they drive. Once a guy told me he was the same but said on our island there are a lot of white Subaru owners to remember.


What is said, emotional stuff, how people are built and move. Other than names have had a very good memory my whole life. After hitting 50 starting to have a problem with remembering stuff...


My mother calls me a plethora of useless information. I can recall facts and equations very quickly, but music is where my memory shines. I have aphantasia, so I can't visualize things in my mind's eye, but music never leaves me. I can replay an entire discography of a band in my mind, note for note.


I'm highly observant. I notice when people get haircuts, their attitudes and how they are speaking, and other things. I have a great memory as well.


I'm hit or miss in this area.
In the categories you mentioned, sometimes I'm very good at remembering others, not at all.
In a larger group setting where I might be introduced to several people, I'll forget their names almost instantly.


Great topic. I'm good with numbers. If anything too many of them trip me up.

Unfortunately I tend to recall the bad and negative in my life and I have to remind myself to find the good things that I have lived and experienced. Sad, but true

twill Level 7 Feb 5, 2018

Car registrations and Car badges, logos etc. are what I remember..

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